Pep Guardiola’s thoughts on whether Messi is the Greatest of All-Time 👀

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Pep Guardiola had his say on Lionel Messi‘s status in the history of football after the Argentine played a starring role in Argentina’s World Cup win.


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  1. Best sport man of all sports by talent and number of people that play football ⚽️ around the planet and they would want his place .. more competitive sport ? Please
    A talent like Da Vinci in painting no rivals

  2. All day MESSI man,we talking about Genius , pure one
    People keep saying the best of his generation but i have to say that he is the greatest of all time.
    You need a lorry to carry his legacy trophies, but football looks so challenging for the last 2 decades and Messi was there on top all the time and we cannot compare it with 70’s,80’s or even 90’s when football was not that tough like it is now
    Let’s leave on side the trophies and the statistics, look how Messi touches the ball, what he creates, how clever he plays , how many goals and assists provided,so, in one single word, GOAT

  3. that’s how football expert would say about a player. normal audiences judge a player based on their titles won, the tactical mind would appreciate the talent on the pitch regardless he won something or not. and it so fortunate to see the talent like messi won the highest prize in football. its just a cherry on top for what he has already done in football.

  4. even messi doesn't have leadership mentality like maradona but he has the will of never give up until the end he show something that can be possible to achieve

  5. His career feels like a movie man, the way he won the world cup after losing it in 2014. Him considering to retire at 29.
    Losing a lot of copa America finals.
    Doubted and shamed by his own fans and a lot of football experts and people.
    Now the same people treating him like a football GOD.
    This is a doubt

  6. I feel that pep _messi combo was illegal . How can you pair the goat player and the goat manager? It wasn’t fair. That’s why they won everything winnable in one season

  7. Pep knows better anyone that he was like father figure in Messi's career as a football player while playing at Barcelona. Furthermore, the fact of knowing that Lio won his first world cup final with Argentina makes Guadiola praise Messi even more.

  8. the question is dumb..
    best of his decade, yes he is.
    but you cant compare the generations..
    And the unique thing about him, is that he played in an era with all players from la masia, when total football was implemented and with xavi, iniesta, busquets, pique, puyol, pedro ect ect, which has never been done again ( maybe in ajax in 1995, but not for so many years ), so barcelona was a goal machine….
    remember that also suarez scored 30, 40 and 60 goals in 3 consequtive years…when in liverpool he scored 30 tops..
    So Messi was truly lucky having these teamates and playing this kind of football..
    so if he played in another team, he would have never this numbers and trophies..
    In my opinion top 10 are:
    4)Ronaldo Nazario
    6)Ronaldo Kristiano
    10)Di stefano

  9. I think people forgot how crazy PRIME messi actually was at this point.
    I mean.. even ronaldo fans, deep down.. they know.
    it's hard not to know… i remember prime Messi.
    That guy was unstoppable.
    And on top of that, he has the trophies and the longetivity…
    undisputed GOAT objectivly speaking.
    But as Pep said, someone who grew up with Ronaldo 9 or maradona, or even older ones with Di-stefano or pele, they might have another nostalgic point of view.

  10. If you look at prime Messi, prime Maradona and prime Pele, they are all actually very similar players. Of everyone who has every played, those 3 stand above everyone else.

  11. it makes me sad knowing i will not se him play for Barca again. Then again, i saw him from 2007-2021. And knowing i got to eperience the goat for so many years makes me happy!

  12. he is the best ever! no questions asked….better than pele….better than Maradona….better than anybody…and on top of that he is a good humble family man!

  13. For players like Di Stefano or Pele you can only ask coaches with age 70+ thats saw that players as TV was very limited on world . Youtube have upcaled limited plays with their skills .Maradona is for 40+ persons . There was also Goerge Best who destroyed his career by alcohol

  14. R9 fans

    You are delusional.

    Did R9 (The overrated) footballer scored ever a solo goal like Messi’s goal against Getafe!
    Or the one against Bilbao!
    I bet you can’t find more than 10 beautiful goals for Ronaldo, but I can bring you at least 100 magical goals for 🐐 Messi.
    R9 who cannot score a header!
    Do you know that Messi scored with his head more than R9 (6 ft man)!
    Do you know that Messi scored 63 free kick, he is 15 away from breaking the record of the best free kick shooter of all time: Juninho!
    While R9 scored 0 (Zero) free kick.
    Do you want me to carry on!
    Please don’t bring the injuries claims!
    Messi when he was 16 broke his ankle and had a surgery.

