Lionel Messi Ridiculous Skill Moves in Training

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Lionel Messi Best Skills, Tricks, Freestyle, & Goals in training sessions For PSG and Barca
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  1. As much I like Messi and appreciate the level of his talent and a part of me wants him to win the world cup but also I see Neymar and the Brazilian horses of the apocalypse that is going to destroy any team that confronts Brazil, Argentina has maybe two Messi and Leutaro Martinez, the rest are average players, Brazil has 60 enough to build two teams and the level of skills is insurmountable for Messi and company to win the tournament at this point I would say that Brazil has it 90% in the bag but of course, a spoiler can show out of nowhere and trash the Brazilian party, we all remember what happened when Germany when on to win the world cup in no other place than the Macarena and left the whole Brazilian country crying over the 7 to 1 victory and that was unforgettable for Brazil that swore that will never happen again well enough of memory lane but I think that Brazil is the number one country to win the cup this time around, sorry Lio I hope you can do it ( cheers )🤠🤠

  2. Simplemente el mejor jugador de la historia. Messi es un jugador que puede jugar en diferentes posiciones, tiene un gran control de balón incluso a gran velocidad, es un creador de juego y puede hacer pases espectaculares.

    El jugador más completo de la historia.

  3. Here is the difference between Messi and Ronaldo.
    Ronaldo dives, Messi does not… Ronaldo is only happy when he scores a goal, unlike Messi, who is happy when anyone on his team scores a goal… Ronaldo is always saying how he thinks he is the best player in the world… Lionel Messi plays like he is the best player in the world. Simple. Arrogance versus modesty… I will always choose modesty.

  4. I am 81 and use to be a football player in the UK at a high level. I have seen some wonderful players in my time but Messi leaves them all for dead. There is nothing he cannot do! He is indeed the greatest player of all time bar none!

  5. I miss Messi, Xavi, Iniesta who were players in the Barcelona. Xavi is Barcelona Manager now. Iniesta is in Japan…Messi is in PSG.
    The prime adversary of Barcelona (former Real Madrid defender) Sergio Ramos Garcia is now together with Messi and Neymar Junior in PSG.
    The Wuhan Virus Lockdown is affecting everybody including me.
    F—–k the C…….. Communist Party!

  6. Grasias adios pol ronaldo I mesin poke y4 eyos son como motion Sepuede dios cloro etatas Lokiro ke todo money is Basel kedios ere delante deeyos poke yo siento ke who siento Lee to siente dealegria

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