Lionel Messi | Alan Walker – Diamond Heart | Skills & Goals | 2018 [HD]

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Lionel Messi | Alan Walker – Diamond Heart | Skills & Goals | 2018 [HD]

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  2. Terrible video. First half goes by watching Messi jumping with Suarez, talking his mouth closed, and taking the same free-kick multiple time – as if you do not have enough material to use.

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  10. i just can't agree with him be=cuz if you are good you will top of the league and you won't lose 0-1 to porto. Win is win and trophies are trophies arsenal are in real bad situation. They should not celebrate and focus to win something meaningful. cristiano and messi were so much more mature at this age than dis guy for he is just not serious. I hope odegaard read this. another without trophy wat a shame

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