Lionel Messi Accepts Billion Dollar Equity Deal: Inter Miami MLS

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Inter Miami’s offer to sign Messi this summer would likely be sweetened by Apple, which last year signed a 10-year $2.5 billion broadcast deal with the league, as well as by MLS, which could offer team ownership incentives as it did with David Beckham in 2007.

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Multiple sources briefed on the negotiations said there is growing hope that Inter Miami could close a deal to bring the World Cup winner to MLS as soon as this summer. Those sources also warned that confidence in a deal with Messi has fluctuated week to week and even day to day. All sources in this story were granted anonymity because they were not authorized to discuss ongoing negotiations.

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  1. I think his wife was probably like no we’re not going to Saudi Arabia, maybe it makes more financial sense but we’re already rich as hell and Miami or Saudi Arabia I’ll pick Miami all day long lolll I understand Saudi Arabia is trying to bring tourists and open large cities that are modern but you can’t do that under a monarchy and expect people that don’t live under that monarchy to just go because that’s pretty scary, maybe he wants to smoke a spliff once in a while, if he gets caught doing that one time in Saudi Arabia, he’ll go to jail for a year so at a certain point honestly hundred percent I would go for Miami, those could be the last two years he plays and does he really want to finish his career on some random Saudi Arabian team? Probably not.

  2. It's not about the money and Messi said that the last two years were really miserable for him and his family playing for PSG.. so he doesn't want to make the same mistake again.

  3. It is about the money just both offers are close so he is choosing where his wife will be happy out of those 2 . If it wasn’t about the money then he had gone back to Barca

  4. “Just with Ronaldo” 🤦‍♀️ Dude, seriously 🤦‍♀️ Messi is in totally deferent category at much higher dimension than Ronaldo. 😒

  5. I have 2 friends moving to Florida next week. Told them I’m coming with them 😂😂😂😂😂 Here we go!!!! Messi we love you from Denver. Can’t wait to see you at Dicks Sporting Goods Park!!!!❤❤❤❤

  6. Please please please, I'm a world fan of football. I'll subscribe to EVERY american channel discussing football. But PLEASE, please don't call ot soccer, that's all we're asking for (us, the rest of the world). We promise we'll be watching every single video from now on. Call it football 🦶🏽⚽ pleeease

  7. The deal is not about money. Messi already has enough money to do everything he wants to do. There is no doubt that the Saudi's deal is larger in terms of money but you cannot ignore that fact that he has a young family. The quality of life to raise a family has to be front and center. He already own properties in Miami. Being closer to family must be in his mind.
    Also, living in the US will cut down a lot of his travel for the next Copa America and potentially the next World Cup.

  8. If you are addressing 'soccer' fans you might just call it football 🙂 only USA calls is soccer, Britain calls it football too.
    And it's especially grievous in that what you in USA call football is using the hands and it's not a ball 🙂 it should be called handoval. Or concussion 🙂
    If Messi is already worth a billion dollars he might just think it's not about the money at his age. Saud would be a 2 year prison sentence. Well paid but still. He would help return some of the oil money we have paid Saud over the decades but still.
    I actually thought he was retired but US football is still considered showbiz 🙂

  9. First and foremost STOP CALLING IT FUCKING SOCCER ITS FOOTBALL OR FITBA IN SCOTLAND second of all I think I that the transfers a whole load of shite and he shoulda gone tae barca instead of the FUCKUNG RETIREMENT LEAGUE

  10. The money in football is crazy nowadays, even Benzema (used to play for Real Madrid) just signed with a Saudi team and is earning over 200m a year for 2-3 years. Kante another player who's going to be earning 100m a year with a Saudi team. These players are big names in football. The great thing about Saudi is that there's ZERO tax. I can't imagine the salary a player like Mbappe will get in the near future by Saudi, maybe over a billion a year.

  11. I don't understand why people watch all these Fibonacci levels and stress themselves out with trading when they can just deposit coins in reliable projects like Wixpool!

  12. Messi has made his choice. Let's accept his decision. We're all spectators from far . It's Messi and his family that feel the heat of all these..

  13. He is also doing it because his family likes it in Miami (they already have real state in Florida), also the 2024 Copa America will be in the US along with the 2026 World Cup.

  14. Thanks for covering this story. Not sure if Messi cares for the money. Apparently the family vacations in Miami and his wife dislikes the Saudi regime, but regardless, with equity, I think he comes out ahead.

  15. Aside from the family/location decisions, business wise the guy wins either way. He could take that lump sum from the Saudis and grow the game in the desert or tap into the US market and gain equity in a place with 30+ teams and infinite potential. But if it was about the money for him, I promise you he wouldn't be coming to the MLS lol

  16. There was news that Messi father wanted him to go to Saudi because of money.
    But the truth is Messi is a family man. He already had bad expirience in other european country which is France and in some interviews he said that his children felt bad about France.

    Messi wanted to transfer to Barcelona but its clear that this transfer is impossible right now. Miami is a good choice because there is a lot of Argentinians, many people speak Spanish. So his children wouldnt feel so bad with no knowledge of language

  17. It's time for Messi to be happy, enjoying his family, kids, friends etc…he already won everything in his career, and also he has a lot of real state investments here in Miami… at his age almost 36, and knowing the next Copa America and the World Cup 2006 will be here… for him been living and playing here, going to be a really nice closing of his career as a player, also because down here there's a lot of latinos that like soccer, and been Miami an International vacation place , International ports, and cheap for people to fly from everywhere, will be a nice point of interest not only for the State of Florida, also new investments, growth of tourism, and for those we love soccer, it's going to be great to see the best player in the world playing for a lot of people, at the end will be exiting for everybody, cheers Ricky !

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