Lionel Messi confirms Inter Miami move

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Lionel Messi has confirmed that he will join Inter Miami when his contract at Paris Saint-Germain expires.

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  1. He's joining when the new season starts and that's not until February. So he'll most likely join a European club up until the end of the year or maybe even around end of November early December. After the ballon dor winner is announced, he'll probably take a break up until pre season for inter miami

  2. The idea that Messi didn't care about money is wrong. If he didn't care about money, he would have waited until the end of the transfer window to announce his decision to leave Barcelona. Instead, he announced it at the start of the window, which suggests that he was motivated by money.

    People who think that Messi rejected Al Hilal's $400 million offer and chose to go to MLS instead are also wrong. Messi has a number of business interests in the United States, including stakes in Adidas and Apple TV. He also has the option to buy a percentage of an MLS team in the future.

  3. 🔥🔥🔥Last saudi bid was:
    $1.71 billion for two years + Messi keeps all commercial revenue😮‍💨😮‍💨😮‍💨 Still, Messi said NO🤯🤯🤯

  4. It's likely Messi received permission from MLS in this contract for very inexpensive expansion team ownership which is what Beckham did and he made like $600,000,000 from that sweet sweet deal

  5. messi is just in for the final pay. He knows he sucks now and going to barca will eventually sour as his fitness cannot keep up and he wont take a big pay cut. Mbappe made messi look good at PSG, with his running and finishing. Messi wlll flop at MLS bottom club, no one is good enough to finish goals like Mbappe

  6. Could be a political move as well. Being close to the folks he’s been associating with in recent years, people in Argentina targeting him and his family, it makes sense to have ties in the US should he need find refuge. It won’t be total immunity but at least it makes things harder for things to happen to his family and him. Only need to look at Sukur to see that things can change very quickly when you associate so closely with power hungry folks. More time in Barcelona is not going to offer the same sorts of future political protection

  7. The Messi & Ronaldo show is officially over…when you consider the Saudi ambassador role Messi has, he's probably earning from that side😅

  8. i will support Messi wherever he goes but man that Miami team sucks so hard, yes messi is the best but he aint young anymore he cant carry the team by himself so I just hope they sign some better players to improve the team.

  9. Well be has won everything he could've won so it's okay if you wants to get out of thee spotlight and take time off and easy with his family… He doesn't want to face the same sh*t that he faced in Paris… The amount of hate was crazy

  10. 100 years from now, British people will still be sitting in their miserable little dwellings getting rained on contemplating and fuming over the fact that Americans say soccer while the rest of the world moves on with life and Elon musk’s company sends people to outer space.

  11. "Soccer as they call it in the united states" 😂😂😂😂Man doesn't look happy saying the word 'soccer'. Frankly I don't think anyone is apart from the Americans

  12. Inter Miami was made by David Beckham and his investment team. The potential of the club is worth millions of pounds the further up the league division. One day it is worth billions of pounds as some of the great clubs in Europe are worth for example Real Madrid and Manchester United. The USA has over 300 million people and more clubs need to be built for the talent of players could be discovered in all types of sports.

  13. Full respect to Messi, not only is he moving to a different league, but he'll be playing an entirely different sport. But knowing Messi, I'm sure he'll dominate soccer just as he did futbol.
    Lookin forward to hearing him speak American and shooting AR-15s !!! Vamos Leo !!

  14. I don't get it!! Why only Americans call the game soccer and the rest of the world call it football!!! Best you all go get your own planet to leave on!!!!!😤

  15. MLS are all attracting players at the end of their career to raise their profile try and sign mbappe and haaland 2 players at the top of their game and see if they will join never in a million years

  16. The MLS is a "farmers' league" but a good move for Messi. It fits into his age and one has to consider that its in the USA, who will host the next FIFA World Cup. This transfer will not help the MLS in any significant way but will benefit Argentina, Messi and his kids.

  17. Bine cā dispare dinEuropaAcum premiile se vor da pe merit nu pe nume sau cā seicul intervine unde trebuiePoate cucerii acolo toate premiile de soccer care oricum nu au importantāSi dacā va juca la fel de dezinteresat ca laParis zboarā repede

  18. This whole “MLS IS A RETIREMENT LEAGUE” is such an ignorant and uneducated take. leagues in Europe have scouted the most players out of MLS than any other league in the Americas in the past 2-3 years(yes more than Brazil and Argentina). How can you be a “retirement league” when you have more young players leaving out of the west. Signing players like Messi (age wise) are few and far in-between like in the earlier years of MLS. MLS is predominantly a league filled with young players.

    Premier league and other leagues in Europe have a higher average age than MLS. Are they a retirement league. Lol. The ignorance in some people are laughable.

  19. Even though he completed football, he still had a great form registering a lot of assists and goals and even competing with youngesters where he was favorite for ballan'dor. He could have played 2-3 seasons more in europe but i get why he chose to live a quiter life and play in mls where he can relax and play without pressure. Goat 🐐 nevertheless, that will never change.

  20. Smart move. Always been more of a cr fan but Messi and his people just make smarter decisions and this is a huge W.

  21. It's probably a slightly safer move to go to the US. If he had gone to Saudi Arabia and failed to score enough goals he might have been beheaded or hanged. In the US he runs the risk of being the latest victim of gun crime by a lunatic with mental health issues. So the US was the better option….. just.

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