Lionel Messi & David Beckham INSANE Reactions & Celebrations after Inter Miami Win vs Nashville

Lionel Messi & David Beckham INSANE Reactions & Celebrations after Inter Miami Win vs Nashville Ftbol… Qu ms se puede decir que supere lo que genera este deporte en el ser humano? camisetas de futbol Bordeaux El ftbol es el deporte ms jugado y ms seguido en el mundo. Se calcula que el 4% de la poblacin mundial est involucrada directamente en el ftbol, ya sea jugando (profesional, semi profesional o amateur), trabajando (rbitro, entrenador, etc.) en asociaciones y en clubes, sin incluir a los fanticos que lo siguen.

Lionel Messi & David Beckham INSANE Reactions & Celebrations after Inter Miami Win vs Nashville

Lionel Messi vs Nashville SC | Every Touch | INSANE GOAL| 19/08/23

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97 comentario en “Lionel Messi & David Beckham INSANE Reactions & Celebrations after Inter Miami Win vs Nashville”
  1. Most decorated player in the history of the game. This is just another cup in Messi's cabinet but everything he has accomplished in his entire career is just amazing. He really is….. Inevitable . The greatest of all time 🐐

  2. What a fun game, glad I put an alarm to wake up for it. The Miami keeper, I wouldn’t be surprised if he gets looks in Europe especially being only 25.

  3. Hay algo que para mi no es menor y es el cariño que demuestra Messi con sus nuevos compañeros. Hay algo ahí que no es fácil de encontrar.

  4. What a ride !
    He won the prestigious world cup for his country, soon after that, he was questioned about his loyalty, skills ,faced hatred and lived in toxic environment for months, now see the difference,he is happy ,motivated, winning games.
    At the end he goes to his family. He is the best role model .

  5. Its funny how this "creator" put a trademark over the video. As if they made it lol but its all about the like and subscribes. Welp good thing there is a dont recommended.

  6. So dramactic. This is cinematical. Playing at the opponent homeground and twice denied the winning opportunity (first goal and penalty advantage), it could have been a cursed game if you think about it, only to witness the unbelievable at the end. Winning is well deserved. Congratulations to the team, messi and david beckham.

  7. The mistake PSG made was not making Messi the leader of the team on his arrival. Beckham knew what to do, he did it and it has yielded the best result. Congratulations to inter Miami and the GOAT LM10.

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  9. Eine alte Dame hat mal gesagt/Quelle: YouTube/ …"ich möchte einmal MESSI sehen und dann kann ich sterben " Das sagt alles mehr geht es nicht…❤❤❤

  10. From 2005 i have seen Messsi till now i didn't find player like him….i am big fan of messi …Messi is a magical player in the whole world… love from India (Meghalaya)

  11. Hey you guy, have heard about a "sport writer" called Cathay whatever, that man is miserable, and wrote I'll and studied things about Messi. Poor guy he sounds so jealous and bitter, he needs to stop comparing Messi's life to his. Poor guy.

  12. make messi the boss of that team, don't have 2 bosses, then he will give you many titles. there are too many bosses at psg, and that makes him unhappy

  13. David Beckham como futbolista tu persona hay muy pocos eres Único
    Al compartir tu talento. Con Messi a los 2 los hace ser Únicos a ESTADOS UNIDOS les estas compartiendo tu sabiduría cómo futbolísta al traer a la MLS a el más grande futbolista q es Messi pero están ayudando a crear un fútbol en ESTADOS UNIDOS como de donde tú eres de Europa tu Beckham , Messi t todos tus y sus compañeros de Equipo calla A muchos críticos q no creen q en ESTADOS UNIDOS se puede lograr un fútbol de alta calidad con tu ayuda y de Messi gracias beckham por traer a Messi al fútbol de ESTADOS UNIDOS


  15. Messi es enorme, trasciende al fútbol. Siempre humilde, sencillo, callado, ha logrado todo el éxito, lo admiran millones de personas, une a millones de personas de todo el mundo a través de su arte, es un fuera de serie.

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