Lionel Messi held scoreless in Inter Miami MLS home debut vs. Nashville SC | Highlights | ESPN FC

Lionel Messi held scoreless in Inter Miami MLS home debut vs. Nashville SC | Highlights | ESPN FC Compra online las mejores Camisetas de Ftbol del 2022 en oferta de Espaa camisetas de futbol Republic of Ireland! La mejor atencin al cliente y la mejor calidad! CONTACTA POR WHATSAPP AHORA!

See highlight worthy moments from Lionel Messi‘s tenth match and MLS home debut with Inter Miami in a Leagues Cup final rematch with Nashville SC ending in a scoreless draw, 0-0.

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  1. All teams only defend and counterattack when they have a chance. Even though there are many rough fouls against the best player in the world like Messi, incompetent referees don't declare fouls. This behavior does not improve the league. Only when referees induce attacks with accurate decisions and protect competent players will talented players come to the league.

  2. This draw is not bad and even much better than Ronaldo's first 10 matches at Al-Nassr, losing 2 times 1 draw and failing in the Saudi Super Cup

  3. Why didn't Tata choose Cremaschi in first 11? Is Gomez better? Messi need the smart midfield player to coordinate with. Gomez has only the stamina without passing skill ; just Run and foul.

  4. The best players for this game no doubt Callender, this goalkeeper Is getting better game after game. The other one Kamal Miller the canadian defender did some amazing side sweeping to steal the ball

  5. If this happened to cr7 espn headlines cr7 finished 😂😂😂. Espn Please go and buy some burgers to messi ..😂😂😂😂😂

  6. Messi fought hard to win this game. One can see he tried from every front. But against a 10 players defending in frint of the keeper is not gonna be easy. I feel sorry for Muhktar he tried to exchange shirts but it wasn't the right moment, Leo was very upset and angry at the draw that he didn't want anyone around him not even anyone from his team mates

  7. What "Goalless"? why the heck everyone thinks that football is all about scoring goals? Is there any rules that messi should be scoring in all matches? Whole Nashville team is after messi the whole time, due to that they forgot the ball and started attacking on messi not defending. they are holding messi from scoring goal. Still messi did not let Nashville score. 0-0 draw is not bad until we let opposite team to score. So i hope there is no pressure on Messi and they should let him rest. Peace🙏

  8. Messi got handled perfectly, and thy only got 5 yellow cards all game, Well dione nashville, its not hard top stop inter mkiami, jsut foul messi here and there, thats it, simple:) well donE!!!!!!!

  9. It was only a matter of time before an MLS team against Miami was going to play dirty. Eventually, one of them will try to injure Messi out of a few games… or worse. mark my words. Either way, a better game where usually there are 6 own goals in MLS games.

  10. You have to learn more about football before putting down the Shocking news ..Messi Scoreless….Did you see Nashville played with very hard defense?they're always try to stop Messi by any cost,even fouls wuth him…and if he's teammates didn't missed few chances from his passes, the story was different..and the Referee, i don't want to talk about this guy,if you watched, you'll see how is he favor for Nashville many times….

  11. That pass to alba, could have easily been one of the great assist.. What a pass but what a waste of play by alba.. Expected him to do better which was too easy for a player of his stature.. He could have scored if the touch was a bit slow…

    Another pass to taylor and again wasted as martinez was waiting for that pass and would have been just a tap..
    What more can Messi do, they expect him to do everything all the time in club and country.. When strikers in the box, should learn to take shots without passing back to messi gain..

  12. No one expects Messi to score and show his stellar performance in every game he is in charge. He never had such experience in his prime, nor will he do it with Inter Miami now. His age is one factor, the players around him another significant aspect, and tactical excellence from Tata Martino contributes to staying sharp and finding the matrix to unlock the defensive frailties of the opponent team. I watched the game and was 100% satisfied with Messi's performance and the team overall.

  13. Great defense? They literally had to foul him and trip Lionel Messi multiple times in order to stop him. He’s 36 years of age, even tho he’s still fast ASF
    Let’s be honest if he was 19 he would school all these fools! It’s a blessing he’s even playing in MLS, he did it for his family. Arabia ain’t it.
    He’s the goat
    I enjoy watching him play win or loss he has world class tenacious futbol espirit !! Magnífico juego

  14. Hahahaa just because of Messi, Nashville now plays like a rugby team; defending with all 11 players and celebrating goalless drawn games like victories. 😂 Pathetic Nashville. Messi Rules, Nashville sucks!!

  15. Messi was the best player in the world because he was always calm. Therefore, he saw clearly everything and was good in any situations but now Messi kept losing his temper. This is the sign of the beginning of his end…

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