Soccer Legends Explains Why Lionel Messi Is True GOAT.

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100 comentario en “Soccer Legends Explains Why Lionel Messi Is True GOAT.”
  1. I rlly don't understand how ppl compare talent and hard work, bc if that talented person perfects his game its done no chance for the hard work guy to get to his lvl, the hard work guy will be phy strong but all the rest is for the talented guy😅

  2. Messi is arguably the goat but saying the conversation is just between him and Ronaldo is just disrespectful to Maradona and Pelé. I think not only recency bias plays a role here but the resources we have today make us see much more of current players and some people just haven't seen/read/heard of some legends of the past.

  3. Winning a World Cup or not doesn't decide whether you are the GOAT. Some great players are just born in the wrong country and can never win it.
    However ….. it helps if you win it, especially, like Messi and Maradonna, if you are the main reason your country wins it.
    Let me put this in simple terms: Ronaldo does things on a Football field 1000x better than me, but Messi does things on a football field that I would never even think of doing.
    He's just on a different level, and he's been on that level, consistently, for almost 20 years. He's the GOAT.

  4. How is messi v Ronaldo even a debate??

    Messi better goal scorer (better goals per game ratio) & 6 golden boots to Ronaldo 4
    Messi better playmaker: 14 playmaker awards to ronaldo's 0

    How is it a debate, I'm not even talking about world cups, balondors etc !

  5. I've seen Maradona played. I've watched small clips of Pelé and heard about his influence on his country's society. Both did so much for the game. But… Messi has their talent combined and more.

  6. One's natural and the other is almost engineered through an almost Bruce lee like principle.

    Both continue to perform and put the work in to stay at the top.

    They're inseperable in many ways, Messi is an enigma/alien and Ronaldo is an athlete/cyborg!

  7. People talk with great authority about the GOAT when they know nothing about players from previous generations. Best of his generation? Undoubtedly. But unless you are 136 years of age you (and me) can only have an opinion about the greatest YOU have seen. Best i have seen? Pele ( and I've seen him play live!). 2nd , maradona, 3rd messi. GOAT? I Don't know because I've only been watching football for 60 years. Which is a lot longer than probably most of these GOAT commenters with their forthright opinions.

  8. The same sentiment i get since the first time i was introduced to Messi, he brought out everything that make Maradonna the legend that he is. I thought to myself, the next generation Maradonna of Argentina.Messi is a spitting images of Maradonna prowess.

  9. I'm 40 year old loved football since age 5, saw many amazing player like baggio,romario,zidane,ronaldo nazario,del piero,raul gonzales,xavi,iniesta,suker, cristiano ronaldo,nedved,and other, but i admit Lionel Messi is GOAT

  10. What do you get if you combine the best of Messi and Ronaldinho? The answer is ofc Maradona!

    MARADONA is the greatest of all times!

    The rest is basically just copying Him as best as they can.

  11. Only fools and ignorant of football can ever debate about who is the better one……Is ridiculous to even tnink of any comparison
    Messi with Diego, Pele and Distefano you could add Cruyff the goats of each era. Ronaldo is not even amongst the 5 best ever so please gtfoh

  12. They just said it, Messi is Pure Magic and Hate him or Love him, nobody can dispute that his the Best in Football, Messi is just pure Magic, He's Breathtaking to watch, Mesmerize, Cristiano is a Great, Great Player but he doesn't have any never will the Magic that .Messi has, that left Foot, he even said it, that Messi Left Foot was a little best than him, but not a little better like he said, is just Unique, Nobody like Him, There's only one Goat and his Name is Lionel Messi,, God keep Blessing the things he Does,, Love ❤ u,, Win or Loose from now on, u doesn't need to prove anything, u done that already, God Bless u at all times next ur Beautiful Fam. Gbu, My Hero! ❤🙏🔥🔥🔥💯💯💯🫅🇦🇷👍

  13. I believe anyone who has played football for a considerable time knows messi is the goat, I loved watching ronaldo in his prime but messi is on his own league of one person

  14. He is so so special , for me he has eclipsed maradona now but maradonan was special too. I hate this thumbnails saying “Ronaldo can’t do this” enjoy messi, enjoy Ronaldo too, we don’t have to constantly like one and hate on the other. Just be happy you’ve got to see this special talent.

