Messi Hardest defender 😯

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  1. Everything isn't bling bling and name dropping even in football. Why shouldn't someone unknown to us be a hardass? Who was looking for Robertson in Hull when Klopp bought him? No one! Today we all know who he is and what a hard Scotsman he is. Great respect to Messi for being honest. Imagine what a dirty hardass Maffeo must be if he's worse than Ramos & Pepe. ❤YNWA

  2. To the Goats, their most or best rival, isn't who we think it is for them,. When a lot of us, think Ramos was the best defender., to Messi it was some guy named Pablo maffeo. Lmao

  3. Messi never played in Bundesliga, Serie A or the EPL, so he never faced more then 2-3 good defenders. What a fkn joke; building this guy into the GOAT, though he never competed in real leagues. He played against RM and occasionally one other competitive team. That's it, while padding stats and walking the pitch resting for CL and WC. If the EPL was the same, imagine those teams coasting and competing fully fit for the CL and beyond?

  4. A defender who takes his/her job seriously.. not like Lauren James of England who stepped on Michelle Alozie of Nigeria because she marked her well and tight. Messi understands the game!

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