Greatest Goals Ever By Lionel Messi

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Prepare to witness football magic at its finest as I take you on an unforgettable journey through Lionel Messi‘s most spectacular and awe-inspiring goals of all time.
In this video, I have curated a selection of Lionel Messi‘s most remarkable goals, showcasing his incredible dribbling, precision finishing, and instinctive playmaking abilities. Brace yourself as you watch these moments of sheer brilliance unfold, making you believe in the impossible.


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  1. Lol that is why he is the GOAT because we just watch 15mins of about 100 goals that even other world class players and all time greats would struggle to get 10-20 like that and messi has another 100+ goals that could make another list with many goals and a list of 300+ assists and a video of hundreds of other outstanding passes that weren't finished by the players he set up and another video of humdreds of world class dribbles in his career just to name a few other potential videos. No other player has that much that can be shown making other world class teams and players look like Sunday league players.

  2. I am simply fortunate to be around when this genius called Messi is Michael Jordan, Muhamed Ali, Tiger Woods.etc these kind of people come once in a lifetime enjoy it while you can.G.O.A.T.

  3. messi es un extraterrestre, con el balón el pie es insuperable..siempre pegado a su botín…maradona tenia un cambio de vleocidad más con la misma técnica…pelé era mas completo fué uno de los mejores cabeceadores de la historia…ahí están los tres mejores de la historia…el orden depende de cada quien…

  4. Người biết xem bóng đá họ nhìn tư duy sáng tạo, nhãn quan cầm nhịp, khi MESSI chơi bóng chứ họ không chú trọng vào những bàn thắng. Pirlo chỉ kiến tạo khi lộ khoảng trống, đối thủ dâng cao, Zidane, Modric … chỉ kiến tạo khi đánh 2-2 hoặc phạm vi gần. Còn MESSI thường có những cú vung chân kiến tạo như điện xẹt từ xa, xé toang hàng tử thủ đối phương.

    MESSI không khoe khoang các buổi tập ghim rồi ăn vạ như Ro mà cậu ấy luyện tập bằng kỹ năng và tư duy. Người biết dùng cái đầu sáng tạo để lao động nó luôn ở đẳng cấp khác.

    Về nhãn quan cầm nhịp, chia bài thì Ro còn kém rất xa Xavi, Modric, Zidane, Pirlo, Griezmann … chứ mọi người đừng mang ra so với MESSI nó như trò hề. Lợi thế lớn nhất của C7 là ghi bàn nhưng vẫn kém MESSI 3 đôi giày vàng. Còn QBV MESSI đang có 8 QBV thế giới + 2 QBV FW = 10.

    Rất nhiều ông phán lung tung. Không trao cho nhà vô địch WC thì trao cho thằng lừa thầy phản chủ, tên đồng nghiệp xấu, , kẻ đê hèn, ích kỷ chuyên ăn vạ … rồi bị đuổi sang Ả rập hả?

    Kẻ bẩn thỉu, bệnh hoạn như vậy mà cũng có kẻ bám đuôi nó mà gào lên vô đối.

  5. Do not compare him with CR7 or another on football..
    Messi is in highest level in football..nobody can touch him..what a talent from God..
    Pure genius..clever..

  6. I watched more than ten CR7 vids on Youtube from top goals in Premier League, UCL, La Liga, top goals with Juventus, best CR7 freekicks, best Portugal CR7 goals and all of them are fantastic (vs Portsmouth and Juve are the best for me) but when I always seen goals from Pelé, Maradona or Messi hahaha they are on another level guys and Messi, Messi is the true genius of this sport.

  7. Jamás entenderé por que hay gente que quiere comparar a CR7 con Messi, nadie puede, a podido o quizás nunca puedan hacer lo que Messi hace con el balón. Ni Pelé, ni el Diego, Ni el fenómeno, ni Kaká, ni Zidane ni nadie se le puede igualar.

  8. Long shots and acrobatic goals are great n it almost always take only a touch n a moment of brilliance to score. It takes skill but can be achieved by pure luck sometimes. But in SOLO goals thr are multiple consistently brilliant touches, beating defenders, close control, changing of pace etc. Solo goals can't be scored by luck. It at least takes a very good day or form to score one. We see many defenders scoring long shot screamers even better than attackers frequently but rarely u see them scoring solo goals taking on 3, 4, 5 players. That's why Messi is always on top 4 me bcos of the sheer amount of true solo goals in his collection.

  9. People also forget that tactics and defending as a whole in football have evolved and its much more improved in the 21st century after 2004-2005 especially as more focus on team cooperation and ball control has grown, so achieving the things Messi has done is much harder than it would be for any famous players in the 20th century playing football back then.

  10. Just absolutely terrible video. The MTV-style cuts, zooms, color tricks, etc make entirely impossible to follow the flow of action or to even begin to appreciate the beauty of his goals. It's like the video was designed to give you a headache.

  11. 3/4 of these leave me asking, "How?"
    The margin for error so great, but the accuracy impeccable.
    Granted, this is a highlight, but do accomplish these acts on the world's greatest stage really emphasizes the genius act in fluid motion.
    Edit: sp

  12. Great video, though a couple of the most brilliant goals he ever scored are not featuring, namely the extraterrestrial Maradona copy/paste goal in 2007 against Getafe, and the amazing goal in a friendly 2012 against Brazil.

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