  15. The walking thing has only come up recently and maradona done the same long ago. Don’t get me wrong messi is the best imo but all the things you mentioned maradona had in hair as high a level I can assure you

  16. Theese people forget Ronaldo was bought for 50 000 euros at 10 years old…oh he is work…u don't learn to play in a gym … bringing Maradona near theese 2 giants is LUDACRIS messi and Ronaldo are and will be in another planet of their own ….people forget most records are all Ronaldo's. …only ballons d,or messi has more and one stolen ,the score should be 6 each ….now remember moast players dontveven win a championship, a champions league ,a European cup…much less a world cup…..a world cup is not on the table has better player…
    Sorry ….i dont see it …unless one of them won the would cup 3 times in a row ..
    …we will never decide and we shouldn't decide ….we are LUCHY to see this happening in our lives it will never ever happen again NEVER

  17. Honestly? You’re all muppets. Nice to admit the truth that you know he’s the goat, but muppets. All I hear is goals, figures, vision. There’s way way more than that. Look at Leo now 11/12 games. But that’s goals. He’s not a leader?? He lead his team to the copa and World Cup! Not just by goals!
    Look at Barca, and before. And even most now even for Paris. What sets hin apart isn’t just goals and assists. It’s not the fact he’s the best dribbler, best play maker, best passer, best mover there’s ever been. It’s not his trophies or stats. It’s mainly the fact that for most of the game, he controls the game and demands the ball. 2012. 21 games he scored in a row because he had one bad game before and people spoke badly of him. Did that affect hin and push him on! Course! But, watch him in a full game for Barca. Or watch him now. Even at his age, where he has fewer touches. He controls the entire game that’s why Argentina won! Because of fluidity in messis game the passes and movement no one and I mean no one can do. Messi does that every game! He always had the ball and when he didn’t he demanded his team mates step up pick him out and move closer to the goal so he could make the difference. He’s everywhere. Everywhere. All on the pitch, ever bit of it. He’s done that since the days of David Villa, Xavi, alvez, saurez, Puyol, Neymar, busquets, alba, Pedro and iniesta,, watch his team mates body language. Then he was the main guy on the pitch with Paris he got 16 goals and was flying but Neymar got injured and Paris didn’t have depth. Mbappe was lazy at times. Messi just had enough and knew he could enjoy elsewhere wasn’t about money. He will retire at the top. I also think he will win something else before he’s done!
    But you all annoy me. Saying he’s a bit better naturally than ronaldo, or he is quiet in games then comes alive, or what Joe Cole said (ridiculous)
    He usually has more touches than any other player because he usually always controls the game. He destroyed Man City so many times by just doing what he does. He’s done that ever since he was 19. Controlled. Everything goes through hin because he has the ball! And he’s the best with and without the ball so no one cos really stop him unless he’s tired! Oh and by the way, that happens when you’re having more touches and passes than anyone else and travelling! His criticism was he’s never played in another country, so he did and won three trophies with Paris. Then people said he’s never won anything with his country. So he did he won the copa and that rubbish trophy in London against Italy! So then people said he’s not the best cos he hasn’t won the World Cup. So he did. He responds! And in style. So then they said Paris hasn’t won the champions league so Messi is finished. So he leaves for America and in less than fifteen games has already won a trophy and can win another. He was the best player last year, the year before, this year, he was the best player when modric won, when ronaldo did, etc.
    That’s why he’s the best. Because he is doing everything in 99% of the games he actually plays in! He’s not the best just because of one thing or another thing or cos of goals. He’s the best because he’s the best!!!!!!!!

  18. Lol. Messi was always better than Cr7. They Call Cr7 the goal machine but all you have to do is cut outs supply bcuz he can't drop deep & score at the same time. Do that with Messi and he'll still create chances or even score. Plus cr7 can't even score a wc knock out goal despite going to 5 wc. Messi's international team went to 5 major finals (2 being wc). Even if Argentina had lost the wc final last year Messi would still be greater bcuz cr7 couldn't even manage to reach a semifinal

  19. Messi sucked i think in 2013 when he got fat from being lazy messi works hard he is the goat and always will because he has the talent and the work force to be better then even Cristiano hard work, like he is the best hard worker ever but not the best baller like messi just has that edge that you wont see in 1000s of years especially to keep it up from his whole professional career 17 to 36 yikes 😮. He legit has the best score card and clean slate thst wont be beat with out everything and more.

