Prime Cristiano Ronaldo vs Prime Lionel Messi

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  1. Ronaldo had a more difficult career than Messi. (changes of clubs, he hasn't always played with the best, his knee injury constraining him from year to year) but if he had the same career as Messi, I'm sure he would blow it up and the debate wouldn't would never have existed

  2. Messi is better it's clear. Ronaldo relied more on his shooting capabilities and his physical presence with the ball. Messi is just a pure natural dribbler. Much more of a intricate player with his short passing and play set up while advancing closer to goal. Just my take. Both are legends.

  3. Good video, but it’s like i watching “prime CR7” vs “Messi’s unlucky moment” 😂. The feeling like Inspiration / drama , contrast with video name.

  4. Ronaldo is a better striker (well…he IS a striker) and a master of headers. Messi is a better player (all round skill on the ball). Messi is a natural player, Ronaldo is a natural athlete. However, Messi is likely the better person. Ronaldo has frequently seemed a bit of a narcissist and prima. Messi has always struck me as more humble, committed and a team player.

  5. Man the way these two played in their prime is unbelievable. I wouldn't blame messi fans and Ronaldo fans thinking that their favourite player is goat. But to be honest I've never seen players like both of them. It would be disrespect to choose one.

  6. I think we got robbed of their true primes, 2014 ronaldo wouldve been his absolute prime without injury and messi in 2013 wouldve broken his own 91 goals record if he wasnt injured for 3 months either

  7. Two statistics monsters ! This is the new generation of strikers. Statistics records chasers with lots of steroids. You can say the same with Haaland and Mbappe. And also with Suarez and Lewandowski. I don't think those guys has the artist genius like Zidane or Ronadhino had .But what can i say, this the 21 century football : Steroids and Statistics.

  8. jajajaja queda comprobado que cr5 no está al nivel de messi, ahora no quieras ponerlos de igual a igual, eso ya es blasfemio con el verdadero goat del futbol

  9. You didn't show Messi's real highlights you mostly showed Ronaldo you're not showing his dribbling skills, ankle breaker, and he's solo goals you're just showing Messi's speed and goals that are not solo

  10. No hay punto de comparacion, El messi de hoy es mejor que el Cristiano de su Prime, imaginate el Messi en su prime, solo los del real madrid se atreven a comparar a Messi con Cristiano, basta con ver a los nenes de ahora que camiseta tienen, la de Messi. Nunca hubo comparacion entre ambos, Messi lo supera en todo, menos en goles por que Crisitiano tiene como 150 partidos mas. No digo que Cristiano sea un mal jugador, al contrario es un Crack, pero no hay que compararlo con Messi no tienen nada que ver, Messi se sienta en otra mesa, es arte es futbol es magia. Crisitano es un excelente goleador.
    Hoy 20 años despues aun no saben como pararlo a Messi, y no hablo de regates, hablo de asistencias de goles de todo. En fin, Messi no va a haber otro igual.

  11. This world is getting out of our hands Cr7 and Messi are the best players of this era and there is no players as good as them. Neymar was the closest one. He prefers money and go to Arabia, Mbappe is the closest to CR7 he prefers money from a Shitty team. And Haaland is just a good player same with Vinicius.

  12. why are you getting jealous of Messi's prime because you are a ronaldo fan , that's why you didn't show messi prime of 2010-2012 , didn't expected from you , you haven't even shown any major dribbles of messi , biased creator , unsubscribing you😢😢

  13. Ronaldo and Messi the reason why we still have a debate despite one wining the world cup is simply because both are magical, talent at it's finest. Both are the best to ever grace the pitch. Forget what the world and haters say when they say one is talent and one is hard work 😂 both are talented. The speed at which Ronaldo nutmegs a player is totally different from how Messi does it pause and nutmeg. Now that's talent both work hard if not one would have retired which he almost did. Magical Ronaldo and Messi ❤


  15. Everyone keeps saying Messi had a better team and so on. First of all, is it normal for a 19yr old to outshine the players in barca at that time? If you open your eyes and mind and watch both of them play, you'd see that there's more tonthe game than juat scoring goals. As an attacker or forward, is there any stat, be it dribbling, assisting, set pieces, playmaking, scoring and so on that Messi isn't 1 or 2. He's only 2nd in scoring. I believe he's a better finisher than Ronaldo, even goal ratio tells, but ronaldo is just a more complete and dynamic goalscorer.

  16. Not sure where the debate lies tbh. I've supported Man U for 3 decades and believe me, Ronaldo was equal to anyone I ever watched in the same shirt (and that's before he went on to dominate at Real). Messi is different, almost alien. Lionel Messi is the GOAT of football by a country mile

  17. I’m still trying to find how on earth is Ronaldo’s hardwork compared to Messi’s Pure Magic. Both are good players, but watching this video clarifies what I have been saying all these years, a better version of Ronaldo that was appealing to my eyes was a Man U Ronaldo.

    Messi has been impressive since 2008 to watch til date. You really can’t compare this ronaldo to Messi, ain’t no way brother.

  18. This movie is an absolute joke! It's RONALDO PRIME VS MESSI AVERAGE! This Messi version has nothing to do with Messi PRIME.
    A madeup movie to bias and mislead folks about RONALDO VS MESSI COMPARAISON.
    Was 2013 season part of Messi prime?

  19. Ronaldo's prime is way more better than Messi's prime. Messi in his prime was central forward but Ronaldo was Winger. Ronaldo was winger But Still Ronaldo performes Like a Beast in his prime years(2008-2014). Messi in his prime was central forward or striker or False 9 and always used to stay in panelty box and close of the goals and waiting for teammate for pass the ball and he just score goals😂😂😂😂 It's not prime😂 it's joke🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂😂😂😂 I used to think Messi in his prime was unbelivable after watching his prime years game I am just😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂😂😂 what is this😂😂 it's nothing😂😂😂😂 I would have better prime than messi😂😂

  20. cristiano tira bicicletas y payasadas como robot y va para adelante nomas.. messi te hace un nudo y juega a las paredes, otro nivel… muchos comentarios de gente que no sabe lo que es ir a la cancha un domingo.. mucho menos salir de la escuela, comer lo que sea o no comer y aun asi ir a entrenar.. por eso los argentinos somos campeones del mundo, porque vivimos y sufrimos futbol.. messi padre de penaldo y campeon del mundo

  21. prime Ronaldo getting away from 1player🤣🤣🤣 omg, what idiot's we have in the world, to even consider Cristiano to be in Messi level🤣🤣🤣

  22. I'm Sure This Video Is Class! Can You Make An Essay Video On Who Is Better, Giving Personal Opinions, And Reeling Statistics, As Well As Film. I'm Sure It Would Do Very Well, And Be A Good Video For Viewers To Watch. Thanks For The Video Though, H Eagan.

  23. I read the comments and i found the problem. Cr7 fans have either not played football in their lives, or they are blind or have low iq. Ronaldo has more goals than Messi but also played 144 games more than Messi. That is all he has more than the GOAT. He would have been the best had it not been for the little boy from Rosario. Ronaldo is behind Messi in every other stats and before you start arguing remember he played 144 games more.

  24. really love both players, both S Tier, but if I had to definitely choose the greatest of all time, I'm choosing Cr7. Bro's inspirational while Messi is magical.

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