2023 Men’s Ballon d’Or nominees ANNOUNCED: Ronaldo omitted, first time in 20 years 馃槼 | ESPN FC

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The ESPN FC crew react to the list of 2023 Men’s Ballon d’Or nominees that includes players like Lionel Messi, Harry Kane and Erling Haaland. Cristiano Ronaldo is noticeably absent from the list, being left off for the first time since 2003.

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100 comentario en “2023 Men’s Ballon d’Or nominees ANNOUNCED: Ronaldo omitted, first time in 20 years 馃槼 | ESPN FC”
  1. Agree with the 2 most often right on money pundits on this show: Craig and Jan. Haaland should win this stupid award if there's any sense and justice in the hearts and brains of those with votes. Goal scoring champion of Premier league, won EPL, FA Cup, and of course the Champions League. Messi mania must finally end, time has come. Time to give this award to the new generation's superstar, and that ain't Mbappe

  2. The Balloon de or has become a political tool for quite some time now. Whereby journalists and coaches etc are pressured to favour a particular candidate. Messi doesn鈥檛 deserve winning the last two golden boots but due to favouritism he was given. just as the World Cup was rigged for him to spite Ronaldo period .

  3. haaland is the most overrated player in world football… KDB and Rodri were the best players of mancity last season because without them, haaland was just nothing he could only score tap-in goal but even could not score in big matches.. I think if I give ballondor to one of city players, I WILL GIVE IT TO KDB OR RODRI and I think best 4 player last seasons are messi, mbappe, kdb, rodri

  4. It's not about whether he "only" won the world cup, but how he won it. There were no player who won the world cup, with second highest goal scorer(only one less than the first), join assist provider, most chance created, become the scored at every round including knock out games, score 2 goals in the final, so of course won the best player award. No one in history has performed like Messi at a World Cup tournament. No doubt Haaland should definitely win it, only if he scored in crucial stages of CL, FA cup and EUFA super cup. So, either one should win it and deserved it.

  5. 氕愳暭 鞚 臧滊摚氤挫灐靸堧伡電 雮搓皜 28靷挫偞氅挫劀 鞚措煱靸堧伡電 觳橃潓氪 雱岆垊甑儛? 鞝侅柎霃 靻岅皽電 頃橁碃 旯岆牬 鞎勱皜鞎

  6. I love both candidates but these meaningless rants against Messi鈥檚 candidacy by these avg ex players is heights of stupidity.. seems they don鈥檛 understand what it means to carry a team to the epitome of football success.. it鈥檚 not a farewell award for gods sake! Halland is great striker but would I ever watch the game coz of him making last shot in? No鈥

  7. some of you are downplaying Messi's performances the past year as though he was free agent sleeping in his father's house in Rosario and the AFA president woke him up in December 2022 went to the world cup, won it and went back home. For Christ sake Messi was the top rated player in Europe prior to the world, he won the French cup as the best player, won the World cup as the best player, he has over 38 goals and 25 assists in all competition, Halland deserves all the accolades, but he was not even the best player in the champions league. The Ballon d'Or is for the best player and not for the highest goal scorer. if it is for the highest goal score, the the likes of Nedved, Zidane, Modric, Cannavaro e.t. c should return their awards to the rightful owners.

  8. Craig & frank, two of them who ppl got to know through espn as pundits and not as players are talking about Ballandor.. Haaland had a great season but dint perform in clutch situations.. Messi carried the team on his shoulders and will be fair to say he single handedly won the world cup.. At 36 he is is at the top of his game.. All they got to say is close the shop when they cannot win the argument and accept the fact of messi's brilliance

  9. Messi and Ronaldo despite the ridiculous debate are two of the top 4 players ever but their time has passed. Either give the ballon d'or to Haaland or buy a very good bin liner for your trash can and put the ballon d'or into it.

  10. Craig, or whatever his name is suddenly thinks the world cup is a 4-week tournament. He forgot how many games you have to play to reach world cup. And to him, win the world cup the way Messi did is less than Haaland's achievement. Haaland has never scored or assisted in the most important games.

  11. Messi completed football by winning the only one missing trophy and became the GOAT. And what these people are saying Halaand won treble and scored many Goals.. Messi was PSG highest rating player last season, top assister, second top scorer of psg won ligue 1, two trophies from MLS.. worldcup and best player鈥 Messi completed Football this Season .. these people dont know anything why Messi should win鈥 don鈥檛 listen to them

  12. 馃ぃ馃ぃlike this journalist think MESSI care about what they say馃ぃ馃ぃ. Man give it to Haaland he deserve it. 馃ぃ馃ぃ. Cuz FOR US MESSI FAN HE WON THE TROPHY HE ALWAYS WANTED. AFTER ALL MESSI HAVE 7 of them.

