Major soccer player Lionel Messi joins MLS, fans are excited

Major soccer player Lionel Messi joins MLS, fans are excited No has querido nunca tener unas camisetas frikis, personalizadas con estampados de tus series anime favoritas?

There are several global icons that we all know by just one name: Adele, Beyonc, Cher, Madonna, and Prince. Perhaps the most iconic one is Messi.

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44 comentario en “Major soccer player Lionel Messi joins MLS, fans are excited”
  1. This is exactly why Messi shouldn't go to the US!! The disrespect!! Comparing this man to Tyga!! 😂😂😂😂😂 Secondly, he's joining Inter Miami! What's St Louis got to do with it?

  2. He dominates football, now he is coming to dominate soccer, not surprised he will capture the hearts of America of how good this game of football is and America should prioritize more on this sport.

  3. "Major soccer player". Good grief. It is absolutely excruciatingly painful watching local news parrots trying to do a story about something they literally know nothing about. They're so stupid and shallow it defies description. The ignorance is 100 percent. Local news people are the most useless specie of individual walking the face of the earth.

  4. Maybe now Fox will get a chance to interview Messi. 😂 Paid millions for World Cup, tried multiple times to interview him but were unsuccessful.

  5. Im confused, do all Americans need to swing things ? Can someone translate "FOOTBALL" to me please ? Coz it mean TOOT and BALL, A game played with foot. That american "football is not a foorball its Variation of RUGBY. En tire world know what FOOTBALL Mean, The football game was created 1863. The American footbal was not even American, was invented in Canada 1874.
    11 years AFTER creation of the real football game.
    Entire world know it except americans, entire world call it football except americans. What the fk wrong with you ?

  6. Its not a scooer it's football player.
    If i was Messi my foot would not step in that club. I love to see how some stupid journalist ask Messi for interview and call the sport soccer.
    Messi will gave you the answer.

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