LA Galaxy vs. Inter Miami CF | Riqui Puig vs. Lionel Messi | Full Match Highlights

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100 comentario en “LA Galaxy vs. Inter Miami CF | Riqui Puig vs. Lionel Messi | Full Match Highlights”
  1. 1ro que nada el "tata" martino es un muy mal mal mal tecnico siempre lo ha sido..2do los arbitros en usa no saben ni hacer su trabajo. 3ro el "soccer" de usa es malisimo y gracioso😂 pero por ver a messi toca😂
    Es increible que el futbol de medio oriente tenga mejor "calidad" y enserio el futbol del medio oriente es la peor basura jamas vista..hasta las mujeres juegan mejor😂😂

  2. Without calender it would be either 5-0 or 1-0 for LA which is a 0 point for Miami in each case. However, Messi is the impactful player who must credit be given as they saved 1 point.

  3. This game does not portray US football in a good light. Both teams just missed chance after easy chance that even a relegation team in the premier league would have scored.

  4. LA Galaxy's new DP's Paintsil and Pec are the real deal and literally just landed in LA less than 5 days ago. The Galaxy are going to wreck teams this year. They dominated this game. If not for the goalkeeper and Messi being Messi, Miami would have gotten obliterated in this game.

  5. This club feels more like a Messi friendship club. It’s the same set of guys that were beaten shamelessly by 8-2 against Bayern and 4-1 against PSG. Agree that the teams in mls are nowhere near the top European clubs but buying players like Suarez and Busquets, who are way way past beyond their prime (even Alba is looking ok because Messi is making him look so) shows that MLS is just banking on the stars and not the footballing quality. Building a team of young players around Messi and help them become stars should be their real goal. But this club is fast becoming retired Barca. Hats off to Messi though for continuing to show moments of magic.

  6. McCarthy is an amazing goalkeeper. Union is just a talent factory for keepers, everyone that has backed up Andre Blake starts now. McMath, McCarthy, Freese. It's incredible

  7. busquets is the definition of a barcelona player. he isn't suited for liteally any other playstyle. hes really really good at his specific role in the barcelona/spanish system but he has so many weaknesses, even back then, then as soon as the players and style isn't there to cover up his weaknesses, his level drops drastically

  8. I am following mls since Messi's arrival. But I am very upset with their on field sound system. When players kicks the ball we cant hear the sound of kicking the ball. In europian ligue like EPL or Laliga, when players kicks the ball we clearly get that noise of kicking the ball. But in mls we barely can hear that sound. When an mls player kicks the ball it feels like they don’t have enough energy. MLS should work on this on field sound system. ❤

  9. What messi does is out of this world. Aside from his undeniable skills, his goals exceed fiction, what he does on a pitch is wilder than what Hollywood got us used to in those feel good movies..unbelievable man

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