Messi And Argentina Players Get Angry At Netherlands Coach And Players

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Messi And Argentina Players Get Angry At Netherlands Coach And Players

In this video we will take a look at some of the time Messi and Argentina players got angry at Netherlands

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  1. Es la responsabilidad del capitán de sacar pecho y defender a la selección lo que hizo Messi fue meritorio y lo del Dibu demuestra liderazgo Argentina la mejor selección de la historia 🇦🇷⭐️⭐️⭐️

  2. Lemme tell you Van Gaal and Wout Verghorst's careers would be remembered in the longer run for being trashed by Lionel Messi. Else who cares about a red faced pumpkin like Van Gaal? Forty minutes of Fame for Dutch football.

  3. netherlands are playing rough, weird, and against the football rules when they had saw that they were on a verge of defeat then they did their dirty tricks in last 20 minutes they are kicking football in air and passing

  4. What I hate is that when Messi told weghorst to leave in his interview all he was trying to do is give Messi a handshake and Messi on the other hand hates the Dutch just because of the damn coach?

  5. im sutch and tehy said he is the best plaer itw but not good without the ball and thats true because he is small slow and fysical not strong anymore how tf do you let a spanish ref at an argentinian game they are same and even with the ref yall did not won van dijk owns paredes and weghorst owns al argentinian players

  6. ♥️♥️🇦🇷🇹🇷🇦🇷🇹🇷😘😘👽👽😂😂🖐🏻😆😆🖐🏻🫡🫡💗💗💕💕💞💞🗿🗿💊💊🩸🩸😂✨️✨️🔮🔮📢📢🎶🎵🔊🧴🧴🪣🪣🫧🫧⚰️⚰️🏹🏹🪓🪓🗑🗑🎻🎻🥁🥁🪘🪘🔵🔵🆗️🆗️Ⓜ️Ⓜ️🔟🔟

  7. Argentina showed who they really are. Scumbag people i swear. LvG didnt even say anything bad about Messi. Go celebrate your victory mate who the Arabs bought for you. Otherwise you cant win one. Stay real and humble like CR7❤

  8. People who know how match fixing works. This was probably one of the most obvious match fixing games from the last WC. Everything was more or less in favor for Argentina. People are not ready for the insane corruption within the FIFA ranks. Facts wil slowly drip in these coming years towards the next one.

  9. When Messi argues with anyone, it is almost always a one-on-one confrontation. He does not need to make a face of contempt for his opponent, nor does he need his teammates to intervene in the dispute. Arguably, he is simply a man who solves problems by talking seriously with the other person. On the other hand, Ronaldo always shows his attitude to his teammates and the audience to gain support from the majority. If you are wrong, please watch the comparison clip of both players and look closely at their expressions. You will see who is more cocky and challenging.

  10. You've got to love all these pathetic Argentina and Messi fans who transform every insult, provocation or agression of the Argentina players into a sort of tribute, innocent action or act of courage. LOL.

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