Is Lionel Messi Really Autistic?

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Is Lionel Messi autistic? Dive into the mystifying theory that’s swirling around the football legend in this eye-opening video. We’ll explore viral moments, compelling arguments, and the of fans worldwide. Don’t miss out on this intriguing journey – like, share, and comment your thoughts below.

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100 comentario en “Is Lionel Messi Really Autistic?”
  1. Messi so great and phenomenal that people want to analyze everything he does.
    Whether he's autistic or socially awkward, he's the best, greatest footballer ever in history. Messi is infinity.

  2. As someone with ASD I feel like he's probably on the spectrum, but a lot of the "proof" is clearly made by people who don't know much about ASD. Also the thing about motor skills isnt true, its a spectrum. Some people have reduced motor skills but I always took to new sports very quickly and could have gone pro so its not a blanket thing. Also love seeing the non autistic people saying that they "guarantee" he's not. Like none of us are doctors we all just guessin 😭

  3. Messi isn't socially awkward. He has a language barrier and is just more introverted and focused on football. That's all it is. His level of intelligence in finding passes, identifying gaps that don't exist and telepathic understanding of high IQ plays in tight spaces, is beyond most others. He also continuously evolved his game. From not taking free kicks he's now one of the best in history. He knows how to remain injury free. He handles his businesses well. Infact other less mortals look autistic when he dribbles past them.

  4. Hey Mr. Thift Shop Bruno Fernandez…. just so yk He is not Autistic, he is just an introvert and socially awkward. Instead of only focusing on his actions and mentioning what other players said, it would be better if your channel consulted with Psychologists and have one of them brought into your studio to explain in this video about that matter.

  5. One thing is certain is that Lionel Messi is an extraordinary player who has left an enduring legacy in the history of football. For this reason, he deserves our respect. We appreciate everything he has done. 🙏♥

  6. Anyone who thinks Messi does well in team setting hasn’t seen him in training. He’s the biggest sore loser whining person on the team and often times will not pass the ball bc he wants to do it all himself. He accepts that he has to pass to win tho. There’s an interview where Messi says guardiola literally had to teach him when to pass the ball

  7. People who can speak Spanish can understand him more than us through his interviews n all. But recently he sat down with Zidane and he was just shy and smiling with awe. Nothing odd or concerning was noticeable…

  8. If true. What an amazing example of the heights people can reach. He has beautiful family, total professional, football genius, football Goat, philanthropy, the respect of billions of people on earth. He’s very inspiring.

  9. I am autistic myself. Most times i feel ashamed when I feel i just did something weird, then i do another weird action again, especially even around girls, and most times in public gatherings

  10. I’ve got 2 children with Autism and while Messi having Autism would be amazing and inspirational I just don’t see it. Can you blame him for being “socially awkward” or however you want to call it – he’s the most famous player in the world and he’s probably asked to do hundreds of repetitive interviews every year which would get on most people’s nerves. He’s just a shy person who is private and just wants to play football and spend time with his family. It must be tiring to go to all these events and ceremonies. This is a good video that goes through all the evidence and doesn’t sensationalise and jump to conclusions.

  11. Why would anyone says Messi might be autistic or has autistic traits? dont be stupid!!…..Obviously a lot of ppl dont know what autism is…..Hes simply an introvert…nothing less nothing more……smh!!!!!

  12. lol. That you would ask this question means you don't even know what autistic is. Why don't you just search autistic people on YouTube? You would find out Ronaldo is the one who fits all the symptoms. Introversion has nothing to do with autism. Maybe you should also try to find out who suffer from Autism can play football. Well, you would choose to talk about this topic right after Barzil historic loss😉

  13. it is just USA people because they have been brainwashed by Media . The World doesnt have Disorders that you have Created . Just like USA has 1000 Genders.
    World is Normal. There are no Labels .

  14. This is a natural response when nervous, it has nothing to do with being autistic…
    Raising your arms in that fashion makes the expansion of your lungs easier, which tends to feel more necessary when nervous or under stress. People react differently to all sorts of stuff, but this is pretty classic as far as I can tell.

  15. I don't think Messi is autistic.I believe he's just a genius in the way his mind runs n operates n u can even see that when he plays the game n his decision makings in his personal life.He's just an introvert guy who only seems socially comfortable with those people closest to him n he loves like his family n friends.Most geniuses are usually very quite,shy n observant n might look socially awkward but thats just their personality.

