Lionel Messi’s Pre-Match Warm Up In The UCL Semi-Finals! #five #shorts #messi #boateng #rioferdinand

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Muchas gracias por ver el vdeo!
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  1. This is exactly why, Messi is the most pure talented footballer of all time, But Cristiano is the Hardest working best footballer of all time, Messi was on his phone, Cristiano would have been still doing drills

  2. And then he got instantly humbled in the second leg. That 3-0 doesn’t even begin to show the fact Barcelona were dominated at their ground by Liverpool they just couldn’t score.

  3. Trust me you'd rather be the guy with no talent but a goal and puts in more work than anybody and does it takes. You don't want to be the guy with talent but doesn't want to put in the work to learn and practice. 999/1000 the kid with talent but doesn't put in the work fails or at best becomes average.

  4. No wonder they got slapped in the return leg. Guy was a complete fraud in his final years and turned Barca into a joke getting beat up in the latter stages of the champions league every year while he was walking around the pitch.

  5. That’s why those once in a life time players…can’t coach very well. It’s already very hard to replicate their physical skills, let alone the god given talent.

  6. This guy played for 15 different clubs. He took “signing on fees” to a whole nuther level. And he started at Hertha Berlin and ended his career there.

  7. Surly this proves that if you take your opposition to lightly you pay the price as per the result of the tie! I love messi but do t think this should be seen as a good point or something to be proud of, yes it works for him but the impression he was giving off especially while the coach was talking was a negative one.

  8. The king Pele once said "stop talking and give me the ball ,thats all i need "
    Sometimes being and arrogant is all what it is needed .
    The talent comes to know when to be an arrogant

  9. Confidence is a superpower and a disadvantage depending on how and when it is used. Confidence without cause is just arrogance, confidence in your own finely honed abilities is a different story. What this clip fails to mention is the amount of work messi did off the pitch and away from the club. In his own time messi would be training learning and honing his abilities, when you are so gifted that you are truly unique then who can reliably teach you and hone your skills other than the person who knows you best, you?

  10. And i guess he was still on hes phone when liver pool scored the wining goal on the second match 😂😂 leaving them out the champions league wining 4 -0 coming back from a 3-0

  11. Yeah soooo…..and wat happened in that match…in his mind he thought he'd already won…but wat he didn't know.. that was ANFIELD ..European night… magic happens…

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