Powerful video of a 36 year old Messi dealing with fatigue then leading his team into another final😢

Powerful video of a 36 year old Messi dealing with fatigue then leading his team into another final Entre las tecnologas que destacan en nuestra tienda de camisetas de ftbol est la VaporKnit de Nike, utilizada en las camisetas del FC Barcelona, camisetas de futbol Francia Ligue 1 que ha sustituido a la emblemtica Dri-Fit, presente en las que ya son consideradas camisetas de ftbol vintage del Bara. Tambin podrs descubrir la tecnologa Heat.Rdy de adidas, o la Drycell de Puma, que combina con su Formstrip para conseguir el ajuste ideal.

Powerful video of a 36 year old Messi dealing with fatigue and exhaustion and then leading his team into another final.
Muchas gracias por ver el vdeo!
Da rienda suelta a tu pasin por la Roja y no dejes de animarla durante los noventa minutos del partido. Celebra las victorias de una generacin brillante con la camiseta de la seleccin espaola de ftbol, Parma Camiseta de la 2 equipacin 1995/97 el equipo que se llev a casa la Copa del Mundo de 2010 y la posterior Eurocopa de 2012. Djate llevar por la furia espaola y atrvete a lucir en el pecho la estrella que te acredita como fan de la mejor seleccin del mundo.

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  1. Pussionel Pessi career highlights 🔥🔥

    1. 6 goals in a single season 🐐
    2. Robbing and getting carried in 4 ucls 🐐
    3. Got kicked out by daddy Paporta and moved into infant's farm league 🐐
    4. Winning 50 mickey mouse trophies 🐐
    5. Destroying 2 clubs in France and the USA 🐐
    6. Winning nothing except for kindergarten's dog food after getting kicked by daddy Paporta 🐐

    Just Pessi things 🐐

  2. My pansexual son was asked to form a sentence with a word "Carry" on his zoom class earlier on today and he said "Pessi was carried by Iniesta and Neymar to his Mickey Mouse UCL" .He received a standing ovation. Children are our hope and I'm proud of the education system!

  3. I was born and raised in EBAR. My grandfather used to tell me stories about ebarman, a ghost from Argentina that travels to Ebar when they are playing. He scores 6 goals and then disappears until the next Ebar game. I still have nightmares that he's hiding in our stadium.

  4. I was visiting China with my pet dog Tanim, then when we were at the hotel my dog pooped on the floor. I was panicking on what to do or i'll get in trouble. Then a random small goblin dog dived down from nowhere and started eating the shit, i was confused, until a stranger named Ronaldo said to me "Sorry, that's my small dog named Pessi, he loves eating everything on the floor" Thank you Pessi for cleaning the floor! 👍

  5. Official Pessi playlists:

    -Carry me to UCL(ft. Xavi and Iniesta)

    -Ghostin' (ft. big matches)

    -Carried in Argentina (ft. Di Maria and Martinez)

    -The Kingdom of My Wrath (ft. Eibar and Bolivia)

    -Owned (by Ronaldo and Muller)

    -I need you (ft. Penalty and Farmers)

    -Bottled it (ft. Roma and Liverpool)

    -Dive after punch for glory (ft. Fabinho and Bribed refs)

    -mugging (ft. Lewandowski)

    -betrayal (ft. Retirements)

    – please give me a career (ft. Ronaldinho and eto'o)

    – damn you (ft. Laporta and pique)

    – please don't go (ft. Mbappe)

    – superman punch! (ft. Athletic Bilbao defender)

    – antidotes (ft. Eibar and human growth hormone)

  6. Once i went on a trip to Antarctica with some of my friends to explore the super-massive continent. I then saw a penguin and yelled to my friends "Theres a penguin over there!". But the Eibarman dived down from nowhere and said "WHERE ARE THE PENS", apparently he was a ghost from Vargentina and has a mythical power to dive for pens whenever he hears or smells them, he thought i said pen, so i shouted "big games" and he immediately vanished. Shame on you Pessi for ruining my expedition! 😡

  7. That happens to anyone giving more than 150 minutes in constant physical demand without being supplanted, surely you are a fatty who drinks beer like Homer, you would not understand: v

  8. It's a different place different weather… now that age has come up and watching him catch a breath is drawing conclusions that he's getting old(he is but not in sense of athletic ability, he's smart to reserve his power)

  9. Thats what you all do not get into you crooked skull.
    This man is playing in your backyard , in your climate and still performing well.
    Still there are some that really critizis him cruerly.
    Then again what you all know of this sport.

