Lionel Messi & Inter Miami Are In The Leagues Cup Final! *9 GOALS IN 6 MATCHES*

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AA9SKILLZ Reacts To Philadelphia Union vs Inter Miami!

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  1. Bros telling that the MLS is better than Saudi, where are they now? BRUH 😂😂😂😂 That team is TERRIBLE OMG! And they made it to the semi finals? Imagine the rest of them!

  2. Whilst Messi, Busquets and Alba have made a massive impact they have also shown the difference in quality between MLS and European leagues. It's making the league look very amateur considering all 3 players were on a decline for years in Europe. Unless MLS can continue to attract more players of quality the Messi effect will be short lived and his time at MLS will quickly be looked down on years from now…

  3. There’s no way a pro league is this bad. It’s obviously rigged for Messi to sell as many tickets as possible. The Inter Miami tickets cost so much more than every other teams

  4. If you critique messis goal you also have to critique lloris vs portugal when eder scored, if you think that wouldnt happen in europe then you are delusional.

  5. The Decision Making of messi is the Key difference to any other Player who Ever Played the Game. You can See he saw the goalie wasn‘t in Position when he Fired the shot. Thats Why he Took too long to get in the corner. If he was ready he would have probably got to it. But considering the movement of the Goalie before the Shot, no keeper in the World can get the Ball..

  6. In the first goal, the keeper does exactly what he is supposed to do, covering his post, the defender should cover the rest, like in a free kick. And the second goal, Messi already did score from that far in Europe, even from 20 centimeters longer. It was not a keeper mistake, as the attacker was far and several defenders were on him. Philadelphia missed several opportunities, but this is actually what makes players like Messi or Jordi so different and recognized. What it is not normal is to shoot 5 times and make 4 goals. What Messi did was to boost the confidence level of the complete team, to get the last team, the looser one, directly to the finals. The problem with "futbol" (as we call it here in Argentina) is that it looks easy from outside, and everyone thinks they can do it better, but in fact it is really hard and only a few people in the complete world can really do it, after a life time of training.

  7. Me personally was not letting that ball slide in like that how the hell that man didnt save that, I mean it had the power and everything but he should have seen the direction

  8. U we're just about to get a good comment from a man u fan from Manchester England. But after that Onana diss I would still say yes it would have went in either way. Messi's is arguably the Goat of football..

  9. To be fair, their gk is very good, but he’s short. So, you can’t really blame him for the Messi goal. Also, L take on the first goal, since,as a gk, you have to cover the front post right there. That’s just a really good finish

  10. Never seen so much opponent's analysis when Penaldo scores a tapin.

    Then, doesn't matter – where is the GK standing, how fast is he diving, what defender's are doing, what are the coache's tactics. 😅

  11. Mourinho couldn't stop Messi and we expect Philadelphia to stop him? Nashville be prepared for a nightmare, the dream is over, welcome to reality, new standards, all made by the GOAT, we are blessed to have him in the MLS, he choosed passion instead of money like others, we are blessed to have him here for final years of his great career

  12. For me it seems like Philly as a group got use to teams panicking and that , if you look at the keeper running back , no one will attempt that in the US

  13. If i was Philadelphia's Coach, id start looking for a striker and a goalkeeper in like the 3rd English league, im more then sure he could find something way better then they have atm. As a european watching the match, Philadelphia's goalkeeper was shockingly bad.

  14. Underestimating the quality in martinez' goal. With that tight angle, the shot was most likely going to the right so the keeper shifted to ensure the block but martinez read this and switched it with the tightest of space

  15. the keeper covers the side that would have been naturally covered from an angle like that. it was up to the defender to put a foot to block the shot. For the second goal, I would say he should have saved but again the defenders are not making a tackle.

  16. The only defense I'll give to the messi goal is it was knuckling along the ground. Should definitely get saved but any keeper is capable of a simple misread on a ball like that every now and again.

  17. Yes it happens in europe take a look at de gea like 2 years ago with man u dude make a bunch of rookie mistakes lol or with madrid when they won ucl in 2021 with psg man city the keepers gave the ball to benzema lol

  18. He went to right because he thought the defenders with him will block the left side for him !! 😂😂 zero knowledge of football.. first rule of football Goli always keep your first bar safe..

  19. Miami really plays in a 4-4-2 on defense, 4-3-3 on offense. Yesterday Martino moved Cremaschi to the right, so that the young man could sometimes move into the space vacated by Messi.

    Taylor sort of runs for one and a half players, going back to tuck in the first bank of four, and playing as the left-sided forward in the 4-3-3.

    Martino is playing Barcelona's 4-4-2 hybrid after Neymar left.

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