Legends Talk About Lionel Messi!

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Legends of the game we love and even a legend of basketball talk about Lionel Messi! You know someone is such an influential player when someone from a different sport is told about how good this player is by another legend of the game … RIP to Kobe Bryant who says his words of kindness about a 17 year old Messi just making his name in Barcelona!

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  1. Imagine if pele or maradona had iniesta/ xavi every game…. Just saying, pele had a good brazil team but nothing to their level at club, maradona made chicken salad from chicken shit… Different levels to messi/ ronaldo, always will be

  2. Rio ferdinant to henry : what dose messi have than ronaldo dosent have whats the differenc betwen them ….
    Well now Rio he have a World cup 😂 and ronaldo dosent

  3. One of the things i admire the most is that Messi is not a diver. It is miracle he has not seen more injuries in his career, when you see how much he gets kicked at his ankles.

  4. I don’t know much about soccer . I don’t know Ronaldo or Messi’s work ethic but i hear Ronaldo worked hard while Messi was like gifted (prodigy or something). I relate to Ronaldo though. I was never good at many things but I always had to work hard later in my adult life. I took work home and tried to learn everything fast but some guys at work just seem to be naturals at what I was trying to get better at. Its not a fair comparison because they’ve been there longer than me and you can’t beat experience. Messi probably loved soccer more than anything is my guess. I feel for Ronaldo tho trying his best but being the second best. It can f up your confidence but he moves on. Kudos to both tho

  5. Messi is simply the best football player we will ever see…… Let's please enjoy watching him play and simply appreciate how he makes us feel. What a humble person and perfect role model for kids he is. I sincerely wish him the very best and for his family!

  6. He could easily decide the fate of the game something that no other player ever could do in the history of football . he is a midfielder but he is scoring ability is much better than any striker in the history of football .

  7. Now we got a goat playing in the states and the other two mj and Brady are retired. It's great that his here lebron could learn work ethic from him. It's not just playing the game you love it's actually loving what you do it's called passion. That's what's missing in today's generation. What this hand out contracts.

  8. Henrik larsson has probably made the best description of Messi. Only people who understand the game can apreciate the things Messi does and how difficult they are. Penaldo fans don`t like him because they don`t understand football.

  9. Henry's training story has gotta be my favourite Messi story. It takes someone special to be able to do that. Make a bunch of world class players look like school kids.

  10. The comparison is correct that Messi is a lot more about natural talent, while Ronaldo is the absolute training machine. For Messi the game was always a game. For Ronaldo the game was the work he chose for his life and 1000% commited to. Ronaldo vs. Messi was for football what Marcel Hirscher vs. Alex Kristofferson was for skiing. Two talents at their absolute best moments going against each other. Without the one, the other would have won everything in that period. But the fact that this one other existed meant that they would simply be number 2.

  11. To be fair Maradona and Pele were playing in a time when folk could wipe you out and only get a warning, which makes them still quality putting up numbers like they did.

  12. I think God ordains certain souls to entertain him. Messi is one of those souls. Ronaldo is a true warrior but Messi is a gift to the very sport.

  13. Personally I have only one claim to Leo. Watching him from 2007, he gave so many positive emotions, so what will be after he finally retires? Reconstructed Camp Nou is going to be ready for his last match soon

  14. I mean hes a Football God.. but it’s his humbleness which is so rewarding. One of a kind let’s all enjoy him.. I love it when he gets mad though which is rare…

  15. If we look back messi while he was 5 years old, his skill already show that he gonna be best player in the world from the past to present.
    But we dont know yet in the future 5 years or 20 years later some one will come to surpass him or not.

  16. Do you know how God made CR7 serve as a pace maker for Messi!
    CR7 had to lift 5 ballendors for Messi to win 7: CR7 had to score goals now and then for Messi to increase his influence in every game. And finally, CR7 left the lane for Messi to lift a world cup and…….

    Great work for Messi and CR7

  17. There is a quote i love that was something like "if an architect made the best player ever you would get CR and if an artist made the best player ever you would get Messi"
    Also, it's hilarious how world class players still love to get a meg in when they can like school boys 😂

  18. He was unbelievable in the last WC, just phenomenal!
    But watch the games from 08-09-10-11-12-13 he was literally flying on the pitch, sometimes it looks like a moves from the Matrix.
    And for sure Rio was honest when he said that Messi is a nightmare.
    An 👽

  19. This is the difference, antiMessi journalist minimizing or criticizing Messi by not recognizing how good he is, against top players and ex players that played with or against Messi that have this opinions, those are the people we should listen, not journalists that haven’t touched a ball in their lives and leave by damaging the image of somebody because didn’t played for your team.

  20. Rio Ferdinand is definitely not a legend. One of the worst defenders in the history for Man Utd with O'Shea. Egotistical fraud. One million percent he prefers and likes Ronaldo more. Even though Messi is easily the GOAT. Greatest soccer player of all time. If Berbatov would've started and given a chance finally at Man Utd the game would've been a lot more competitive. Leaving the top goal scorer that season is just shameful. I'm sure Ferdinand made sure that Berbatov was left out by telling Ferguson to play with weird tactics and then convincing him to leave Berbatov out of the finals. Always had a grudge towards Berbatov. Such a selfish player. He doesn't even talk nicely about Messi just says negative things about him which tells everything. Vidic is so much better. Ferguson had favoritism towards British players and sometimes his tactics made no sense even if he is the most successful coach for Man Utd of all time. I blame controlling Ferdinand.

  21. Messi represented supernatural gifted talent. Ronaldo represented inspiration and hardwork. If you watch Messi you are amazed by him but when you watch Ronaldo you would want to work hard to become him or better than him someday. So whom do you pick?

  22. When you see him playing, if you have football knowledge and understand the aesthetics of the beautiful game, you just know within you that you’re watching the football “god”🙌

  23. I have been lucky to see great players play live. R9, Rivaldo, Ronaldinho and Messi. And Messi was the only one I felt I wasn’t looking at a human play football. It’s unreal

  24. Marcus Thuram🗣️: "When I Was 10, I Went To See My Father's Training Session In Barcelona And I Didn't Have Boots…Leo Was Wearing Almost The Same Shoes Size As Me. Messi Lent Me His Boots, I Played And Then He Told Me 'Take Them'. At 10 Years Old, I Didn't Realize What Had Just Happened, So The Next Day I Gave Them To A Friend. I Regret It."

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