Lionel Messi vs NY Red Bulls | 2023

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Lionel Messi vs NY Red Bulls | 2023

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69 comentario en “Lionel Messi vs NY Red Bulls | 2023”
  1. The impact of Lionel Messi on Inter Miami is surreal. He not only scores and assists for the team but also instills a winner's mentality in a team that was winless for 13 matches🐐. And let's not forget the legendary Busquets and Alba.

  2. 9 games, didn't even play 90min in 2 of them and he's taken this team from 8 losses in a row to 9 undefeated games in a row showing how big is the level gap between the MLS top level and him. Busquets and Jordi Alba are pretty much doing the same and helping Messi do this but he's showing why he's the best even among the bests. On top of that, he's scored 11 goals and given 3 assists, some of which have defined the result of the game. Sad to see him out of top football as he's showing he could still be playing there.

  3. Camera men lost the scene as they couldn’t think like Messi, commenters silenced as they thought he lost it but then realized the trick, defenders didn’t run to block Messi from scoring as they didn’t realize the trick. What a genius to engineer that play in the middle of all these defenders!! He is always steps ahead.

  4. I'm glad the tri-state got to see him play – people paid a lot of $$ and there was a chance he would sit the game out. Yes he will need games off – but this is bigger the team – this is the league and US soccer, and they all want to see him. Bravo.

  5. How can Messi see the movement on the right flank, among the New York defenders surrounded?
    amazingly, he was indeed able to see the entire match through a bird's eye view !! ❤❤❤

  6. Looks like Messi assists himself for his 1st goal in MLS league, the way he befooled Bull's defence passed the ball to Benjamin and Benjamin back passed to Messi and finally Messi found the open net… in one word the total sequence was like a Thriller!

    [From Bangladesh with love]

  7. Messi retired from European football. He accomplished it all but sadly after watching against Bayern. He definitely never had it in him. Watching him cook at MLS is a compliment to his talent at his age. Sadly he cannot cope with the high pressure of Europe

  8. Psst. The actual highlights start at approx 3:00, which shows his first touch in the entire video. Almost half of the video is just Messi sitting on the bench.

    You're welcome.

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