MLS teams now fear having to play Lionel Messi and Inter Miami following dominance in Leagues Cup

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Following Inter Miami’s dominating win vs Philadelphia last night, we talk to MLS broadcaster Chris Wittyngham about the continued success Lionel Messi has brought to the team, what he’s looking forward to hearing from Messi in his first press conference tomorrow and where he believes an Inter Miami championship parade would take place.
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  1. In Europe Messi would have option in that position, so he would normally pass. However if there were no spare attackers then even in Europe he would try the shot but a normal goalkeeper in Europe would be slightly more off their line narrowing the angle so they would then easily turn that shot around the post conceding a corner.

  2. Sorry Messi scored the same goal from a similar shot in the second game of the group stage of the 2022 WORLD CUP!!!!!! Y'all still not understanding that in october Messi is presented with the Ballon D'or? His 8th?! Guys Messi has been doing this to elite players. Stoop shaming MLS and enjoy Messi

  3. The American spirit is not mediocre. If it is true, Messi comes from another intensity of football. But instead of asking Messi to lower the level, the MLS teams are going to learn to improve their intensity and their game. Good for MLS.

  4. Man what are you guys talking about? Philly played awesome, all of the teams that play against Miami play considerably actually incomparably better than before. Miami improved the entire league by miles.

  5. said, No relegation policy has an impact on the quality of the league. They would fight better against Messi since loses will cause them to go for lower division immediately. Obviously, this is a comparison between competition with and without the policy. In the highest level, mistakes decide who will win the game. Messi knows it: if he let the chances go, it will punish him immediately. He won't let moments in the MLS just go without any given effort from himself. Something that never change from him, something that defines the great and the rest. The last game, when he did a mistake, would be a sign whether he will take it seriously or not.

  6. Messi is a genius. That goal was genius. He saw the keeper out of position and bang!! I hate how dm peeps are saying the keeper shld hv done better. Messi is always a step ahead of everyone, thats where his genius lies!!! GOAT!!

  7. uh, in europe nobody was interested buyng messi??? what are you guys smoking, he told he had offers from other clubs but he refused be anywhere else then barcelona, so barcelona is having money issues and he had no other choice left then come to mls

  8. I respect Chris wittyngham a lot but he seems to have forgotten that Messi scored from 28 yards against the best goalkeeper in the world (Allison) against the best team in the world at that time (Liverpool).. Messi does this so many times.. against equador in WC qualification as well.. distance doesn't change bcos af leagues 😅

  9. You do realise that 1% expected chance of going in from that distance is the equivalent of rolling 100 on a 100-sided dice? And Messi rolls them often. How do you measure something that is so far off the scale?

  10. The reason for Messi's quick adaptation is also David Beckham …Beckham & Messi has a longstanding relationship for many years that dates back when David played at Real Madrid and Messi at Barca ( they were not very close ) yet the level of respect they have for each other is huge ..

    Beckham has openly confess that Messi is in his view the best player ever …His kids love Messi too …Im sure Messi saw some of those interviews that Beckham had on him …

    This makes it much easier .. Their wives are close as well as their kids …
    When the family is happy , any man can give his best

  11. This is the 1st & only journalist that stated the obvious truth, that the goal keeper was out of position and not that he or the opponents are scared.

    No one is scared !!!

    It’s just a competion & mistakes are made, lucky shots are made & calculated;
    That’s All It Is !!!

  12. Normally they don't get instructions to pay attention to one guy. That one guy is none other than Messi. So now they not only have to try tactics to win. They also have to try and stop Messi and Co from having fun. Not many teams have what it takes not many managers have what it takes to do that. That's why these teams are all over the place looking amateur

  13. Messi plays now in Miami for following reasons;
    1. Huge latino population, so he and his family can enjoy private life better as in Arabia
    2. He wants that his kids learn easily english as second language
    3. He made a Billion LIFETIME contract with ADIDAS, receives % on every Messi addidas item sold
    4. Made a huge contract with Apple
    5. Made an excellent contract with Inter Miami, where he becomes PART OWNERSHIP of the club after he finished there playing.
    6. And offcourse his social media presence will bring him more millions, even he had already 480 million followers alone on instagram….

  14. How many times can we tell all these fools, that are so surprised, that Messi/Busquets/alba have been doing this to the BEST teams in the world for years?!

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