Ronaldo says Messi’s awards NOT CREDIBLE 🚨😳 #football

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  1. 🚨 Note: The picture in the thumbnail is from a different interview given by Ronaldo at the Globe Soccer Awards. Ronaldo made the statements about Ballon d’Or and The Best to Portugese sports magazine Report. We only have excerpts from the interview. The video has not been released by Report.

  2. Ronaldo from the start of his football career until 2023: “Ballon d’Or, FIFA Best award and Golden Boot is the best award.”

    Ronaldo in 2024 after officially knowing to be finished and Messi overtaking him in absolute every award possible in the history of football: “Ballon d’Or and the best award is losing credibility” 🤷🏻‍♂️

    – He then goes ahead and mentions “statistics are facts” but according to statistics, Lionel Messi is still completely ahead of him. What’s his point? 😅

  3. He's not wrong. There is 0 way how he's even in the top 4 best players of 2023 and definitely shouldn't have won the best award and Haaland was just better over the rest of 2022/2023.

    The Best has always been pretty sketchy and so has the Ballon d'Or.

    Messi should have 5 Ballon d'Ors
    Ronaldo should have 4
    Lewandowski should have 2
    Haaland, van Dijk and Ribery should have 1 each.

  4. Are people just going to ignore the fact that votes can be rigged??
    Or people can be paid lots of money or even thre*tened to vote for someone?
    It’s happened countless times before but y’all just wanna ignore that now cuz Messi is involved

  5. This is why i personally hate ronaldo. Everything he does is about him. Hes only concerned and wants everything to be his. Any award he doesnt get he claims is unfair and fake. Any award he gets he claims its the best, fair, and factual.

  6. So let’s see people who voted Messi: salah; competes with haaland, Mbappe; messi team mate, modric; knocked out of the ucl by city ect players shouldn’t vote it should be pure stats and who ever wins them wins cause players have baises stats don’t

  7. 50%. ballon d’or is definitely not credible but when an award is voting by pros of that sport it’s hard to argue with them as let be honest they are the most credible people out there

  8. I support both messi and ronaldo but Ronaldo point is valid it's losing credibility like lewandowski didn't won it when he deserved it and many other occasions and saudi league is improving very quickly and ligue one is all about psg so even though his this statement is not factual but it is right in his own if you see

  9. ronaldo is speaking facts messi won the world cup in 2022 not 2023 it is fifa fault that messi won it no hate by the way, they should have just made winning the world cup last year makes you not win door next year.

  10. But how is it fair to have the players vote for this kind of awards???
    Messi didnt rig fifa but the players dont care about this award bc they want to focus on their own careers you said yourself messi should've not won the best AND the ballon do'r

  11. Fifa the best undeserved, 2023 ballan dor maybe but still should be haaland won treble, 2021 completely undeserved, 2019 van dijk unstoppable Ronaldo undeserved 2013 modric undeserved 2018 history of fifa blindness

  12. Bro ronaldo is one of the greatest
    But due to these type of statements which he make he is making people start disrespecting him
    Then he and his fans will say – " alWaYs aGainst mE" 💀

  13. He won it in 2022 and alongwith a farmer league title while haaland won the treble UEFA best player of the season but only got a gerd Muller award for it also haaland broke the record for the most goals in a single rpl season and for your kind information epl is far far better that ligue un

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