«The rivalry is over!» | Cristiano Ronaldo vs Lionel Messi 👀

«The rivalry is over!» | Cristiano Ronaldo vs Lionel Messi Espaa siempre se ha caracterizado por saber lidiar con los contratiempos sin dejar de mirar hacia el futuro, y esa actitud ha terminado por otorgarle grandes recompensas. Los diseos de nuestras equipaciones reflejan esa actitud imbatible e irreductible, camisetas de futbol Islandia provistos adems de las ltimas innovaciones deportivas. Asimismo, para los forofos ms pequeos de la casa, nuestras miniequipaciones de la seleccin espaola de ftbol se basan en las equipaciones de la Roja de los adultos y con sus mismos detalles e innovadoras tecnologas para que puedan imitar a sus dolos.

The Football Show compare Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi after Cristiano Ronaldo says he had a healthy rivalry with Lionel Messi but that is now over with the pair ‘changing the history of football’.


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  1. It was one of the intense rivalries ever. Started with a bang in 2008 when Ronaldo won UCL and Ballon D'or. Also both got recognition soon after. Peaked when both were playing in same league and for clubs that really hate each other. Also ended with a bang for Messi when he won World Cup last year. Even though Messi is the winner of this rivalry, it was never a one-sided affair because if I had to make a yearly winner, it was close each year. Eventually the world cup being the decider. Also both players won big for their clubs and countries, respect to both for making my childhood, teenage and adulthood awesome.

  2. it's over because none of them play in europe anymore.
    all those players that Saudi Arabia has bought and others. everyone has 1-2 years before they have to quit. as they don't mind getting paid well before they quit. and Europe knows they don't need them anymore. them to acquire more young legends. everyone wants and dreams of playing in Europe.

  3. Ronaldo's international goal tally is meaningless since every team is 1970 Brazil in European qualifiers statistically, because they play half their games against amateurs. This is why Brazil's WC and WCQ stats are basically the same, while every European team is scoring like half a goal more per game at minimum

  4. I'm a CR7 fan. I have immense respect for Messi and his talent. But everything is going too far for Ronaldo. this is not right. the media is exaggerating everything about him.

    Remember this. A footballer is made up of what he does on the pitch, but also what he does off the pitch.

    Stay humble.❤


  5. Am a Messi fan….but I feel sad seeing both of them age out of the game….Ronaldo has earned and deserves the respect of the best striker in the game by sheer hard work without talent

  6. Cristiano really wanted to dine with Messi, he says it all the time. Messi take a hint and dine with guy seriously. I feel he would have loved for them to be friends but for sure they are GOATs, its about preference and CR is my guy🤷🏾‍♀️

  7. Those who understand football well, all of them know that a pure striker can never rival a complete player, one can play multiple roles and still be the best in all of them and other can just be a pure goalscorer, so rivalry was just in terms of goalscoring otherwise every football player is under the shadow of Messi

  8. Makes sense that Cristiano is the one who announces the end of the rivalry, in my opinion. He turns 39 in february of next year. You're well and truly, far beyond your prime condition at that point in your career, and I think that includes Cristiano Ronaldo.

    Messi is getting up there as well, having turned 36 back in june of this year. He relies less on explosiveness or sustainable work rate these days, which ironically might favor his longevity compared to Cristiano, who's always been known for his discipline in fitness and health.

  9. The debate is over when Messi won the World Cup and Ronaldo has won None. No hate to Ronaldo he’s an awesome player but come now let’s stop debating after Messi’s performance at the World Cup and now look at Messi making his team win currently in the MLS bringing them from last place to winning games constantly now with Inter Miami.

  10. Guys a dull person will always say that Messi is a natural really😂 and Ronaldo works hard SMH you all dull and talent is talent and it's all give to us frm the lord and you need to work hard to make sure it at it's pick

  11. People who prefer Messi love his dribbling because their appreciation is under 10's level. In the history of football, if you're losing and need a single player who can come on and score with either foot, from anywhere, or with a header, it's Ronaldo every time.

  12. Grew up watching the likes of R9, Henry, Zidane, Figo, Iniesta, Xavi and Ronaldinho play.
    A few years on, I begin watching the records being wrecked by Messi and Ronaldo week in, week out..

    I can truly say I am blessed to have witnessed all of this in my lifetime 🫶🏽

  13. I don't understand why Ronaldo would say this. He was always disparaging Messi. A month ago, he disparaged MLS and FIFA. he has inferiority complex about messi

  14. Ronaldo may be the GOAT striker/winger, but Messi is significantly better as an overall offensive player, by that I mean Goals+Assists, Key Passes, Progressive Passes, Dribbles, etc. Even without the world cup Messi is the greatest overall player of all time. Really he should be awarded the Super Ballon D’Or for his impact the last 18 years.

  15. R7 is doing a pr stunt to try and downplay Messi crowned World Cup Champion and worlds greatest player to “let’s just say we are both in that level” b.s Ronaldo will never 👎 be the GOAT. Nice try

  16. True, luckily it's over, NOBODY wonders anymore if Messi is better than Ronaldo… As it got proven that Messi is the best in hirtory, nobody thinks that on cr7

  17. The "rivalry" was only in the head of Ronaldo and his fans ….The media then exploited it for clicks…. Fans of football know that there was gap between the players…It's a reason why Gerd Muller doesn't get compared to Maradona.

  18. I just consider myself lucky to have been born in this era and I could see both these players play football for the respective teams and we all could see these legends go against each other. It’s like watching Goku vs Vegeta 😢

  19. Thing is, they can’t be compared because they are too different. In fact it would have been great seeing them on the same team, I think they would have made a good partnership, like Bellingham and Kane

  20. what rivalry 😂 ,messi doesn't give u fk about u , he never even competed with u .Messi didn't care about the stats (goals/assist) unlike u who was obsessed with stats but messi outclassed him in goal/assist per game 😂😂😂
    And yeah i haven't mentioned about dribbling,playaking ,chances created etc

  21. There was never any rivalry. No debate. Messi has always been the best player. Ronaldo is actually the 6th best player. Coz Pele, maradona, ronado de Lima, zidane and Ronaldinho are better than ronaldo

  22. Messi played with Barca when CR7played for man utd and real madrid. Barca was the best if not the best assembled team ever whereas Real and Man utd played catch up to Barca's standards. That is what gives Messi an edge but for me its Ronaldo all the way.

  23. Ronaldo announces it because he’s always been the person to speak on them because people ask him more, it’s that simple…. He sometimes doesn’t answer but he happens to now🤷🏻‍♀️

  24. Can argue all they like it doesn’t matter when halland is about to smash ev record and erase them from the conversation and I’m a man United fan and know the future legend is here and united biggest nightmare ever

  25. Even though messi is further up in stats… Ronaldo has put some incredible numbers as someone who worked hard vs talent. That's why for me Ronaldo is my favorite player. When I watch Messi I think: "you were born with it. yes you work hard but lets be honest you were playing like that since you were a kid so you were born with it. Ronaldo had to grind to be where he's at". And that you can never take away from him

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