  16. autistic, short, this or that, nothing is fundamentally making him best player. what makes him best player is his obssession, just like an obssession and hyperfocus of Kobe, MJ, Maradonna, some tech billionaires. They are just too focused like they are on drugs. We all have that state of focus from time to time, like you almost crash the car but something clicks and you take control of every detail under your control… These people just find a sweet spot of brain -the cross section of Flow and Minduflness/Awarness.. and that spot is giving you resilience. They have just trained their brain to be extended in that state. Another proof of it are the few times when he is not in that state and he looks very sincerely social…
    So.. Is there any other autistic football player that is in top 100? no… these things just helps him filter out the distraction, not the main element of his greatness… because its obsession

  17. Okay lads, all I know is , he is a genius, the GOD of football , his IQ level is known as a astronomical that’s way Messi is associated with a form of autism and the science shows that all geniuses are associated with this disorder but does really matter if he is autistic or not???
    To be honest with you i would have wished to be an autistic person and a genius in the same time if that’s the case

  18. Autistic or not, he is still one of the greatest if not the greatest ever to play the game. Half my life I despised Messi and now that things are coming to an end, I’ve learned to appreciate MESSI!

  19. you gotta be stupid if you dont know what a shy person is. he is great because of his soccer skills, not his "social" skills, just like a masterful artist doesnt need to see the light of day or have friends to create masterpieces.

  20. the whole point of calling it a "spectrum" is that its not binary. in a way, everyone is somewhere in the spectrum, except folks like to create arbitrary thresholds, and call the majority of people below it neurotypicals, and the others, neurodivergents. but that threshold is in itself very fuzzy.

  21. How the hell are you supposed to act when a grown a$$ man loses his ish like that? Messi is one of the most humble human beings to walk this earth, and the man cried as if he was being judged in front of God himself. Messi is a perfectly normal person with his own personality. These labels are absolute BS.

  22. I for one am not a Messi fan but to have someone start a rumor with no legitimate facts to support it is the worst thing to do to a person.
    That is why I think becoming famous would be the worst thing because you don't have anonymity you once had before you became a public figure.

  23. My gosh… Messi is just a humble shy guy. Leave him alone. The world always finds something to frame someone or create a false narrative around them. When someone is great, they always look for something to put them down even when it isn’t true. Messi is simply a shy person who happens to be around cameras 24/7. How many of us do weird things and we don’t have any disorders, things that are much more weirder than him. The cameras pick up everything he does and the world wants to paint it as autism. Not saying autism doesn’t exist in the world but ya’ll are really looking for anything to downplay how great someone can be, and in this case how great Mess can be whilst being a normal shy guy.

  24. If he has autism, as an football enjoyer, who cares. He has been giving magical moment to us to be cherished. And if he doesn't have it, then he's that good to make people believe that there's reason behind his excellence.

  25. You know everytime I have ever seen a title like this or an article talking about Messi being autistic. I always found they were trying to use it in a way that sounds like of course Messi turned out to be a great footballer but hes a freak and i guess you have to be a freak to even want to be a pro player. In some way theyd pay him a compliment and then turn it around and try to out him down.
    I always felt it came from a malicious place.

    At the end of the day what does it matter.
    Autism is on a spectrum. Some people can have normal lives and it barely effects them. Others can barely communicate and they will have to have some sort of support all their lives long after the parents are gone. For a lot of autistic players life isnt easy.
    If its true about Messi then His family tried to block out all those rumours because they didnt want him thinking bad things about himself. Anyone thats followed Messi since the beginning of his career knows hes quiet. Actually to all of us that did follow him for that long how shocking is it that he even gives interviews now. Fuck hes come a long way hahaha.
    Even when he talked to reporters on the sidelines you could see he has a hard time looking at a persons eyes. He would look down alot even when he talked. He certainly struggled but we all have our struggles why should this even be a conversation.

    To give credit to thia video you might be one of the few pieces of media I have seen trying to cover this that didnt sound at all malicious. And even mentioned about being socially awkward so kudos to you.
    I wish there was at least some stuff that the media would deem sacred and not publish about a celebrities life. Just like how we deserve our privacy i think they should be entitled to some resembelance of privacy. Especially when its not something that they themselves have ever confirmed. It would be different if they came out with it wanting to bring awareness.
    But thats the life of someone famous. You give yourself up to the lights and the shadows started thinning and thinning and thinning. Theres hardly anywhere to hide.
    And in todays day in age where time and attention is everything in media. So to is information.
    So sadly its a pipe dream what I hope but at least you covered it with respect.

