This Is Why Messi Get So Many Votes in ballon d’Or / FIFA Best Player

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Lionel Messi – The King of Fair Play – The Most Honest Player in Football – More Than a Footballer !


Fair play is a complex concept that comprises and embodies a number of fundamental values that are not only integral to sport but relevant in everydaylife.

Fair competition, respect, friendship, team spirit, equality, sport without doping, respect for written and unwritten rules such as integrity, solidarity, tolerance, care, excellence and joy, are the building blocks of fair play that can be experienced and learnt both on and off the field in any sports including football.


In Football fair play is most important. Because the game is very competitive, intense & full of physical contacts. The FIFA Fair Play Award is presented to a player, coach, team, match official, individual fan or fan group in recognition of exemplary fair play behaviour, either on or off the pitch, such as;

Playing by the rules and promoting the Laws of the Game; and/or

Respecting team-mates, opponents, match officials and/or fans; and/or

Acting against discrimination.

The written rules is mandatory, and respecting the unwritten ones is a must. Fair playrequires unconditional respect for opponents, fellow players, referees and fans.


The Football Respect programme was launched by UEFA & FAs to encourage a more positive environment in the local football scene. ‘Respect’ conveys the idea «Respect is earned, not given». From the players and coaches to the match officials and fans, the programme aims to educate and encourage all members of the football fraternity to treat each other with Respect through their actions and words. Such as;

Promote respect amongst players, officials, spectators and match officials.

Improve the behaviors of players towards club officials, spectators and match officials.

Lionel Messi‘s sporting prowess is matched by his exemplary sportsmanship and fair play. Throughout his career, Messi has shown respect for his opponents, officials, and the spirit of the game. His conduct on and off the field sets a positive example for young aspiring footballers worldwide. Delve into the unwavering integrity and exceptional sportsmanship that have made Messi a true ambassador of fair play.


Telling Referee Not Not to Card

Telling Referee Not to Give a Penalty

Respecting Opposition & Rival Players

Respecting & Accepting Referee Decisions Even If They Are Wrong

Voting Rival Coach for Award Without Any Bias / Personal Prejudice

No Diving / Not Diving


Messi never dives. You won’t see Messi rolling on the ground or diving to get a call from the referee. And that’s part of what makes Lionel Messi such an easy player to love, besides his obvious genius with the ball. It is rare for Messi to dive or even fall down much. He tries to keep going, keep running, keep dribbling the soccer ball. His desire to win and to score goals makes him continue to move forward with soccer ball even when he’s pushed or kicked. There is no one like Lionel Messi.
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  1. Messi is hors concours. It's not arrogance or disrespecting other people's opinions, but just an statement of reality: Messi is far above any awards, be they Ballon d'Or or FIFA the Best. Technically, he's simply the best and greatest player of all time and he's far above the others. The greatest genius in football history! Real and absolute GOAT!

  2. This season the best player in the world is Ronaldo quite clearly. I hope that Messi will be back in shape in 2024 to take all the possible titles, probably he won't take the 2024 Ballon d'Or because now it goes by season and not by year
    can't wait for next week 8 Ballon d'Or wins is fucking impossible even for Messi. Since 2019, he has undoubtedly proven himself to be the best player in the world by a margin, this undoubtedly reminds me of his years from 2009-2012. The unshakable goat🐐

  3. Здравейте фенове на MESSI имах голямото удоволствие да го гледам миналата година в ПАРИЖ заведох и моя внук на мача.Аз гледам футбол от 53 години гледахПЕЛЕ,МАРАДОНА,ОЗЕБИО И много други известни и не толкова известни футболисти но като това дете несъмнено виждала да играят.Той играе с душата и сърцето си.ПСЖ щяха да паднат от МЕТЦ но MESSI СЕ намеси и им построи цялата игра,тогава щеше да вкара гол но го даде на АНХЕЛ ДИ МАРИЯ защото това беше последният му мач за ПСЖ.Никога няма да видя нещо така красиво като неговите пасове,структура на игра,четене на играта,всичко това е в него няма да има такъв играч в близкото бъдеще.Той е единствен и неповторим

  4. Messi not diving is a topic that is not talked about enough.
    When defenders know that the forward they are defending against has a history of diving (which the vast majority of modern forwards have), they need to be mindful and careful of that, to not go too hard or too recklessly into a tackle. Because the forward might dive/embellish in order to get a pen or a freekick.

    When defenders are defending against Messi, they know that he doesn't go down easy and they are aware that he is an insanely good dribbler. So they know that they are able to defend him more harshly, because he wont dive. They also know that they MUST defend him with more than one player, because of his immense dribbling skills. Most teams created systems with multiple players in order to try to deal with him.
    These things combined results in Messi having to play the game at a higher difficulty than probably any other player in modern history.

    Yet, he is still the best player of all time, which I think is quite impressive.

  5. Messi was individually clearly the best player in 2016 and 2018, but CR7 and Modric won bcs they won the bigger trophies, so nobody can complain when Messi wins it this year. He already should have more than 7 Ballon d'Ors if the price would only be based on individual performance

  6. Oh my God.. Can I Beg? Can you give me a gift for trying to be a good person? The gift was in the form of "Give the agility and ability of young Messi to Messi who is now 36 years old. I want him to play football as long as I breathe. Because he has made me love football". Thank you God because you have created an Extraordinary Man. and his name is Lionel Andreas Messi.😊❤

  7. stop saying such things, he gets balon d or for his game man, you are spreading false information. instead title the video as the most humble player, not this.

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