  20. Im glad to say I’ve witnessed him win the world cup before he retires, from i was a kid I’ve alway heard about this left footed player from argentina that was insane and Im a lefty aswell so that immediately made me a messi fan

  21. The advantages of being allowed to take HGH all the time and also being 4ft tall is an advantage. Also, the world cup was fixed… Watch the semi-final again, Messi should not have been in the final at all. He should have been suspended, any other player would've been suspended but he's protected by officials.

  22. Nope the real Goat is Pele sorry Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo. Here is the top 10 greatest players of all time as of 9/22/2023. This is based on world cup titles, mvp status, goat resumes. Considering both Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo have exceptional resumes, they have passed some world champions and back to back champions who where not vps, however World Cup titles for MVPS are worth their weight in gold in goat arguments.
    Goat ranking as of September 22 2023 judging all the greatest players in the history of the game.

    1. Pele Brazil 2. Ronaldo Nazario da Lima Brazil 3. Mane Garrincha Brazil 4. Giovanni Ferrari Italy 5. Giuseppe Meazza Italy 6. Romario Brazil 7. Lionel Messi Argentina 8. Diego Maradona Argentina 9. Zinedine Zidane France 10. Cristiano Ronaldo Portugal

  23. WRONG! THE REAL GOAT PELE SORRY! 1. Pele Brazil 2. Ronaldo Nazario da Lima Brazil 3. Mane Garrincha Brazil 4. Giovanni Ferrari Italy 5. Giuseppe Meazza Italy 6. Romario Brazil 7. Lionel Messi Argentina 8. Diego Maradona Argentina 9. Zinedine Zidane France 10. Cristiano Ronaldo Portugal

  24. CR7 is the second-best player of all time, but the difference to Lionel Messi is not even close, and it never was. No one who understands the basics of logic and critical thinking would ever subscribe to this 'debate'; there simply isn't any.

  25. I get what's Henry and Yaya are saying. It’s not that Messi doesn’t work on his game and trains hard. I use my brother and I for example. We both excelled academically. He was a book pests he is always studying and practicing, he puts off most of the leisure activities to become successful. I on the other hand didn't spend as much time as he did in the books, I barely passed up on my leisure activities. I would skipped a few days at school ect. I did pay attention in school and I did practice but nothing like my brother.

  26. Messi is spectacular and by far the best player in the world for many years. But maradonas technique ball control skill etc is light years better. Its not even close. Anyone who knows football can see that. People who debate this knows nothing of football. Having said that im a huge messi fan. There is no words for how good messi is.

  27. Messi is better than Cristiano Ronaldo; however, Ronaldo Luís Nazário de Lima (Brazilian; born 18 September 1976), known as Ronaldo or Ronaldo Nazário, was better than Messi.
    This is what the best football players say, even Messi does. Ronaldo Luís Nazário de Lima was unplayable.

  28. Ronaldo is a beast in the field. A monster. Massive respect for Ronaldo. He has the thirst for victory and he is hardworking….

    But still.. Messi is god-tier. I don't think he's human. 😅

  29. Soccer ? The name if the game is FOOTBALL ! You earn disloke only for that even before i watch anything. Do you realize that this word insult 95% of population and football fans.
    The 2026 FIFA World Cup will be hosted in America, Canada and Mexico, I'm dying to see and hear some commentator call the game soccer on international television. This will fire up the fans. All over the world the game is called FOOTBALL! Only stupid Americans call it soccer, and part of Australia, but there only because they took rugby from America and call it football, just as Americans call the game of rugby football. Which is complete idiocy. Professional football was played in England before America existed.
    Get informed before writing nonsense, you won't look like a dumb peasant. See how commentators around the world are calling the game, including the players and managers. At least open the FIFA official page or at least google what FIFA means. It might refresh your mind.

  30. Messi has done some things that Ronald did same as Ronald did that also so don't just focus on 1 side, Messi is the best for you not for everyone. you are focusing on the person you want.

  31. Messi vs Ronaldo. Highest goal to game ratio. Double the amount of assists. Double the amount of successful dribbles. 30% more goals outside of the big box. The stats do not lie. Messi is the one and only GOAT.

