The Day Lionel Messi Became The GOAT

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Lionel Messi vs. Manchester United – 2011 UCL Final | HD 1080i

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100 comentario en “The Day Lionel Messi Became The GOAT”
  1. Pele' scored 1282 goals in total (Messi scored only less than 900 in total! Not counting junior games, but counting friendly senior adult professional games!), no one can beat that mark! O.98 goals per game average!!! He played more than 100 games in Europe with the same average of 0.98 gols per game (Messi's average is 0.8 per game!). Wan 3 world cups (national) and 2 world cup for his club (Santos)!!! No one can beat that!!! Pele's friendly games goals should also count as almost all were played in Europe against top european teams of the time and the goal's average of Pele' is the same in friendly games as in official games. So the difficulty level was the same. Plus the amount of official games per year today is superior now than it was before, but the average of goals per official game of Pele' is much superior than that of Messi, even if one counts "only official games" (0.9 official goals per game for Pele' and 0.8 goals per game for Messi). Playing much more official games, anyone (really anyone!) can make more goals. All you have to do is to play until you are 50 in a small weak league. Like Cristiano now in Arabia or China. Plus: You know that Barcelona bought games in La Liga, so all Messi's goals in La Liga will be invalidated in this dispute. Look up the scandal this year: 1.5 million euros payed for referees between 2016 and 2018. This invalidates many Messi's goals made with penalty kick, in the period! THEN There is only one king!

  2. That is era of Manchester United "dream team" or the one of best version of MU …but Messi destroyed them like a newbie include ronaldo 😂😂😂

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  4. Nope, you are wrong ! Messi was the GOAT on the day he was formed in his mother's womb. It just needed nourishment till it was time to unleash the beauty that we see and enjoy till date. I just wish he doesn't follow in the footsteps of Maradona, whose retirement life is not something to be proud of. Messi should be the better version of Maradona !

  5. Really? For Messis standards I didn't actually find this video anything special. He's played FAR better than this.
    Sure, it was a CL final, but that doesn't mean it's necessarily the game he stepped up, not even necessarily the strongest oponent.

  6. Comparar a este monstruo alienígena con otros jugadores es un insulto al futbol. Lleva 18 años jugando al más alto nivel, ganando títulos, haciendo más de 800 goles, cientos de pases gol en la época más profesional del fútbol y en Europa. Solo Pelé está a su altura, porque la Perla Negra fue un monstruo. Pero hoy en día Messi a sus 35 años sigue siendo un fuera de serie. Incomparable.

  7. This was the greatest football team ever played in the UCL FINAL. This BARCELONA Team was something you can’t describe in words & accolades. Alex Ferguson was just sat there & watch his team destroyed by one of the greatest team.

  8. Messi is impossible to defend no way u compare him with any player ,,,,,,no one has that coolness to display that kind of football infont of millions

  9. his left foot is a magnet to the ball. i remember how Messi was tormenting united players..the match could have ended easily 8-1. sir Alex was so helpless by this Barça steamroller. it was hell for utd this day !

  10. Una locura lo que jugaba Messi, regateo hasta Sir Alex Ferguson sin despeinarse, los bailo a todos y aun asi ahy quienes lo comparan con otros jugadores
    Messi el Mejor jugador que he visto en una final de champions
    Esta a otro nivel ❤ no hay comparación

  11. Surrounded by an all star team and it took him a bunch of finals two win Copa America, and WC. Penalties and a great goalkeeper save him from losing another one.

  12. Yes I’m so full of joy I watched Messi all through from day one. That man is magnificent a Magic master. Ronaldo was also so so special. Two amazing players.

  13. The commentator really said "anybdoy arguing? i don't think so " as if at the time there wasn't a raging debate weather or not cr7 or messi was better . Sure enough its a debate that will last the ends of time . If you think messi's the goat thats ok with me . If you say Ronaldo's the goat thats ok with me also either one of them is worthy of the title. They sit at their own table

  14. Those of us who were fanboys during his prime and by prime i mean 2008/09-2014/15 he was insane even after that but he was slowly losing one of his main weapons thanks to which he was just too good if we use overall type of comparing players from fifa i would say messi 100 or maybe we can divide him in 3 cards 😂 100, 99,98 depending on how well did he sleep 😄 and than players like xavi, ronaldo, iniesta will have something like 93-94 if we want the comparison to be as accurate as possible and as i said before only fans of messi or barca in those years who were watching most matches, in my case i think i was watching it just because of messi iniesta xavi and watching football matches was never so irresistible barca maybe didnt win all of them but i dont think anyone has outplayed them during 3-4 seasons 🙂

  15. The best team ever was Real Madrid’s 1955-1960 which won 5 European champion’s Cups in a row. Di Stéfano, Raymond Kopa, Puskás. The best player ever is Messi overall I think but not if your talking at his peak. I think Maradona was better at his peak because he won a Seria A title by himself with a small team Napoli that had not won the title before. If Messi had played for Zaragoza or some other small team and won the title – that would shut me up. But I guess we’ll never know if he could

  16. Messi es el fútbol en su máxima expresión…desde chico reunía todas las condiciones para ser claramente el mejor…Messi en cuanto a fútbol sabe todo…fue un elegido…tiene un talento único.

  17. Whenever messi scores goals like this he has won the tournament one against bayern munich in semi final 2015 uefa chamipons league and against mexico at world cup 2022 and this game too all three tournamnent he have won it.

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