Is there a PROBLEM with Luis Suarez joining Lionel Messi at Inter Miami? ‘It’s worrisome!’ | ESPN FC

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ESPN FC’s Herculez Gomez joins Sebastian Salazar on Futbol Americas to discuss Luis Suarez’s proposed move to Inter Miami.

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20 comentario en “Is there a PROBLEM with Luis Suarez joining Lionel Messi at Inter Miami? ‘It’s worrisome!’ | ESPN FC”
  1. At his peak Suarez was the greatest striker in the world. His time at Liverpool and Barca was incredible. Even at 36 y/o and with a dodgy knee, I still think he can make a contribution to Miami though I don't see him playing every game. As long as Miami can find a pacey winger to go alongside Messi + Suarez, it will work. Don't forget that Suarez is a clever player with great movement and positional sense. They just need a player or two with pace/running power to complement them. Suarez's desire and will to win will also rub off onto the rest of the squad.

  2. Small detail: Luis Suárez is one of the best strikers of ALL TIME. In the history of football. I think some people need to watch a quick compilation video of Luis Suárez for a refresh. MLS does not need young players. That's false. They need experienced players. You have not seen the dramatic effect of experienced football players Beckham, Ibrahimovic and Messi playing in MLS? And if you brush off Messi's truly spec-ta-cu-lar performance winning Inter Miami a trophy (!!) for crying out loud, which was impossible. Then nearly qualifying for playoffs, also impossible. If you deny all of that, then I'm baffled. That just means you are deep down in your heart a Messi hater. He literally singlehandedly carried himself to World Champion a couple of months ago after you said the same thing about him being old what you're saying now about Suárez. Let me remind you, MLS is comparatively a shitty league due to their inexperienced football players. So it's kind of ironic to be opposed to experienced ones coming to MLS.

  3. I think his thoughts are the problem. The coach doesnt have to put on pitch all of them at the same time. They just world class players and can contribute alots

  4. I think Miami definitely becomes a playoff team, I don’t think they have a shot at winning MLS cup, maybe the open cup. Relying on a bunch of players pushing 40 (great players, but still older) is not a great winning strategy. This team is built to be more Competitive, but it is primarily built to sell tickets and merchandise, and I am all for it. I am going to do whatever I can to see these guys play next year, even if they have to bring a cute little four wheeler walker, complete with a seat and little basket, on to the field 😂

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