David Beckham gave MLS necessity, Lionel Messi gives them luxury! – Ale Moreno | ESPN FC

David Beckham gave MLS necessity, Lionel Messi gives them luxury! — Ale Moreno | ESPN FC Lisas, estampadas, con personajes… No sabemos cules son sus preferidas, pero en Sprinter te ofrecemos la mejor seleccin de camisetas para nio: camisetas de futbol Valencia un comodn imprescindible para el armario de los ms pequeos de la casa en sus das de colegio, deporte o de planes divertidos con amigos.

ESPN FC‘s Kay Murray, Ale Moreno, Steve Nicol and Julien Laurens discuss reaction around the world the day after Lionel Messi announced that heh will sign of Inter Miami of Major League Soccer.

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  1. Messi played for his dream team Barcelona n won every trophies even champions league.
    Played for Argentina n won every trophies Olympic gold,Copa America,finalisimma n world cup.
    Now he csn finally do wtva he want.
    I wish ronaldo too win atleast one world cup to retire with Honor

  2. How is this good for the MLS growth & competition wise?
    Messi, himself mention he chose the MLS because he wants no pressure a.k.a the legue sucks.

  3. The prices are as high as EL CLÁSICO! Back when Messi and CR7 were part of it. It’s sad that they allow tickets to go up so high. It’s going to turn off a lot of people from the game..

  4. It will be interesting to see if Messi will be like the us Superstars regularly in the late night shows. Like Zlatan did for example

  5. Going to MLS rather than the Saudi league means more people will actually follow his games. Will be great to here him speak more English.

  6. Anywhere America or Europe, but to not to a league of people who mocked him "where is Messi" because Argentina lost a match to Saudi Arabia at WC. Had he gone there they will mock him for every match that Al Hilal loses. Messi made the best choice for now.

  7. This is the same guy who is afraid of taking big challenges..once he left Barca …he took the easiest option PSG ..very well knowing..league is always easy to win ..once left PSG ..again choosing the safest option maimi so that no one question is legacy…Zlatan cr7 had a better mentality than messi..at his age they came back to play in the premier league and seria a …it's only good for ticket sales and merchandising.. league popularity…nothing more will change MLS…as football standard is far worse than Japan I league ..

  8. I'm so glad two best players in the world are no longer in Europe, I wish every talented player could leave. The Europeans have been very ungrateful

  9. you think he will strugle in barcalona ……ya mad
    32 matches 16 goals 16 assists thats 1 in one goal involements last yaer
    is that strugleing ….. if thats strugleing the world is strugleing my friend

  10. Really nobody wanted him to go mls everyone wanted him to go back to Barcelona only David Beckham and Americans who don’t know about football wanted him to come to America . inter Miami was second last place people wanted him to go to right by side Saudi Arabia.

    Hope Americans don’t over use my goat Lionel Messi

  11. It wasn't like he was relevant in UCL since 2015 let's be real. TF did Messi in UCL in all years when Barcelona got trashed? Can t remember a single great match of his in the last 8 years in UCL. Not gonna miss the ghost.

  12. As a Colombian with Soccer in my Blood I know it is time to take MLS, Messi, Apple TV, and Adidas and move Soccer in America to the World level which will win us a World Cup in 2026!!!❤❤❤

  13. Yeah, I'm with Stevie. Its a good thing he didnt go back to Barca. Look what happened with Ronaldo. He wasnt what he was before for that club, and then things went the way they did and he's in Saudi Arabia now. Messi made a smart move by going somewhere new and keeping his legacy at Barca exactly as it was

  14. the biasness is insane bro when Ronaldo moved to al Nassr he was completely getting hated and when Messi goes to the mls the whole world is praising him.

  15. Wait WHAT? So Messi and his legacy is safe? Messi going to MLS will only bring the standards of the league up? It's not for the money? WOW I'm shocked. FYI I agree with everything they said but give Ronaldo the same treatment you give Messi and lets join our greats before they leave football.

  16. Messi may not be the same 5-7yrs ago, but he is still messi, and can still play for any any team in the world and score and assist ❤

  17. It was just one factor…they wanna live in Spanish language environment ! …AND THEY HAVE RIGHT TO DO SO !!!. He went to Paris for money…wife hated it….she wanted Barcelona. He can afford to sacrifice Petrodollars to have a happy life. Miami is a perfect compromise …more money than Barcelona and less sorrows of living in the middle east. Good for You Lionel. Personally I hate that Latino generally oppose learning english ( I am Polish and very happy that learning helps me to communicate and understand world better ) but it is what it is.

  18. Messi hype machine again in full action 😂 MLS won’t be any different because of his arrival. Still a poor quality league at its best. This goof Ali Moreno must have a tattoo of Messi on his sack…complete rubbish 😂

  19. Laporta lied before and would do it all over again! Great decision by Messi to control his future! So sad for Barcelona’s fans and more sad still that Messi was treated like a loser instead of been respected because of his legendary career and all he gave to the club he loved!

  20. The whole world will love Miami the whole world will know better about Miami and will try to come there just like messindrove millions in his generation and below to love barca and argentina ..think about the idol America will have advertising for the wc 2026….this is gonna be massive

  21. If you are a really talented youth soccer player in the U.S. you may play in a team with a miserable home field in the nowhere and if you are lucky there is a porta potty, and it costs at least $4500 from September to Mai, tournaments extra. Infrastructure the worst.

  22. Beckham was the Ambassador to the Qatar world cup, paid by the Qatar Sports Investment group that also owns PSG,LOL yeah, too much coincidence for my taste. 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  23. He's Going to MLS because he HAS to go. Nobody else wants him n Europe and he has debts to pay to David Beckham. Beckham was the Ambassador to the Qatar world cup for nothing,LOL😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  24. They ridiculed a certain European man at an older age for moving out of Europe. This however is okay. You know whose the greatest to play the sport.

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