Peter Drury POETIC commentary on Lionel Messi winning the World Cup

Peter Drury POETIC commentary on Lionel Messi winning the World Cup Da rienda suelta a tu pasin por la Roja y no dejes de animarla durante los noventa minutos del partido. Celebra las victorias de una generacin brillante con la camiseta de la seleccin espaola de ftbol, camisetas de futbol Celtic el equipo que se llev a casa la Copa del Mundo de 2010 y la posterior Eurocopa de 2012. Djate llevar por la furia espaola y atrvete a lucir en el pecho la estrella que te acredita como fan de la mejor seleccin del mundo.

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What a fantastic month it has been through the 2022 World Cup campaign in Qatar. Thrillers, upsets, comebacks, underdog stories…and what a sensational final that ends in a fairy tale. Lionel Messi finally wins the World Cup with Argentina!

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100 comentario en “Peter Drury POETIC commentary on Lionel Messi winning the World Cup”
  1. 11 months on, this never failed to have me teary-eyed..

    "As he falls in love, with the object in the world that his heart most desired, it is hard to escape the supposition that he has rendered himself today, THE GREATEST OF ALL TIME"

    From a 🇵🇭 fan

  2. Little messi has conquered his final peak little messi has shaken hands with paradise…❤❤amazing comments Peter drury and messi at their best GOAT …🎉❤🇦🇷🇦🇷

  3. December 18, 2022, 2 teams of 11 players have given us watching from the stands and at home a game that’s arguably, if not the best one in World Cup history. 22 men went to battle for 120 minutes, with a 4-2 penalty shootout score, Argentina were awarded with the World Cup trophy. 44 years after Mario Kempes at home, 36 years after Maradona at Mexico, Messi did it in Qatar. Who would’ve thought 3 left footed players would take part in helping bring home a championship

  4. This why Messi is the best ever, Ronaldo never had to deal with the pressure of actually having the responsibility of wining a World Cup. Even when Argentina had a terrible squad and almost didn’t qualify to Russia 2018 media & fans still put the pressure on Messi. Glad he sealed it in Qatar. The absolute 🐐

  5. Both Issam chawali and Peter Drury is goat of Arabic and English commentary make a epic and poetic commentary about the goat of football who completed his legacy with world cup. And what make it more crazy is both issam chawali and peter drury did epic in both opening of the game and end of the game. This is also greatest moment of this two legendary commentator. This moment is probably the only one in lifetime that you can witness

  6. Peter Drury is the BEST commentator in the world, his way to say the most little things makes your spine shivers… and Argentinian as i am, he gave nothing but smiles and tears of joy listening and hearing him… Peter Drury will always have a place in Argentina… GRACIAS!!!!!

  7. That missed worldcup in 2014, that missed penalty …those finals lost were the perfect plot, build up for such a greater ending at last …what a great story

  8. Every single line in this is iconic, "Shaken hands with paradise", "36 years since Maradona and Mexico", "Climbs into a galaxy of his own" and the final GOAT line. He's the fucking best

  9. This is by far the greatest world cup campaign of all time by an individual player. How Messi didn't win the Golden Boot also is unfortunate but he was right there owning that aswell with ten minutes of normal time to go on 6 goals until Mbappe woke up at the death…So Messi didn't collect that one and even scored another in the final k to take his haul to 7 goals let's never forget he had both hands on that aswell. I'll reiterate again. This is by far the greatest world cup campaign of all time by an individual player.

  10. Sport, hey. It brings the story arcs no film could ever… sometimes they take a little while, but they come and they’re worth it.

    Peter Drury is sensational in these huge moments… I probably don’t need to hear about the ‘Pantheon of Greatness’ when Sheffield Utd pull one back against Luton (literally zero disrespect to those sides)…

    But when Bellingham breaks through the German defence to score in the 80th minute this summer? Drury better be there bringing out some beauties.

  11. Take me back this night when messi has shaked world Cup that's special one , messi messed but Ronaldo didn't 🎉🎉Every time when I got free time I come here to watch this beautiful game, and it was great night and great video ❤❤

  12. I play it on loop and peter drury is literally I mean literally the best commentator of all time no arguments please. I cry everytime I hear the line " 36 years since maradona and mexico " and my favourite " Leo Messi has shaken hands with paradise" I am struggling and working hard right now because I wasted many years of my life now from 2022 it was my reform period now I have improved 90% and aiming to be the best again , I will keep on listening to this master class and cry to remember the tough times I have been through and rise up just like the GOAT . its messsiiiiiiii❤

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