Messi Is Arrogant🫡🫡 #shorts #ronaldo #messi #shortsvideo

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  1. He was just mad,he later apologized to lewandowski,same with mbappezand rodrygo literally called them cowards for protesting because their fans WERE LITERALLY BEING BEATEN,Ronaldo fans will do anything to bring Messi down

  2. First of all, Messi was in midst of the game and tensed so he didn't shake hands with lewa but later in the changing room they shook hands, for mbappe it was the world cup final and you gotta be serious and be fully concentrated to win, and for the youngsters they were in midst of quarrels on field.

    I am stating here :No hate to Ronaldo,

  3. so just he avoids a couple conversations just because the whole freaking world is watching and is a world cup doesn't mean that u should hate messi so take your stupid messi hating videos and throw it into the trash because we are not those kid freaks who chant ronaldo everyday we should respect all players in the world even bad and flop ones

  4. Ronaldo fan. He gave only the things that Messi did, but he did not give the end or the beginning. After that, Messi and Ronaldo were mean and arrogant to each other. It is precisely because of people like you that there is such nonsense only to kill the best people who have played football. Everyone should have respect for them. It is not by chance that they are the best. If you think that none of them deserve the title "The best of all time", then you don't understand football.

  5. about the brazilian guy messi was mad because brazillian police were beating up argentinian fans and later rodrygo came up to messi and trash talked and messi just replies it and the mbappe one doesnt it even make sense first thing mbappe was making sure th ball doesnt come too close but it accidentally becomes like he was tryna respect or some shit and mbappe didnt even talk to messi if u have eyes and about lewa messi was not mad because lewa defended him , he was not in a good mood because he missed a penalty said by messi BTW and he later aplogizes lewa too and urugway was the guys who started it , at the end respect both GOATS

  6. 1)Messi hugged Lewandowski after the match and apologized.
    2)When he 'misbehaved'with youngsters,So if you ACTUALLY know what happened,during the Brazil vs Argentina game,The brazilian police were beating the argentinian fans with sticks.And rodrygo didn't care and was mad because they stopped the game.He was just protecting his fans.

  7. This is not true cuz when messi ignors Lewandowski he was fusturated but after the match the hugged and in the mbappe one its was a final Wc it was alot of presure so messi didnt talk to no one only when guiding the team during the match and for the other youngsters most of them fouled his teamates or him so he got angry
    messi and ronaldo are both goats ❤

  8. Bro people get mad expecting them to always be nice doesn’t mean he a goat and what is it with people and debating which is better they are both the same. They both love the said sport and their teams

  9. No wonder that you context cut this. Your pfp you biased ass Ronaldo fan. You cut the whole thing out of context and if want the full context I will explain.

  10. The brazzilian police were abusing argentian fans so i can see why he got angry

    And those are just 3-4 clips plus he has to stay focus in
    A fucking wc final so he dosnt talk

    In a interview he said,"i dont talk in crucial macthes so i can focus"

    Stop hating on messi you guys dont know shit

  11. Explanation of everything :
    1. Lewandowski : We all know that the game was pretty level and the tempo was very high and lewa founded Messi so he got a little frustrated . But at the end of the game they talked and solved the matter among themselves.

    2. Mbappe : It was the final of the freaking World Cup and Mbappe stopped the ball because Argentina were in the winning situation and Mbappe wanted to restart the game ASAP. And the second thing is that Mbappe never spoke or said anything to Messi .

    3. Ugarte : Ugarte said to de Paul go suck Messi's d**k, that was the reason behind Messi doing this.

    4. Rodrygo : He disrespected Messi and said he doesn't know how to play.

  12. He was overcomed by his frustration its normal every on can suffer from it even Ronaldo suffered from it. But it's just because it's messi people are messing it. I RESPECT BOTH MESSI AND RONALDO. NO hate 😊
    messing it

  13. If this was Ronaldo I would still write this comment to you as I am Messi fan this is a Ronaldo fan and a Messi hater and is making nonsense video No hate to you , And I Cr7

  14. Messi was frustrated in those clips and how was he not humble if he never said that he is so good ect. Both are goats stop favouring Ronaldo @xa87
    People who respect both

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