Why it’s ‘UNLIKELY’ that Lionel Messi will extend his contract at PSG | ESPN FC

Why it’s ‘UNLIKELY’ that Lionel Messi will extend his contract at PSG | ESPN FC Como coleccionista de camisetas de ftbol, camisetas de futbol Wolve hoy compartir con ustedes una tienda de camisetas de ftbol baratas que he comprado durante 5 aos

ESPN FC‘s Julien Laurens explains the obstacles stopping Lionel Messi from signing a contract extension with PSG.

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100 comentario en “Why it’s ‘UNLIKELY’ that Lionel Messi will extend his contract at PSG | ESPN FC”
  1. This isn’t accurate that they’re not sure about continuing with him. Up until a few days ago they were doing anything to keep him. The fans treat him badly and they know he’s had enough. Nice try saving face though. I can’t wait until I no longer have to watch this team anymore. When Thierry Henry and Petit are telling you to leave, you know how bad it is.

  2. Sorry mate but i will bet a million dollars even though I don’t have that much money that messi will not renew his contract at psg after the fans booing him and whistling him😂😂😂😂💀💀💀 good luck

  3. This bozo acting like Mbappe didn't ghost vs Bayern 🤣🤣. He probably didn't even realize Mbappe was playing because he did nothing that game 🤣. I guess Messi should've solo carried this shitty club to a UCL win 🤣

  4. Psg fan base are totally gone crazy. I mean it's not just one player who can win you a game , it's a team who wins you a game. If that fan base are not happy with your team performance then you should show your disappointment to the entire team not to an individual player. What more can you expect from a 35 year old player who won everything thing and playing the sport because he loves it?. By the way he provided 13 goals and assists this season, which some young players will he held high if they do that.If Messi was Mbappe 's age then he alone can produce the winning moments, the extraordinary dribbling and possibly win a game of psg. Show some respect psg fans.

  5. Ahh Jules Jules you pathetic liar. If this was about the money, Messi would be In Saudi Arabia already. He will not say that this is more about the horrible way his countrymen have treated Messi ever since he arrived in Paris, he will not say that PSG is pathetic team, he will blame it on the money :)))

  6. How is no other PSG player getting whistled? Mbappe didn't have any productivity vs Bayern yet he gets applauded. Stupid fanbase, they think Mbappe is PSG thru and thru, yet offer him 60mil for yearly bonus.

  7. PSG fans are booing players because they think it's the way to support their team. No wonder Messi is going to leave this summer and I hope Mbappe will leave and at the end the PSG fans are still be booing their players. lol

  8. Messi is done with PSG already, they are trying to say "Messi will leave PSG because he didn't take the pay cut."

    But we know the reality, it's not about money, it's not about the pay cut, he wants to leave there for good.

  9. Messi can’t play football no more…..it pains me seeing Messi play the way he does….this man was such a lethal player upfront….I can’t even troll Messi now….Cos trolling is more powerful wen the situation is somewhat not true…to evoke reactions….but now saying Messi is finished is not trolling Nd I don’t wanna admit that yet till he leaves psg….C‘mon Messi u only 35

  10. PSG is a completely lost team, he won’t resign there. Barcelona is already pretty stacked and don’t really need him it would just be good publicity as a reunion between him and the team. But the MLS absolutely need him for the sport in America😂 They need to get that money together and bring him in.

  11. He never wanted to be there in the first place and was always likely to leave after the 2 year contract was up. He only considered staying on not knowing if Barcelona would be interested in or capable of signing him.

  12. It had never being a good team that is why they will never win the ucl and the last blow will be when mbappe leave the club then all is finish for them I dont want him to come back to barca but bec of this crazy feelings that is happening I will welcome him back to Barca

  13. The people who thinks he actually could return to Barca at 36 and instantly lift Barca.. are clueless.. Just look at Ronaldo when he went to United… Its over, let him retire in peace..

  14. This guy just won world cup and top 3 performer in PSG. What is Julien talking about. Julien is also claiming its about 25% pay cut but if he decides to move to barca he will probably make close to nothing. Sad to see Julien also beating the PSG drum.

  15. No way Messi is staying with this toxic club. The way those low-life ultras booed him, he'll be gone very soon. He tried his best v Bayern. Mbappe did nothing, just waited for the ball to come to him. It was not his fault. PSG is not a team. They made Mbappe a leader. Mbappe is too selfish and too bratty to be a leader. So the team falls apart. The defense is weak too.

  16. PSG don't deserve him because they don't understand him.
    How can Argentina with Messi win a Copa America 2021, Finalisma 2021, and a World Cup 2022 with Messi and the whole team understands him.

    Like Thierry said: It's up to the PSG players to understand Messi because Messi already understand them.
    Messi is not the problem because if he was the problem Argentina wouldn't have won the World Cup.

  17. PSG gives Mbappe 72 mils Annually + 60 mil loyalty bonus. Thats 132 mils annually.
    So where did he go in Bayern match?
    Sorry, i was not supposed to ask question about Club president.