  13. You were the ones that said that WORLD CUP was the epitome of football, without winning that Messi can't be even considered the GOAT or at the level of Pele and Maradona. Statements such as "but look what he is doing at Barcelona.." nah, "can he do this on a cold night on the dark side of the moon?"

    Now that he has crowned himself by winning the World Cup, now suddenly it's "yeh but it's only a 4 week tournament…". You can't have your cake and eat it too. Keep on moving the goal post to suit your narratives.

  14. psg got eliminated in round of 16 of UCL .

    world cup was awarded to messi with those 5 penalties .
    its all business . won't be surprised if he win it . another scandal after that lewandowski scandal

  15. 馃槀, Haaland is a tap in merchant, he scored and assisted zero goals in UCL semis and finals. Messi was at the center of the WC win. What are these guys talking about? You can win 20 UCLs in a row but that won't equate to one WC.

  16. For the first time, I supported what Frank said about Alvarez winning the ballon d'or but c'mon, he scored goals in the world cup but without Messi, Argentina wouldn't have won it and thanks to Rodri and De bryune, He wouldn't have won the treble as well. Halaand on the other hand had a fantastic season but he wasn't decisive in the most important matches which are finals. Yes he scored bunch of goals but let me tell you something, attackers win match but team play wins trophies. Messi is a team player and no performance comes close to his in the worldcup. He also broke many records too. Let's not forget he wasn't bad in his last season in League 1 also馃槉

  17. Objectively: City would've won the treble without haaland. Argentina wouldn't be world champions without messi.
    Subjectively: I prefer a footballer who can do more than finish chances. Dribbling and passing are just as important to the game.

  18. l not these clowns downplaying the World Cup as a 4 week tournament but they are the same ones that said he鈥檚 not the goat until he wins the World Cup .. how can you please these clowns 馃ぁ

  19. gurantee the THREE ballon d'or's Kane won in a 4yr period with Spurs will be the last time he wins or even gets top 3 in voting…not that he wont do well in bayern but we sold high and im ready for ANGEBALL!!!

  20. Mo Salah will probably never get a chance in the World Cup. He is spectacular to watch. He deserves one. I'm not even a Liverpool supporter. Salah is just spectacular.

  21. So, the number of goals is to decide who is the best player! And one league title is supposed to be better than the title of other league (among Europe's Top 5-6). That's really sad listening from a former midfielder. I mean, I myself think that Messi isn't the most deserving this season, but neither is Erling. Rodri and KDB (along with Jon Stones and Gundogan) were much more impactful for Man City this season. And even though they didn't win anything outside the league title, Kvicha, Osimhen, and Vini were better than Erling this season. Even if you look at the current season, Mitoma is the best player in PL. He is a great player, no doubt, but Erling is almost non-existent (he is not that good with the ball at his feet) outside the box and relies heavily on mid field for goals.

  22. BEFORE 18:12:2022 – ESPN PUNDITS
    Messi can't sit at the same table alongside Pele & Maradona, coz he hasn't won football's biggest prize which is the World Cup

    AFTER 18:12:2022 – ESPN PUNDITS
    If Messi wins the Balon Dor, the award shid be scrapped , coz messi only performed in a mere 4 WEEK TOURNAMENT…

  23. I don't think Craig should be working for ESPN FC, because he doesnot seem to have the football knowledge that is required to be on this channel. You cannot say "Close the shop" just because your player does not win the Ballon Do'r. It's not up to you to decide who should win or who shouldn't. It's the voters right to chose who they want to vote. Your job pretty much depends on the viewers, and you are letting them down. Please do us a favor and stop supporting European players over any other players. There are betters players outside Europe. You should go home and close this ESPN FC shop.

  24. I remember Messi literally carrying Barca in 2018 with something like 63 G/A… finished 5th in Ballon d'Or because of bad team performance in World cup. Now we're saying Haaland deserves without playing world cup & disappearing in club finals?

  25. Craig's comments are fcking stupid. They all agree that WC is the biggest stage of them all and yes, its not just 4 week tournament, infact, there are a lot of qualifiers being included in the run up to WC. Can someone ask that fool Craig if he has seen Messi's performance in Ligue1 matches (his goals, assists, chances created, playmaking etc.)? Sure Haaland with his goals (as a sole striker role) and winning UCL is a great achievement and a strong argument to this award, but dismissing Messi's claim (with his overall contribution as a more all around player) to this Ballon D'or is fcking stupid on the part of these clown ESPN FC pundits. it's tight race for me, imo.

