Impossible to Hate: Lionel Messi

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We all know that Messi is the best player ever. However, he is also the most humble footballer ever and has a golden heart. This video shows some amazing stories about his humility. You can’t hate this man!

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MagicalMessi – as magical as Messi
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  1. I dont know why, if you even have a working brain you know it that cr7is lightyears behind messi. And messi is not even a striker. He is a playmaker with so many goals. Messi is poetry. Cr7 gets way too much marketing.

  2. You by knowing said number is our of the list, He is a GOAT. he is more humble, he compete and won against the Best Messi, while others failed to do so..

  3. im sorry but the narration and the subtitles already there runs the video for me. Im not a content creator, but I can definetly say as a viewer that this is just in bad taste and whoever edited this video did so without reviewing their stuff

  4. Messi infelismente não voltara ao barcelona. E o messi, citou nomes de granders jogadores não só no auge, que eles jogaram, mas esse craques que messi menciounou. Joga uma futebol lindo. Muito bom. Essa as habilidades incrível. Mbappe, hazard,neymar, aguero, cristiano ronaldo. Messi pensou nos mellhores.

  5. End of debate between Messi and Ronaldo, Messi won worldcup but Ronaldo no worldcup,Messi 7 ballon d'or but Ronaldo only 5 ballon d'or…Messi is the best 👍👍👍 Messi is the 🐐 👑 of football…

  6. Can you do a video of all the times psg didn’t pass messi the ball in a perfect position and the times he assisted and psg players couldn’t finish simple goals

  7. The freakiest sportsman I've ever seen, at times alien like. You cannot compare another sportsman to messi. No other athlete plays their sport like its a PlayStation game. He's on a different plane to the rest.

  8. Still so many of you will debate and hate Leo.. I don't know where all of these are coming from..If you still doubt Messi you guys are fools and there is a cure for Sickness but no cure for foolishness… waste of time to debate that Leo is the greatest of all time 😊😊😮❤❤❤

  9. For Messi to be away from Barcelona for this long and people still chanting his name is crazy. People who hate this man are just stubborn and need to wake up to reality.
    You have to admit that he is the best football player of all time and he is one of the kindest people I have ever seen

  10. He took Ronaldo out of the discussion while calling other players that are also good. Meanwhile CR7 been trying to force it down our throat to make him greatest of all time forgetting that you cannot honour yourself.

  11. It is something else when the fellow players adore you and respect you in such way they want their kids to be held by you for their memorabilia . That's Highest respect , that's the sign that you are the greatest .

  12. I just don’t understand it, he’s so humble yet so famous and great. Most usually get egos after becoming of the most famous itw but he’s just so humble

  13. I put Cristiano with me in the list .wow just wow . And then you ask that Chinese made goat, he is like I am best 🤭. Now you can see clearly the difference between real genuine goat and counterfeit one.

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