‘Choked under PRESSURE’ How LAFC were dominated by Lionel Messi’s Inter Miami | Futbol Americas

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The Futbol Americas duo of Sebastian Salazar and Herculez Gomez break down LAFC’s 3-1 home defeat to Inter Miami in MLS.

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80 comentario en “‘Choked under PRESSURE’ How LAFC were dominated by Lionel Messi’s Inter Miami | Futbol Americas”
  1. He did not fan boying ? What are you talking about ? They know each other. He just took a picture with his kids and MEssi. Take the left guy of this show he is horrible. And what ? So nobody can talk with Messi afterwards now ? Just shut up

  2. That's called sportsmanship bud! They had a battle, one won, one lost! Both hugged, had pictures, smiled and went back! This guy know how to talk but has he ever stepped on the pitch

  3. I was expecting Inter Miami to route LAFC 4-0, the way they did Charlotte FC. LAFC were surprisingly good. Carlos Vela and Dennis Bouanga both played well. They didn't score, but the chances were well created. LAFC coaching was excellent, as the problems lay in the in the final third. It was just a combination of bad luck, and great goalkeeping by Drake Calender. LAFC goalkeeper did good too, keeping Messi off the scoresheet.

  4. Hahahaha, did he just say after we talked about it chielini did it. Who are these guys think they are? 😂😂😂 Everyone is fan of greatness, it's clear the chielini kids wanted a picture with messi and chielini made sure they got it. What's wrong with people showing to messi. Chielini competed with messi many times he loves and respect the guy, now imagine a guy who only played in MLS and see him for the first time you tell him not take that opportunity to get a picture to frame it in his house? Are you kidding me? 😂😂😂

  5. This fanboy issue is getting boring ….. " it's all fair in war and love " Messi Dios10 is magic ..I've been watching him for 20 years ..he changes all the teams he has been with for the better …. get used to it and talk about something else …. Vamos

  6. Qué estupdez!!!! El jugador puede hacer lo que quiera cuando acaba el partido, no son salvajes para querer matarse aún sin partido. Es una vergüenza que este periodista critique a un jugador por ser persona al final del partido. Qué vergüenza, quieren convertir al los jugador no en rivales deportivos sino ya en enemigos.

  7. It's about be an opponent not an enemy… What's wrong with ask for a picture after the game…how low level of sport and respect you have. For your team, and for a legend like Messi.

  8. LAFC has by gar the most overall talented squad in mls, but weve been inconsistent all season long. Losing some of the games we have this season have not been surprising, we just havent put together many complete games even when we dominate the other teams. Our best game was the 2nd game of the season where we worked over New England, extremely technical. Since then, hit and miss.

  9. Yeah….they didnt choke. they had chances but they didnt choke. The actual problem was Cherundelo's tactics. He, incredibly stubbornly, stuck to the high press. literally every single time miami broke through the press, it was like a counter attack(or fastbreak) and if they were actually better in their own decision making, the score could have been 5-0 miami. if Cherundelo's change at the half was him actually picking up from midfield and in while man-marking messi, there would have been counter opportunities all 2nd half and they would have been able to stumble into goals. it would have forced tata's hand to go defensive too early or adjust his formation. just poor management at the end of the day.

  10. Chielini has had wars with Messi. They know each other personally, he's a world cup winer and a undisputed legend. No fan boy there, just mutual respect & admiration.

  11. Nobody cares about you talking about them fanboying. You think your word is bond. Yall are so delusional. If their kids are there and wanna meet Messi, they will do everyrhint in their power to get them what they want which is meet Messi and get autographs. This happens in Europe and everywhere in the world so yalour expectation that ppl who havent played with Messi in 2 decades shouldnt get those moments is quite insertword

  12. You finally got it right ESPN UK, LAFC choked under pressure. The thought of defending Messi and his cool entourage terrified the LAFC players. Most epic choke job that I have ever seen in decades. The LAFC players also need to learn how to pass the ball to the wide open mate in front of the net. Can somebody please explain to me why Denis Bouanga decided not to pass the ball to a wide open Carlos Vela in front of the net? Instead, opted to kick the ball at the defenders in front of him. There was no angle there, everything was pretty much sealed off, the only option left was to pass the ball to a wide open Carlos Vela.Still, my man Bouanga thought it was a good idea to try to do the impossible.

  13. Messi es admirado tanto por los jugadores como por sus hijos! Y por mucha gente de todas las edades. Messi es un ejemplo dentro y fuera del estadio. Por que esta mal que un oponente y sus hijos se hagan una foto con el mejor jugador de la historia?

  14. They say this kind of stuff for rating but This no name journalist is such a clown with this Fan Boy stuff. You can’t hold Cheilini boots. The man brought his daughters, that moment is so much more than to what you have to say. Such clowns journalism.

  15. I was vacationing in Portugal one year, and it just so happened that the Portugal National Team was staying at the same hotel. One morning, as I was catching the elevator, the doors opened, and who was standing inside, Christiano Ronaldo, and his coach. I don’t have an affinity for the guy; I am a big Messi fan. I stepped in pushed my button, and rode the elevator beside Ronaldo. I never said a word, nor did I want to. You like who you like, a lot of players genuinely like and admire Messi; if given a chance, they will want to interact with the guy after the match, no matter how much they would have tried to beat him. That’s it.

  16. Not a fan boy. That's called friendship. Chielini played top flight European football for almost 20 years. He knows Messi and has played against Messi many times before. That's different from a random MLS player who grew up with a poster of Messi on his bedroom wall.

  17. These guy in the left insisting that Chiellini is a fan boy of Messi. Messis knew Chiellini already and they showed resoect to each other. Messi didn't know either of these guys and never played with him before but given a circumstances Messi introduces to them they will surely take a photo with the goat

  18. My LAFC team is so bad this year. I’m calling for our coach to be fired. No champions cup, no open cup, and no leagues cup. Seeing all that I know for a fact we won’t win the league. It’s too good a roster to keep choking.

  19. Leave the players do their thing after the game! You just creating negativity off the field to bring it on the field. Fanboying or not who cares. Let them enjoy even they lost. Game is a game not to be taking it to hate the opponent who beat your team. 😅 shame on this sports commentators/reporters. You are In the sports field but don’t know what is sportsmanship is! Shame shame shame on you all!

  20. You need a different Mic to talk about Messi because Chielini has to keep his children Happy. The kids want a picture with Messi why not while he is on the pitch? C.Ronaldo took his son to shake Messi hands at the Balloon D'or ceremony that Messi won. Is he a fan boy of Messi? Family come first! Big respect for J Chielini, Keep your family champion. Haters you're agry.

  21. This guy is very funny guy. " fan boy" is just a label. What is wrong with praising Lionel Messi. Cellini is not the only one praised Messi for years.This kind of very negative label is bad. We love giving names and playing with it.

  22. Wow! Sebastian doesn't get it. It's a game. Exchanging jerseys and taking photos is customary. They're not enemies, they're opponents. It's a sport, not a war. Messi is the GOAT. A good player will of course be in awe of him and want a photo or jersey. Sebastian is an immature kid.

  23. European ballers are in the mls now don’t be suprised europeans an South American players who played in the top five leagues in Europe will show the Americans how to play ball Americans think thier good at football the aging European players go to mls an tear the pitch up

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