  10. Messi need some rest.. At least let him starting at the final and other match he need to starting from the bench.. Pray for him to be always in healthy and good shape🐐👑⚽🙌🙌🇦🇷🙌🙌👉❤️👈🙏🙏❤️🙏🙏

  11. He is playing because some fans paid expensive tickets to watch him play. That's why they don't rest him. But they need to find a to rest him little bit

  12. habia 4 jugadores de cincinati con 10 años menos acalambrados 🤷‍♂, es normal en los partidos con tiempo suplementario encima lo dicen de un jugador que hace apenas 7 meses gano un mundial, ya no saben que inventar para pararlo.
    Escondan la llave del bus para que no pueda llegar al estadio a ver si asi pueden anticipar a sus jugadas

  13. The heat in the US is higher than Europe. Yet Messi managed to play whole 120 minutes like a boss. And then there is fifa and konami and game companies giving Messi's stamina rating between 70-80. LoL.

  14. I know he was a little bit tired but not fatigued as you say, Look carefully he was feeling pain in the left leg 🦵. Messi leading such a team will definitely be tired.

  15. When Messi doesn't score:

    •Create chances.
    •Provides assist.
    •Leads his team.

    When Penaldog doesn't score:

    •Writes instagram paragraph.
    •Blames manager and teammates.
    •Tries to rob teammates' goal.
    •Throws his captain armband.
    •Kicks water bottle and shows WWE moves.
    •Comes back in an interview with Piers Morgan.

  16. I know of a 38 yo player who plays 120min without getting tired. When he was 36 he was one of the most if not most resistant athletes out there soo i dont know why the guy on this video is tired at 36

  17. Indeed, this was the worst Messi game I have seen in a while.

    He is exhausted and yet came out with a new tool, one that allows him to play even when he can't run.

    I think this is first time he has a dedicated aerial attacker. I don't remember him having one in Barcelona, Argentina or PSG.

  18. The 🐐 needs a rest he has been hopping on and off planes playing full 90s in hot and humid conditions all without a pre season the fact he was still able to produce great moments last night proves what a special invidiual he is but he isn't a robot they need to rest him for a game or 2 the fact he has 10 goals and 3 assists and a trophy already all without pre season is just insane MY🐐.

  19. Agreed with some 9fthe comments, the mix of the heat and play is not a good combo, they need some good rest especially since he'll be going for WC qualifiers soon

  20. It must postpone every match minimun a week after each one to get some good rest. If force the golden Hen this way soon there is not more golden eggs for anyone. The GOAT is still a human being.

  21. No. He's not used to the humidity of South Florida. Look at all his photos since he arrived in Miami. I've never seen him so sweaty and drenched. It was never that hot where he grew up playing and played.

  22. It's probably the temperature of florida that's affecting him bad, I mean Maimi has team called Miami Heat, plus he's old hes past prime, plus they just won a championsip, the Goat need some rest

  23. One Day I Took My Dog @JJOHNNY7kazandjian-rg6kp  For A Walk,He Was Continuously Barking & Saying 'Pessi Rigged World Cup' & Saying Cameldog Has Won The Actual World Cup By Scoring Penalty In The Semifinal,Then I Beat Him With A Stick 🏒 On His Body & Decided Not To Give Him Pedigree Leave Him Empty Stomach For Atleast A Month.

  24. Ronaldo has better stamina even he older than messi.
    Additional :
    Messi only played in one big league.
    Ronaldo played in 3 big league, it's more difficult, more challenging. Different environment, different opponents, different team play style, etc.
    Conclusion : Messi can't be called "goat".

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