Do NOT compare Haaland with Messi! Pep says no one comes close to Argentine superstar

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00:00 Intro
00:12 I think Haaland came here expecting to break records
01:17 How does Haaland compare to Messi and Lewandowski?
01:54 Messi is the most complete player I have ever seen
02:40 My opinion on Messi doesn’t mean that Erling isn’t remarkable, absolutely he is
03:50 Have to adapt to the qualities of the players
05:27 The first people that know what we are playing for are the players
07:00 Tell them if they are tired you are wrong, you are not tired
07:32 Sleep, sleep, sleep, eat a lot and drink water and water
08:40 How much does Haaland enjoy the physical side of the game?
09:22 Yeah I think he likes it, it’s Norway, Vikings!
09:36 Ben Mee said Haaland was pinching him? Yeah my new tactics
10:17 Haaland’s game can improve a lot, he has the desire to get better
11:19 I remember when we played Dortmund, Haaland made an assist for Marco Reus
11:40 Haaland has a good sense to make the pass
12:34 All the season nutrition is really important

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100 comentario en “Do NOT compare Haaland with Messi! Pep says no one comes close to Argentine superstar”
  1. I like guardiola because he is only coach who says the truth no matter where is someone coming from or how close is with someone, but couches like sir Alex are full of sheets.

  2. God put Messi to play football question done imagine he win the world cup and they still debating he break the record with streaming for the debut with inter Miami Messi does everything in football all pele has over him is two more world cups that's it otherwise Messi has everything most decorated player in football history he is so grate all haters worship him so stop the debating about Messi when those youths pass his records then speak and it will take a very good while for that Pele from the 50's and look how long we waited for a player in his calibur when it comes to curling a ball Beckham 🐐 they always said Messi only play with Barca but how much he achieved with Barca is the magical moments la Liga titles super cup cope del Rey de espana champions league etc 44 throphies come late September he winning the us open too also later down the MLS Ronaldo has to work magic and play in USA and carry that Portuguese theme and hope to win the world cup south Americans are football gods Europeans learn from them so stop comparing Messi with these Europeans plz respect every player in the world but Messi is a creation from god to play this sport to perfection that's his purpose idk if people want god come down and tell them that too

  3. Haaland performance was magnificent but the overall performance between he and Messi come on Messi win the golden ball twice in world cup from the legends they never did that and he alone carry Argentina where was haaland in the essential games he ain't even score Messi deserves the super ballor hands downs

  4. Haaland may score a lot of goals and hell might even score more goals by the end of his career than Messi, but even then (unless his playstyle drastically changes) he wont be better than Messi. Messi is so damn complete and literally does the impossible over and over again. Haaland atm is just a good finisher playing in a god squad. while he is incredible for his age, he is nowhere near messi's level. keep in mind messi not only is the second top goal scorer ever and also the top assister by a landslide while playing a team that was only truly a god squad for a couple years

  5. The interviewer really tries to compare the ultimate Goat with a player that is doing good for 1 year. Just like they sucked mbappe‘s dick as well, mbappe is now 26 and still won nothing on an individual level (not counting WC). Haaland will be the same. Just overhyped player. Yea a lewandowski had also an astonishing year, that doesnt mean he is comparable with Messi.

  6. Yes im from norway. Love Haaland.😃 Think he will be a huge goal scorer.! But Messi is another kind of player and have 8/10 points he is hod at minus high/strengt being his weak points. But if I know anything about Haaland. He will agree and loves messi😄 Haaland is only a 6/10 but is wery god at the goal part😁

  7. No se pueden comparar.
    Pero el Manchester de Halaan.obtuvo 3 títulos.
    En Europa.
    Pero en una de esas finales Halaan no consiguió anotar en 180 minutos ( partido de ida y vuelta )
    Y Julian Alvarez entró en el minuto 88 y convirtió un golazo factura de presión y juego propio: ES DECIR QUE EN 3 MUNUTOS HIZO LO que HAALLAN NO HIZO EN 2 partidos….180'…..

  8. Messi is like maradona and van basten in one ballad can be compare with Cristiano Ronaldo not with Messi halland has not the magic the assist the participation at level of magic at every single ball please a Ferrari with a jaguar ? Magic with one year of good play please .. if Messi were Italian Spanish of British he would cost 4 times in money

  9. Let those who complain keeps complaining….almost all the legends who conquered football has always chose Messi over any other … Cause they know how football is actually played 🔥❤️..just some few who coached Ronaldo n some out of pure jealous chose other over Messi ..but deep down they know …no one even come close to Messi ..

