Lionel Messi reacts when Brazilian police beat Argentina fans with sticks. 馃ズ馃嚘馃嚪馃嚙馃嚪

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Lionel Messi reacts when local police beat Argentina fans at one end of the field with sticks.
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100 comentario en “Lionel Messi reacts when Brazilian police beat Argentina fans with sticks. 馃ズ馃嚘馃嚪馃嚙馃嚪”
  1. What a shame from Brazil and the Brazilian police. They inflicted a head injury on the young guy and his whole face was covered in blood. Creepy scenes. Karma in the form of defeat. As for Messi, he did the right thing. True captain. First, the Brazilian fans booed the Argentinean anthem, then they started a fight. The match had to be postponed. Because during the game everything was also tough.

  2. Im on Argentinas side. Its the police and host nations job to maintain the peace. Idk why they didnt have dividers between supporter sections if they knew how dense the rivalry was. Complete failure on the side of Brazil. The players are there expecting order is gonna be maintained in the stands.

  3. Brasil siempre custodiado por la policia, aca cuidamos a los hinchas extranjeros. Pero en Brazil parece que la policia tiene via libre para pegar a familias y no a barrabravas. La selecci贸n argentina no tiene barrabravas.

  4. Rio de Janeiro did the same 2 weeks ago for the Libertadores final game, one day before Fluminense hooligans came charging against families on the beach and then the xenophobical Rio de Janeiro police followed by beating argentinian families.

  5. Hi all. Brazil n Argentina r the best 2 teams in the world!! Stop fighting. Play good samba soccer for us to enjoy. For the sake and Pele and Maradona Please!!!

  6. His actions yesterday proved his greatness once again. About the game itself – there was no playing at all, very ugly. Respect for Argentina that they managed to keep their composure and walk away with the 3 points. Messi is a true leader and a captain.

  7. Brazilian police even beating a mother with her baby… shameless, seriously.

    learn to lose, respect Argentina. play football and stop this kind of circus. FIFA should do something about this. it's not the first time, they always let Brazilians do that kind of stuff, but of course, someone else calls them monkeys later and they go crying to FIFA and other teams get sanctions. racism is not ok, I don't support it but your primitive behaviour every time Argentina faces you is a complete shame.

  8. Brasil, decime que se siente
    Tener en casa a tu pap谩
    Te juro que aunque pasen los a帽os
    Nunca nos vamos a olvidar
    Que el Diego los gambete贸
    Que el Cani los vacun贸
    Que est谩n llorando
    De Italia hasta hoy
    A Messi lo vas a ver
    La Copa nos va a traer
    Maradona es m谩s grande que Pel茅

  9. What you saw in the game was a police that treats Brazilians like this every day, they kill us, rob us, rape and burn our bodies, in addition to selling the drugs they seize from drug dealers, when they don't use them. the Brazilian police have always been unprepared, don't feel sorry for Argentina, because Brazil has millions of Brazilians killed every year at the hands of the Brazilian police, our laws are backward and it's not our fault because if we were to rebel they have tanks and skulls that they use it daily in the favelas to kill people. Don't think badly of Brazilians, except for extreme right-wing Brazilians, go to other countries and speak badly about our country, visit other places outside of Rio, such as the south of Brazil next to Uruguay, you will see that it is a country which is totally different from what you see in the news.

  10. THOSE BRAZILIAN MF鈥硷笍馃憥馃徏馃ぎ then came w the other police pigs and began harming the Argentinien crowd. They have video of people bleeding 馃└ We Argentiniens treat Brazilian with respect when Brazilians come to Argentina to play, this is unfortunate for families in the crowd! Very disrespectful 馃憥馃徏 ARGENTINA #1 馃弳馃弳馃弳馃嚘馃嚪鈥硷笍

  11. The new argentine president said that he will not continue to collaborate with Brazil because they have a communist party. Then this happened. Brazil on the pitch became a nobody. Nobody is scared of Brazil anymore. A 鈥渢eam鈥 full of clowns that think they are good football players. Somehow, those nobodies in the history of football have also a big mouth and act like they have won everything. Remember when they were dancing? Pathetic鈥 pathetic team with pathetic players(of course, not all of them).


  13. I came here in Brazil to witness the thrill match between Argentina and Brazil qualifier football match far away from India specially skills of Messi ARG Pedro BRA and Andre BRA but here in Brazil i got to see the hooliganism of the brazilian police personnel. Very Disappointed 馃槥

  14. Poor people馃槶馃挃This is psychopathic, Madre Mia! How can you be a guard in one of the biggest matches, when you are, maybe this word is to strong and deep, tortuing people! I don't know what happened there between thw fans, but that police absolutely, sorry for my language, fucked up and absolutely failed in controling the situation. What were they thinking? That if they brutally beat up the fans, that they will solve the situation? Respect and admiration to Leo Messi, Emiliano Martinez and Marquinhos for standing up for their families and Argentinian fans and trying to protect them鉂も潳鉂も潳

  15. Foreigners wanting to comment on something that is none of their business. Firstly, those who started the fight were the Argentines disrespecting the Brazilian anthem and being racist and the thing that Brazilians least tolerate is racism. No one would remain silent being called offensive names, obviously violence was not necessary but they who started it so let them bear the consequences of their actions.

  16. In a sports like this ? You just show it to the world your true COLORS. Watching from the PHILIPPINES, please behave on PARIS OLYMPICS. Shame on your police! This will not stop this. Suspend your policemen.

  17. Brazil and uneducated Brazilians are always the losers. Glad Germany destroyed them in 2014, and Argentina won as well last year. Brazil will never win anything anymore. How can you treat and beat Argentinian or any fans who paid for their seats.

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