  26. The best metric for making this decision is the MVP of the match rather than just goals. This approach gives a chance to players in every position. You can then average this out based on competitions, taking into account their competitiveness and the strength of the team. The hierarchy for consideration could be World Cup > Champions League > League > Other domestic cups, and this would help determine the overall winner.

  27. Last year Penaldo fanboys make fun of Messi because he was snubbed the ballon dor list. Now Messi is the fav to win again and Penaldo is nowhere to be seen lmfaooo stupid fanbase

  28. Haaland won three trophies, Messi also won 3. Haaland has 65 G+A, Messi also has the same. the difference is Messi clutch in big games and haaland ghosted

  29. City won the league before Halaand came and still won the league with Halaand but scored LESS meaning the rest of the team jus say back and let him have the goals.
    Also in the final 2 rounds of the FA cup(semi and final) and final 2 rounds of the UCL, Halaand didn't score and his teammates stepped to the table and pushed the team over the line.
    Also if Messi and Halaand swapped teams what would have been the outcome?

  30. Craig Burley 2 months back on this Same YouTube channel (When Regular Season got ended) Messi should win the Balon D or, as what he has done with this Argentina team is incredible.

    Craig Burley Now, Blabbering whatever he is wanting to.

    Such Hypocrite. Have some Shame.

  31. The same people who are saying Messi deserved to win the Ballon Dor just on the WC are saying Messi deserved to win it in 2010 over Iniesta & Xavi. Make it make sense. Messi fans logic

  32. Ballon Dor is NOT about scoring goals!! It is about performance of a player and his contribution to the succes!! The Golden boot is for the top scorer, so Halaand should win it! BUT the Ballon Dor is for Messi, cause his contribution in the Finals, Semifinals, tournaments and the succes at his club or national team were FAR BETTER THEN Halaand鈥. Those who don鈥檛 agree, either you are a Ronaldo fan or just Blind in the Football world! Absolute NO knowledge!!!! 鈥. LM 8 Loading for the GOAT 馃悙 鉂

  33. Does the muppet commentator saying that is only a 4 week tournament have a World Cup Championship under his belt? If not anything he said is irrelevant. What a joke. Norway didn't even qualified even with Haland. 馃槶

  34. Messi done NOTHING he only scored 7 PENALTIES to win a World Cup. He failed EVERYWHERE. In Ligue 1 Mbappe was best player, and Messi got knocked out in last 16 of champs league. Haaland BROKE EVERY RECORD IN HIS FIRST YEAR. ON A NEW TEAM. IN A NEW LEAGUE. THE HARDEST LEAGUE. WON EVERY TROPHY. SET NEW RECORDS

  35. Franks points made some sense but the other two are absolutely rubbish don鈥檛 have proper GK on football or may be have dimentia so don鈥檛 understand the criteria of ballon dor. Espn sport need to educate some of these guys to analyse every aspect of the game. And yes scoring goals is most important thats why golden boot is there for otherwise why bother playing 90 minutes game just do penalty shootout on every game n thats it. Jobs done

  36. There is always a Messi hater no matter what馃槀. The funny thing is Messi didn't even do anything to them馃槀. He is just just enjoying the football whether there is trophy or not馃槀.

  37. Tf do they mean his league form was bad? Hes a winger with 20 goals and 20 assists for PSG, what more do they want, hes not the striker obviously he will score less tap ins and create more, sure his post wc performance wasnt that gd but to just say he was bad in th猫 league is attrocius, mind u he had 2nd most goal contributions in group stage of UCL after Mo salah, including the best goal outside box, wait did Haland even score outside box in UCL, while Messi scored twice!

  38. when Messi didn't have the world cup, it was the most prestigious award and now he has it, it's just a 4 week period… you guys are crazy. Messi win the Ligue 1 and league cup as well

  39. It's unbelievable the disrespect that people give to the WC. As many said, when modric won in 2018 due to a fantastic world cup, no one called it a 4 week tournament. And for those who say that it's easier to win it with Argentina than Norway, it's probably true, as true as the fact that winning with Pep's city (that's been a candidate for at least 4 or 5 years) is way easier than winning it with PSG, which was a group of stars other than a team. I belive Haaland made an unbelievable season, and if he wins I'd understand. But from that to call the most prestigious tournament in football history a 4 week tournament is plain and simple lack of respect.

  40. I'm sure soon we'd be told Messi invented football. Lewandowski was on course to win it in 2020 but he was denied, subsequent year as well. The ballon d'Or is a political and sentimental award. Young men are doing wonders, yet pensioners are being considered for awards. Even Messi hasn't scored 56 goals in a football season, not a calender year while winning all the major trophies on offer.

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