Messi’s Awareness is crazy 😳| Improve vision & decision making #messi #football

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  1. Awareness is key to his position! He does it so well and makes it look simple and awesome when he does!! Can't wait for him to leave PSG and be a better version of himself again

  2. Ppl wonder why he walks a lot well he maps the positions of players he watches where they play when he has the ball he looks at the players knees if you know you know 🎉

  3. The greatest by far. Now I am worried if anyone could get any closer in this generation generally without humility and over-confidence. These sort of skills need talent, patience, determination and a bit of luck. Not sure though if it's possible again.

  4. Every played did this 😢 when you are playing you have ball you would do like that the look whose you gona give The ball like strikers that's no what only messi does

  5. Since there's no pictures of real skills… So let's invent them.." Wow let's focus on slow motion on how Messi blinks and how Messi breath…"…
    if you like football and you want to see real magic…watch Ronaldinho…γσυ Tυẞe is full of it..

  6. Will the messi and ronaldo bumlicking hype cringe ever end?! 😭.

    I dread when these players pass away because the world media and fanboys will not stop talking about it until the day the universe ends.

  7. Bro acts like he’s the only one. Literally first thing u learn when learning how to dribble and move w the ball is to keep your head up and look around. Every baller at that level does it too lol. What separates Messi is he understands the game befofe it happens and can execute better lol

  8. I can't imagine what Diego Maradona did with Argentina '86.

    Practically, he brought that average team alone to the glory.

    And he did it whatever it takes.
    Including using his hand v 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 – because he realized that little margin would matter.

    I hated him for a long time. But after YT & Google have come to town, the more I learned.

    It was until 2019 I forgive him. While most 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 fans & footballers did years before.

    So why not me, asa foreigner, did the same?

    It's the comfort for people of 🇦🇷 .

    But so sad, we don't have many of Diego (not even Pele) videos to study back then.

    And most of all, Diego was in the middle, so the initiative depended on himself alone – which was harder task than Messi today.

  9. He’s so talented, it’s incomprehensible- therefore people ignore it. You fear things you don’t understand, so they’d rather say another player is better. The brain prefers to say “wow”, rather than “how?”.

  10. for fuck's sake man… even if I had eyes in the back of my head, I won't be able to play like him. The guy has a magical touch… all the fucking training in the world won't get me to play like him.

  11. Literally every good player does this. This is nothing special, the only thing special about him is that he can score from situations like these and also set up teammates

  12. Scan is important. I was striker and at 1v1 situation with goalkeeper. I was panic and rush dont know what should i do. When i scan around while running then i saw nobody behind me. Its make me calm a lot and could dribble the goalkeeper to make a score.

  13. Nope, i legit was looking at his head waiting for him to start looking around. ITS ALL THE SAME, AWARENESS, HERE, THERE, EVERYWHERE. LIKE DAMN, ONE VIDEO IS ENOUGH

  14. Every professional footballer playing at a high level does this – what makes Messi special is how quickly he comprehends what’s happening on the pitch and translates it into action. He does it better than anyone else

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