  15. I’m not sure if he was the GOAT as sadly we have never seen him play in a competitive domestic league week in week out.
    His move to America’s MLS is probably the most competitive he has played in but is of course a step down in quality meaning he can shine.
    I don’t think he would want to risk the GOAT tag as it is a lucrative money spinner even when he retires.

  16. Haha, Guardiola s got mental, why would he not mention Ronalfo 9 as 1 in the worlf,chech out that barca game , in which he literally kissed Ronaldo s 9 boots.

    media s mentally deficient Ronaldo 9 has been the greatest . messi was made by iniesta n Xavi. Ronaldo 9 d produce literally his own goals.

  17. I think one of the things that show how great Messi is, is the fact that he is 36 years old and he will probably win the Ballon d'Or against players who are 13 years younger than him, like Halland or Mbappe. Many legends in football, when they had his age, retired had already retired.

  18. Only proper football fans can appreciate his greatness regardless of winning the World Cup. Anyone that argues CR7 are blind. Messi is a genius , passing ,awareness touch in tight situations unreal on top of that finishes as well . 91 in a calendar year it’s a joke . When xavi and iniesta dominated even then when a prime messi got involved he even made those two greats look in a class below him

  19. I know he's the best not just because he's the best dribbler, goal scorer (best ratio), passer, etc. and he has had an amazing level of consistency over a career of more than 16 years. No. He's the best because he is so so good that people can't believe their eyes and they start building conspiracy theories around him. He's an alien, FIFA is helping them, MLS trophy was scripted, WC was rigged… When people can't put an explanation to what they are seeing, they start to think that what they see isn't real or it must be fantasy. That's how I know he's the best of all time.

  20. Things that Messi was and is doing on the pitch, Ronaldo and others can't even EMAGINE in their dreams . And people who have eyes , logically all must say that he is the Best Ever and to my mind Forever. It does not matter how many times I watch his masterpieces , I always get very huge pleasure. G O A T.

  21. He is without the best player in the world , he makes things happen that no one else can . He is fast and can dribble better than any one. And besides the world cup Messi has a lot of every thing , this guy fails to mention that.

  22. Watching Pep talk about Leo is like a proud father talking about his son. Made me eyes teary I will say.

    As for the question? It was answered about a decade ago for me. To play in the highest level and consistently produce magic in all aspects of football:
    scoring, assisting, passing, dribbling, skills, playmaking and just sorcery levels of the game.

    For 15 plus years! You have to be blind to not accept it at this point. Or a through and through hater…😂

    It's sweet and poetic how Football itself decided to end that nonsensical debate in 2022. Because just like Pep himself said, we will never ever see someone like him on and off the pitch again. He is just lightyears ahead of everyone else.

    Muchas gracias por todo Leo. I fkin love you.

  23. 🐐 CR7 🐐
    🏆 5 UCL titles
    🏆 Proven across three leagues: (3) EPL titles, (2) La Liga titles, (2) Serie A titles
    🏆 Highest goal ratio in La Liga history
    🏆 Highest goal ratio in UCL history
    🌍 Most charitable athlete in history of all sports!
    🔥 UCL hattrick vs Atleti at 35 (not mls)
    🔥 41 EPL goals at 36 (not mls)
    🇧🇷 Pele said CR7 is the best
    🇦🇷 Maradona said CR7 is the best
    💰 Didn’t make a career playing for a club that paid refs
    🔥 Didn’t get 5 PKs in 7 matches, the most PKs in WC history, with a 50 million population country. Super rigged World Cup. Penalty for Argentina 🔥🔥🔥

  24. Messi is akin to a Grandmaster Painter.
    He folds, molds, creates and presents his masterpieces right in front of thousands to millions of spectators on live coverage.
    From the beginning to end and to the next canvass he will paint.
    A playmaker.

  25. Under Pele, Brazil won 3 WCs and is the youngest, at 17, to win the WC. And back then, the South Americans weren't allowed to win the Ballon d'or until 1995. So who knows how many Pele would have won.

  26. Ppl say he played against scrubs in La Liga all his career, but I don’t see anyone doing anything close to what he did his entire career on a consistent basis. We will never see another player like Leo Messi 🐐

  27. Messi is not just a striker his most complete player ever… Can do everything what blew my mind was when he dribbles a whole team and score. Cristiano can't even get close to do that. Big difference.

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