Romelu Lukaku to become a GOAT? 😳 #football

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  1. This is so true because every player is gonna be remembered for the goals and the trophys he has won. An example is that Messi is gonna be remembered as the goat who has won 8 ballon doors and nobody is gonna remember that he robbed the last 3. Also I'm a Messi fan

  2. Nobody will care that he has three figures. —everybody knows Belgium are a fraud of an intentional team and the fact that he scored 3 figures in their golden generation but didn’t reach anything will be enough. —more and more players will score more goals, so when there’s more, at the end of the day the players with trophies will be remembered while the ones without anything to show for it will be known as stat padders it’s simple as that. —people were raging on wilt chamberlain a very good basketball player int he early days of the NBA, but recently since even tho he could apparently score 100 points in a game (the average nba player scores probably 20 points a game if not less) however in his era he was getting his ass kicked in the play offs leading to him only winning 1 or 2 championships while his counterpart bill Russel won 13 in his era. —so if recently people have started to call wilt chamberlain a massive stat padder who couldn’t win shit.

    Lukaku will score 100 goals or more, but does he have anything to show for it? Nope, will Belgium have a new golden generation and potentially win something in the next four years? I’d say no. I mean to have a team with a better goalkeeper, or KDB or hazard would be kinda hard to imagine.

    So in the end the players who will be remembered will be Messi and Ronaldo, and lukaku gets a little star next to his name on that list because he did absolutely nothing with all those goals.

  3. Well in the world cup people were still shouting at him as lukaka 😂 maybe hes randomized, like sometimes good performances and sometimes bad, sometimes amazing ones, sometimes horrible. Or maybe hes just bad at pressure. Anyways he is a 😅 one of a kind player i guess.

  4. sorry i'm not a fan, his record is padded my loads of qualifying games against crap teams, same for any striker in the modern era that goes for my country men to harry kane and rooney, you can reel off the stats all you like, anybody that think this guy is on a van basten or david villa or romario level is smoking pure uncut crack cocaine

  5. Alright but it’s not as impressive when you look at the European teams. The only reason Pele and Maradona and other Brazilians had such a low goal counter was because they were in South America. Now we look at France 14-0, Lukaku 4 goals in 35 minutes against Azerbaijan (my home country) and just too low ranked countries being one-sidedly bullied (which is obviously bound to happen but still)

  6. If you are playing against San Marino, Gibraltar, Slowakia, Slovenia, Lichtenstein, Latvia, Estonia, Lithuania, Andorra, Bulgaria, Luxembourg then it's not that difficult

  7. Nah no body will forget what a clown he is. The final against Real Madrid was just super painful to watch. Not to mention how disloyal and his respectful he is towards his clubs

  8. Let's not forget these guys play at least 30/40% more games than the guys you mention or the ones you left out. The man's failed miserably at at least 4 top clubs. Your remembered in this day in age on what you do for the clubs you play for and what you win playing for these big clubs and your influence. How many of his goals actually include tournament goals. Man's average and a flop

  9. Because it's the same thing as we've been telling everyone. Goals. Aren't. What. Make. Goats. And I'm tired of thinking that goals are all that matter.

  10. The thing is, at europe you face: Malta, Macedonia, Gibraltar and shi
    In south America you face: Argentina, Uruguay, Paraguay, Chile, Costa Rica
    It's a commom misconception to think europe is harder than south america

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