Messi’s first official goal for FC Barcelona

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100 comentario en “Messi’s first official goal for FC Barcelona”
  1. First goal ever beautifully orchestrated, because ronaldinho and messi planned how the first goal would come, first was disallowed for offside with chip assist and goalkeeper lob… Coincidence goal allowed was chip assist and lob over the keeper 😏

  2. Two genius players. First Ronaldinho spoons the ball over the defense to Messi, he controls it, fakes a hard shot and scoops it over the keeper. Goal gets cancelled so later Ronaldinho spoons the ball over the defense to Messi, he controls it, fakes a hard shot and scoops it over the keeper. 😂

  3. I love the Kobe story where Ronaldinho introduced Messi to Kobe and said, "Kobe, I'm going to introduce you to the guy who will be the greatest player of all-time… This kid right here is going to be the best." Ronaldinho just knew it.

  4. Imagine being the defender at that time seeing ronaldinho holding the ball and thinking this guy is the one we must defend against as he is a goal machine at that time. Imagine not knowing the one he will pass the ball (and the legacy) to is the unknown future goal machine. Imagine experiencing that greatness hands on.

  5. No sólo fue un simple gol. Fue su primer gol y fue un golazo, Calidad y determinación.
    En ese momento nació una leyenda. El mejor referente del deporte rey. Messi gracias Messi goat

  6. It was not an assist Ronaldinho gave …he passed the torch to Messi, he sensed it was the birth of a legend

    When Ronaldinho picked him up it is as if he was introducing Messi to the world…..what a moment and the rest is history

    When Ronaldinho assists your first goal and then carries you over his shoulders, you are just destined for greatness.

    Let’s take a moment and appreciate how good Ronaldinho was

    He learnt from the best then became the best.

    When you are so legendary that Ronaldinho himself assists your first goal

    The gesture of Espanyol’s keeper when Messi’s goal was ruled offside…much respect ✊

  7. I miss these days of football.. 😢
    Look at the first attempt, that was offside. The goalkeeper was so kind, scratched Messi's head, he was like: "Maybe next time, buddy!"..
    Nowadays he would laugh at the attacker, because mind games are way more important now than being a human and recognize that it's still "just" a game that should be enjoyed. 😕

  8. Messi remained Supreme for 20 Years at the Highest Top Level from since his Debut for Barca in 2003 to his Domination in MLS in 2023.

    Messi Nominated for Ballon D'or Total 16 Times in the Short list among which he came in the Top 3 Positions for 15 Times with winning Total 8 Ballon D'or which is the Most by any player in History.

  9. The first goal was not offside at all. The magician came back again to prove to the world that when he makes it there is no room for offside. In the same way he played the ball to Messi and in the same way Messi put it in the goal. Ronaldinho was amazed by his harmony and determination.

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