Messi boosts Beckham’s investment by 4000% 馃挵

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With Lionel Messi’s impending move to Inter Miami, we take a look back at David Beckham’s incredible MLS deal and break down the rumoured transfer.
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97 comentario en “Messi boosts Beckham’s investment by 4000% 馃挵”
  1. Had no idea that Messi was that tight with Beckham that he even congratulated him for becoming a owner. Personality wise Beckham and Messi seems to be quite similar so they obviously get along well.

  2. How much money will he make? Overtime he will make much more. Messi is probably looking at buying club shares after retirement

  3. I'm so sick of how people keep saying he chose the MLS over Barca. If Barca was feasible he would've gone there, unfortunately it was not so he chose the most pragmatic option to just choose to relax and prioritise his family. One day I'm sure he'll get a great send off at the Camp Nou it just won't be as a player and that's okay, nothing will ever make us forget those magical years in Barcelona.

  4. Relax and calm. It鈥檚 a two way beneficiary. Beckham is no Laporta, first. But Beckham is business. Or let鈥檚 say, less venomous than Laporta, Saudis, or Mbappe鈥檚 real dads at psg ! 馃槀

  5. who wouldn't want to play for Beckham,,,, afar cry from the BARCA board,,,, and the Messi as stakeholder taking % for infinitum makes the Miami a no brainer and makes Ronaldo look like a dumb ass in Saudi deal

  6. I don't know how much money Miami is paying him, but if it's LESS than say, Kansas City, then he's an idiot if he thinks he's winning a championship with the Miami Spice Girls! Don't forget that he's 35 years old, and not getting any younger. Basically a soccer Joe Pavelski (of the Dallas Stars) at this point.

    I hope Messi enjoys being the MLS equivalent of New Orleans Saints QB, Archie Manning, and I'm sure you remember how well Manning did WITHOUT an O-Line!

  7. Lionel Messi will make up for what he didn't sign for in the KSA in endorsements playing in the MLS! NYC would love to market, promote, and sell Lionel Messi. The MLS is about blow up!

  8. The fact you called Messi the Goat is enough to know you on bs. He didn鈥檛 outrightly choose Miami over Barcalona anyways son, he didn鈥檛 have much of a choice considering all the factors. Failure of a channel and correct that GOAT talk fam

  9. Nahin Comps quiz 3

    Let's see who can answer the following quiz correctly馃憞馃憞

    How much is Lionel Messi's salary at Inter Miami?

    A: 54 million

    B: 56 million

    C: 58 million

    D: 60 million

  10. It wasn't Messi decision to sign for inter Miami. It was his wife who chose the luxury over money.

    Messi could get 1.5 billion euro contract for 3 years and his father could make ten millions from the fee.

  11. MESSI+MIAMI=M since the beginning of time since they were both named with the letter M now M with bring them together in prefect harmony (hopefully his kids love it here which will make his wife joful which will make him joyful which will make him JOYFUL )馃榿鈿斤笍馃彑锔

  12. APPLE!!! TURN OFF THE FEATURE THAT SHOWS YOU THE SCORE OF THE REPLAYS!!! 馃槨馃槨馃が Its such an easy fix!!! But they just don't do it. Absolutely ridiculous. Yeah if you want to watch Messi play in the mls you have to get an Apple MLS Seasons pass. And unless you have the time to watch it live, they are going to show you the score to every game. In large numbers on the thumbnail of the video.

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