  10. not even a messi fan but he's on another level. the only one who can be compared with him is cristiano i think. but after winning world cup with such performance, i don't know..

  11. Messi plays both psychological, emotional, and physical football. He aim is to enjoy the game while showing the defense he is not afraid of them, and is ever ready go against them any time. Once he breaks their spirit then he goes for the goal. He is not selfish as he wants every player in his time participate in the game by providing opportunities. He is a genius who also carries the responsibilities of the team in his shoulder. He is fearless, humble, plays with humility, says very little in the field. He realizes the power of silence.

  12. I have no idea why people compare Ronaldo, Haaland or anyone else to the MessiAH. Messi is head and shoulders above any other player to have ever played the game.

  13. Haaland will never be Messi, Lionel not only scored but he makes other players scored as well…he reads the field like no one else! Haaland is about using his strength and height to make goals….good player…but nowhere near MESSI!

  14. Pep is GOAT himself. He has changed global football since his coming as coach in Barca and keep doing so in the following countries and clubs. Bayern Munich did win Champions League, but the country won World Cup titile with the players dominated by Bayern Munich side and played tiki taka so incredibly perfect. English football has changed alot since his coming to Manchester City. The club is immediately dominant and win every year title. Premier league is also getting stronger and dominates European and global football.
    Messi is likewise. He is GOAT for what he has shown in every game he plays. Despite winning and losses, his statistic in every game is second to none. Everytime he touches the ball is joy for there is always something that mesmerising and surprising. For me, title is a matter of team works. When Messi played for Barca with Pep as the coach, titles followed them tiredlessly. Messi was incredible, and the team support his brilliant with good football shows. Things got different when Messi played for the national team. The coaches were unable to build a good team. Messi was isolated with insufficient balls in his feet. Argentian players spent most of the time played in their own half. So Messi has lost the world cups, mostly due to he played with bad teams, though they consisted of many famous players. By the way, though he was playing with bad teams, Messi has got Argentina to the World Cup Final in Brazil. He also brought Argentina four times to the final of Copa America. Was there anyone with that achievements.
    Every time, every year in every cup, when Messi is around, he is always the favorite to lift the trophy. That's no denial. Is or was there a player so much expected to win? That's how the world of football seen Messi as a footballer. He is the best and always be. Even at his present age, he is always deemed as the best still.

  15. I love how he says, Messi isn’t just good at making goals, he’s the best at passing,dribbling defending, making plays and seeing the game. I’m glad he’s saying yeah, he’s making goals but you can’t compare anyone to such a complete player like Messi.

  16. It’s disgrace forcedly comparing haaland with Messi only based on gaols like Haaland might score alota goals but will never ever be on the level of Messi or other. He can try to be the best striker ever maybe but will never be more than that

  17. Iniesta was the key at Barca. messi always picked his teammates. ran barca so always got to play with the best players making him look better than he was. Ronaldo did it over several leagues

  18. Haland can be compared to ronaldo may be he will be better than ronaldo in future but messi is the goat his vision,his through passes,his dribbling and free Kicks are out of the world he the most complete player in the world

  19. If Ballon d'Or were exclusively based on goals and assists.

    This is how the result would have been🙂👇

    2009, LIONEL MESSI , 56 Goals

    2010, LIONEL MESSI , 77 Goals

    2011, LIONEL MESSI , 95 Goals

    2012, LIONEL MESSI , 113 Goals

    2013, CRISTIANO RONALDO , 84 Goals

    2014, CRISTIANO RONALDO , 81 Goals

    2015, LIONEL MESSI , 78 Goals

    2016, LIONEL MESSI , 90 Goals

    2017, LIONEL MESSI , 70 Goals

    2018, LIONEL MESSI , 77 Goals

    2019, LIONEL MESSI , 68 Goals

  20. Michail Antonio believes it would be a "scandal." if MESSI beat HAaland !!!

    MICHAIL ANTONIO is a STUPID IDIOT FOOL unable to know What he is TALKING !

    All the WORLD PEOPLE know that HE IS AN OFF- MINDED !


    MESSI IS the BEST in HUMAN Football , GOOD LEADER for a TEAM , And GOOD
    BEST SKILL Football Players of the WORLD !


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