Ramos didn’t expect this pass from messi

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  1. And here we are 1000 of people seeing football for the first time, thinking messi is the first and only one to do a good pass… Pessi fans are rly just kids, starting to watch football

  2. Never was a soccer fan but when I watch Messi highlights his ball placement is always crazy and runs at almost full speed while dribbling he’s insane to watch. My biggest question is honestly how does he not have more goals and assists I feel like this dude should just be kicking the ball at goal or nearest player to goal everytime he touches the ball lol

  3. Dunno where y'all get this shit from he definitely did expect it 😂 he reacts to not finishing it. You literally see the moment they link eyes FFS have any of you ever played football 😂🤦🏻‍♂️

  4. Once ramos knew Messi saw his hand he was under pressure cause he knew Damn well that ball was gonna be coming in on target 😂 he’s like shit I need to make sure I hit this

  5. The vision, power, accuracy, and every microscopic thing he adjusts for is insane to see that pass ping it right to his head like it was tossed to him from that far out. Insane man. Insane.

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