Lionel Messi has still got it! (via @Major League Soccer/TT) #shorts

Lionel Messi has still got it! (via@Major League Soccer/TT) #shorts Y no nos quedamos ah, necesitas vestir a tu equipo de ftbol? Da igual el nmero de jugadores, camisetas de futbol Lionel Messi tenemos una gran oferta de equipaciones de ftbol para equipos para que podis disear vuestra nueva camiseta y marcar la diferencia esta temporada.

Lionel Messi has still got it! (via@Major League Soccer/TT) #shorts

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  1. Guys dont be all excited here, if any of our saudi guys touch messi or made him fall or whatsoever, they will be kicked out of the club. Its a friendly

  2. Espnfc chanting for messi cause he dribles😂😂😂 and ballon dor that ballon dor he doesn't dreserve it cause he won wc only one thing but looks at haaland he won terble which messi have stll not won still calling goat. Messi isn't in the above of ronaldo .messi socre 26 goals in 2023 and there are many free kick 😂😂😂 but ronaldo socred 54 goals and still not good if you think that saudi is easy that why messi won😂😂😂😂😂

  3. So he's basically doing what my 9yr old nephew does but because he's Messi it's unreal? Bruh.i don't get why you Ronaldo Messi fan girls try so hard to make them look good.they were fantastic back then,best in the world .now they are above average that's it.

  4. He's always had it!!! Just like Avery great player ,players age and that's the only reason they don't play anymore,but when you see an old man play you can tell right away weather he was good or bad at that sport!!!

  5. If I were to guess:

    Red = throwable

    Blue = Active (like the life blood syringe, these are items that affect or change Hornet directly)

    Yellow = probably some passive

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