    Hope Messi can retire and be in peace, for all the glorious and inspring moments hes left us in awe. Clapping as we shant "Mesi, Messi, Messi!"
    Its been so fun to watch everything he has done in Barca. Its exciting to see him bring up the MLS. I hope i can go see him one time before he retires.
    But either way I wish him the best.

  26. Dated a girl for two years until her mother told me about her condition with Asperger, certain conversations could be slightly odd but not any worse than what i get from "regular" people. Would be surprised the amount of the population that is on the autistic spectrum without qualifying for a diagnosis.

  27. What why should autism be considered derogatory? Messi definitely behaves similarly to other people with mild cases of Aspergers, but what's wrong with that? The only issue here is the stigmatization surrounding the term. Whether or not he has a mild case or not doesn't change a thing. He's still Lionel Messi. A slightly awkward, lovable shy seeming guy and the greatest threat on a pitch professional football has ever witnessed. I wish his camp wasn't so agressive with denying the rumors. If it isn't true fair. But the aggression with which the suspicion was fought against, makes it seem as though his "camp" belives autism to be something undesirable and that is very unfortunate for neurodiversity acceptance.

  28. I think he's just socially awkward and it reverted. He can clearly speak well in public such as the Barcelona farewell press conference, that showed great emotional connection. Ppl though I had mild autism and I believed it until I realised that it's just cause I had low confidence and didn't have many friends when I was younger. Had to learn to read social cues better and adapt my behaviour accordingly.

  29. Dr Diego Schwarzstein, whom was the same doctor who treated Messi for his GHD in Argentina debunked the rumors of Messi having autism as he was never diagnosed with Asperger’s or any other form of autism

  30. Despite the unconfirmed reports in the video and subsequent chat and rumours on social media, the player’s family treated the article as fake news, and there has been no evidence of a formal diagnosis presented. Contrary to the rumours, Messi and his family have never shared any revelations or discussed any such diagnosis.
    Endocrinologist Dr Diego Schwarzstein, a native of Rosario where Messi grew up, who treated Messi for GHD in Argentina, refuted the rumours: “Leo was never diagnosed with Asperger’s or any other form of autism. This is really silly,.
    So just don't do videos on false information.Just leave him alone😬

  31. He’s definitely more than just socially awkward cmon let’s be honest now, someone like Elon musk who’s came out with being on the spectrum you can see similarities in the way they conduct themselves im a huge Ronaldo fan but after seeing this video I feel a sense of admiration for him. As someone who’s gone down the rabbit whole of figuring themselves out I’ve come to find that I’m definitely on some sort of spectrum that one might not consider “normal”

  32. He is just a bit introverted and socially awkward. If you start nitpicking, then you will find that everyone is autistic. Every one of us have some things we do that is not considered normal.

  33. I think you guys misdiagnose things. I think that he must have a more powerful subconscious mind. His subconscious does more with the information than an average human. Maybe dyslexic or something. Dyslexic people are usually gifted in like math and then suck at copying or memorizing. The back of your mind is doing more with the information than a secretary. When you work on stuff like puzzle and math problems, it's like you're not doing it. You consciously train your brain to do it and then it does it. I think the second brain is more active in some people than others. When you're trying to copy something or spell stuff your second brain messes up what you see. It's like if you're driving and you think about something else and drive past your destination. You're second brain was driving and you didn't pay attention to it and let it drive past your destination, or walk past. He's doing super complicated walking on autopilot. Or when arten senna is driving he's listening and observing but his hands and feet are controlled by another brain. He's not thinking shift and control the steering but he's managing it. Or einstein used to sleep and rest a lot. That's a latent period after learning something.

    Autistic people usually have super memories and copy things exactly like when drawing. He's like picasso. He's improvising. that's not at all austistic. normal people are more autistic than he is. You're a dumb autistic person. you just take his picture and can't even copy it. I think they're trying to label geniuses as retarded when it's really you that are retarded like autistic people. It's a trick like in big eyes so that you can say that you have to manage his stuff because he's stupid. You're tom cruise from rain man and lione messi is dustin hoffman and you have to take care of him. It's not because you want to steal the money it's because he's retarded.

    You're so full of poop. It's like you're taking him to the casino to count cards for you and you have to manage him because you're smart.

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