The Reason Why Leo Messi Has To Leave PSG RIGHT NOW

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After a fantastic international break, Leo Messi got back to Paris but what he received from the crowd at Parc des Princes couldn’t be further from a warm welcome. This is the reason why Messi HAS to leave PSG, according to a former legend!

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100 comentario en “The Reason Why Leo Messi Has To Leave PSG RIGHT NOW”
  1. One of the best players from the team who is irrelevant in any big game, got signed with expectatino he'll help winning the ucl and he done almost nothing, just ate money, always hypocrisy from this kind of videos, how about when his fangirls were saying he'll score 80 goals in his first year? last summer his fangirls were finding him excuses for 6 goals and stats against weakest teams in france

  2. I'm tired of this when will he leave why he is still there
    It's just shakes my mind every time I hear about anybody talking about him being trying to leave that the shitclub
    Hope he will leave now.

  3. I think Leo messi should leave psg without giving it a second thought the way psg fans treat is totally unacceptable. He only came to psg because he had no choice coz of Barcelona's horrible financial situation. Psg is nothing but a pre retirement club and which dances on mbappe instructions.

  4. He has to leave PSG. It was pretty much his fate after winning the World Cup. They don’t deserve him and deserves to spend his final years with a good club. Would love to see him back at Barcelona but tbh anywhere else would be better. When two French legends are telling you to get out, Thierry Henry and Petit, you know it’s time.

  5. Imagine if you was secretly told to not come back to the club you love, and the whole football world want you to come back and thought the ball is at your court. Adding that, you are being hated by your current club. Messi is truly a sad legend if that was the case.😢😢 😢

  6. Though I am a messi fan, Ronaldo towers above Messi when it comes to taking shit from people. Messi is becoming something of idiot bcos if he is getting people hand him respect, he doesn't seem to know how to command it. Its not humility, its not patience, it is idiocy. Yes he should leave IMMEDIATELY!!

  7. Man City. Why? Top squad,squad rotation(career management in his age), mentor position, join up with Pep again, win titles(or compete for titles), receive respect from team mates & fans,playing in Prem.

  8. It's not the club to which you belong that brings out the best from within. It is who Messi is that puts such club high. TBH the GOAT Messi doesn't deserve to be booed. The GOAT deserves respect and gratitude. Although he leaves PGS Messi will still be the BEST in the history of football and prove the crazy fans wrong. ….Salute him the GOAT and LEGEND…………………Messi❤❤❤❤❤❤✌✌

  9. People gotta realize that Messi took a world cup from the people in Paris. And then he suppose to be the best player in the world and still PSG can't win a game. To an angry psg fan , Messi is the one to blame.

  10. Je dégoûte le psg car le psg est une insulte à l'art du football, le psg vivra en étant le club le plus détesté de l'histoire du football mondial, retenez mes mots vous regretterez toujours cette erreur ineffaçable,

  11. 5 milliards de personnes dans le monde détestent le PSG pour toujours parce qu'ils ont maltraité Messi, le plus grand athlète à avoir jamais marché sur la planète. Le seul à avoir jamais terminé le football.

  12. A club coming intro world's eye due to Ronaldinho now their toddler fans boo the greatest. Hoping they watch football and see the sloppy midfielder and defense

  13. Leo Messi will go back to barca for sure ❤ and all fans also want that bcoz all fans and messi himself aslo didn't seen his stats are get down 😢 but i think so in his mind was what Neymar jr thinks and i thought so if messi leaves psg Neymar jr also going to leave psg

  14. Psg is from Paris,France
    Obviously they hurt af still from France losing to Argentina in the final especially Messi scoring and him coming back to France wtf did he expect he a opp to them

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