Messi is a great lad! 🤣

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  1. Messi at his age now I’m sure is very humble and chilled but I wonder if he was like that when he was like 25 in his prime winning everything with Barca?

  2. Beckham has lived his life on looks!!! God bless him. He prayed to the soccer gods to successfully recuit him. This season he finally tasted wins….now he is analyzing Messi!!!

  3. Messi is not a normal guy on the Pitch! I mean at Miami we can see that age is effecting him but still! The guy is a phenomenon! A poor boy from Rosario Argentine been gifted by the hand of god to control a football like no other on this planet

  4. “Yup. He gets dropped off at training by some some odd looking flying craft 🛸and leaves by walking into some odd white portal. Other than that, yeh totally normal guy”

  5. Messi went to a Supermarket that is also a sponsor for Inter Miami. A Big publicity stunt….and now that's covered as being humble. You can never trust these celebrities.

    Btw….if he doesn't go to the supermarket…then do you expect the food to fall from the sky ?

  6. Beckham shouldve just let time do its thing, im sure he would still look great at that age without plastic surgery, those guys are all arround the same age and none of them are looking as strange as david

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