  18. I don’t think PSG fans understand whenever they say no player is bigger than the club PSG is not a part of it.they mean the likes of Real Madrid,barcelona,man United,Juventus,Ac Milan,Bayern Munich..PSG just small club with no history.

  19. There is something about Jules with Messi. I have tried to listen to him closely and he always find a way to romance French players. Mbappe was also in that match against Bayern, Messi created more chances in both legs of the fixtures. Messi doesn’t play in the defense, even playing a very deeper role has more progressive passes than Veratti, Vitinha, Ruiz, Mbappe, Ekititie and many more of those players. As a coach, you know the kind of players and their abilities and weaknesses on the pitch, harness every single one of them. A team where you have the 3 front lines doesn’t join in defending when they lose the ball; a team that lacks playing as a unit (which has been PSG problem for many years).. Names (reputation) don’t play football but people do. Ramos (thought with so much reputation) can’t give you what Barca’s Araujo or Napoli’s Kim Jae or Man City’s Ruben Diaz because we all know his form has dropped base on age is no man’s friend. Messi can’t give you Rashford’s pace or intensity neither Veratti give you De Jong or Kimmich intensity. The PSG is an average team right now; not because they don’t have the “names” but because they don’t have the players.

  20. It is not about a cut. If the atmospher is good for Messi money is not a problem but the insults has become unbearable. The guy is very respectfull and he treat every body with kindness but what he gets in every match is mouthshits. Messi knew is leaving but still is doing his part and kept quiet. This going to turn alot of good player from going to this farma league.

    The only reason I came to know about PSG is because of Messi.

  21. messi is too old. only international football makes him looks good. no stamina in ligue 1, no legs in UCL. He is too greedy to not take the pay cut. messi OUT. Go score against estonia panama loser

  22. Желаю, чтоб ПСЖ развалился на радость фанатам клуба!!! Такого сраного клуба мир еще не видал! Мбаппе со своей гордыней мог бы поддержать Месси, но нет. Посмотрим чего он добьется

  23. PSG's problems are the coach's. There were no spacings on the attack, everyone wants to score and pile up in front of the goal line making PSG vulnerable to a swift counter-attack. Midfielders were terrible to handle the ball or pass to the strikers. If Messi left PSG, Mbappé will surely leave too since no one would feed him the ball as Messi does. Soccer is a team sport then act like one.

  24. I don’t if I’m mistaking. I’m not seeing anybody from PSG defending Messi in public. Not the board, coach and teammates. If it was in another team we would see many people going against those noises against Messi

  25. Imagine P$G fans having the audacity to whistle, imo the greatest footballer ever, when not long ago they were a retirement club? P$G fans should be concerned and angry at the fact that their club decided to turn away a 200M offer from RM for Mbappe when they could’ve used those funds to literally build an actual competitive team to fight for the CL. Having Mbappe doesn’t guarantee CL success and that’s been proven throughout the years at P$G, haven’t they learned that?

  26. Id leave too if my clubs fans are to scared to do the same to the ghost mbappe and the injury prone Neymar or ETC PSG is about to loses all three in the next 2 years. We live in a world where we are to scared to give other player/ppl the same treatment when they do the same as the ppl we whistle,cry,attack etc too. STOP BABYING MBAPPE GIVE HIM TEH SAME TREATMENT YOU pathetic fans.

  27. Stop making it seem like its about the money lol. A 25% paycut at PSG is still way more than what any other club are willing to offer. Its not even about the performances as well Messi was one of the best consistent players in PSG. You are just creating excuses and you're not willing to blame the real cause of PSG's problems.

  28. Messi is not the only one in that squad. I wish yall will get a brain but we are counting down the days when yall will disappear bc we following Messi out of PSG so yall can be non-existent again.

  29. Bayern defeat? Psg could not even take the ball out of their own half for 180 minutes. What do you do in that kinda situation? The coach is inexperienced in my opinion. A coach that can’t get the best out of his players is not good enough. Not one player in that squad is playing at his best. And even, why are they playing 3-5-2… no top club would ever play that shitty formation when you’re not wolves

  30. PSG had Messi but they relied on Mbappe to recover from injury and get them through the UCL tie against Bayern.
    They didn't go through, Mbappe ghosted, blame was put on Messi. He keeps being the team's best player but keeps getting booed. He won't mind leaving the club because he won the Copa America, Finalissima and WC in last 2 years. PSG could not get the best out of him and hence, it is "PSG that failed" and not Messi.

  31. ESPN must stop Jules reporting on Messi.
    He is a Messi hater!
    He thought that Messi has the magic wand to deliver the UCL to his darling football retirement club PSG. But sorry Jules… Football is a team game not a one man show. Plus u can't buy a team with just money.
    What PSG has always had were machineries not football players…

    Get a team before you criticize the biggest player ever!!!

    Stop the Messi hate…

  32. The world cup defeat is still hurting them 😂😂. Nobody is whistling Mbappe for ghosting the entire match against Bayern, Veratti who gave Bayern two goals in the first leg and Vitinha who missed a clear chance. Messi is PSG'S best player this season but they will be whistling him because of the world cup defeat, it's still hurting them 😂😂😂.

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