  32. good defenders know what you'll do already and they are very few people. you are jokes (you really make me wish Benzema was Fernomeno or Saurez). because Messi is better than them and runs faster than them it doesnt make him better than Ronaldo; they just speak ### and they are not that good themselves, they think they know. put Messi or anyone and Ronaldo in drills and LET'S bet (simple). I have played Messi and they don't like me.

  33. Maradona then Messi cuz Messi arguably had the best players around him his whole career. Maradona went to a second division team brought them up to First and won two scudettos during a time Serie A was arguably the best league in the world, with players that would take your legs off for embarrassing them. Not like today u get touched they blow the whistle.. Look up one game Napoli vs Juventus freekick over the wall in the penalty area. He literally defied the laws of physics 🙏🏼 N what he said before the shot was even greater. They were arguing with the ref cause the wall was only 5 ft away eventually he just said in
    Napoletano "whateverdoesnt matter im still going to score anyway" n walked away the way he shot that ball was like a friggen angel left his foot flying through the He made that ball do what HE wanted n thats why hes the GOAT. 🩵🙏🏼🌋
    E forza Napoli a vita 💀🌋 heres a link but should really watch a few videos of his teammates breaking it down n one where hes the narrator. after.

  34. I will tell you what is the difference right now. Messi is small and ugly and his character is not of a leader, very likeable because most people are arrogant in a way. And Cristiano is good looking, tall, fit, handsome…and his character is to speak directly what is on his mind and sometimes speaks thruths that hurt the weak-minded. In the pitch Cristiano has done and proved more than Messi playing in worse teams both clubs and internationally, because Argentina is toooo much better than Portugal in every single way. If Messi had won 3 Champions League in a row scoring +15 goals each season everyone would be going crazy. Messi got the advantage of playing for Guardiola for 4 years, and he won his first 4 Ballon dOrs, after that Cristiano made a comeback because he was just that much better he went to 5-5 and everyone knows it should've been 6-5 after 2018. And then Messi gets the 6th on 2019. Perfect ending. BUT the media and marketing-fueled world decided to give Messi 2 more out of nowhere when we all know he didn't deserve it…EVERYONE said "It's never bad to give it to Messi" of course is not, and It's never bad to give it to Cristiano, but you can't deny that in 2021 and 2023 there were much better perfomances and those players also deserve recognition. We can all agree Messi wasn't even in top3 in 2021 and 2023, but they gave him because he is Messi, to honour his past…it was pathetic.

  35. The greatest achievent Cristiano has is to be mentioned in the same paragraph as Lionel Messi. Besides the "he works really hard" and all that what does he do for the team? What CR has ever done is score goals, that's it. Analyzing his inflated numbers would be debunking the myth but anyways this is about Messi. What Messi does is not just scoring but he also create the play, assists scorers and scores himself, it's like having 3 players in one and not just any players, 3 top tier players, amazing vision for passing, drags his marks so when he passes the ball to his teammates their chances to score are greater and his scoring… well, he's the 🐐 for a reason 😏

  36. you also have to understand the guy had some of the best mentorship anyone could possible have, ronaldinho, some of the worlds best assisters and passers at the time, in the same team. and their played against great players aswell, much expertise aquired.

  37. It definitely seems right to call both of these two players GOATs as no player in the past "CONSISTENTLY" performed for 10+ Years. But, Messi is miles above everyone else in understanding of football in general such as understanding of space, flow, positioning (e.g. breaking offside), the timing and the weight of pass and the shot timing and the accuracy and dribbling of course. I am sure some A and S-tier players also possess one or more of these skills but definitely not all. What's even more surprising is that he can execute the actions based on these understandings, making those split-second decisions in the most direct and efficient way possible for nearly 20 years. Also, he hasn't had a major career-threatening injury like the one Neymar has gotten while dribbling more than any footballer in the world every game.
    Lastly, he must have a perfect understanding of his body, fitness as he has adapted to the adequate play style depending on his diminishing speed and fitness, still able to digest 90 minutes in a fairly intense schedule.
    In my opinion, I don't think we will see another player like this for a long time or ever… so let's appreciate watching him play on the pitch until he retires.

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