😅Messi, Beckham & Zidane EPIC Reactions to Miami Defeat vs Houston in US Open Cup Final!

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TLionel Messi did not play today as Inter Miami lost 2-1 to the Houston Dynamo in the US Open Cup final. The FIFA president was there. Zinedine Zidane was also present to watch the match. He and David Beckham are very good friends. Messi also met Zidane and Beckham during half time. Messi was in the stands with his family today. Watch Messi, his family, Zidane and Beckham react to the crazy game between Inter Miami and Houston Dynamo. Even Messi’s Bodyguard lost focus and watched the match.
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  1. If it was Ronaldo he will surely play on😊 he knows suffering of others (beckham)yrs. Messi man under a women control like do that yes my dear😅😅 ..he is not injured or tired he just wants recognised ,cannot talk just under a …..😂😂pessi..my worse mistake was to thinks him as a go.. I waited this final since that day ..but result he wants only rest, how much??

  2. Que HONOR ZIDAN un legendario GRANDE de los GRANDES, su carácter era muy parecido a LEO era muy discreto y humilde siendo un jugadoraso, era hermoso verle jugar , tenia un TEMPLE era como el hombre de hielo en el campo, NUNCAAAAA un escándalo ni fiestas ni nada MUY PARECIDO A MESSI

  3. The reason Tata Martino didn't able to survive at Barca even for 1 year😂
    They think bringing Argentine coach is the solution of their problem 🤦
    Man they play soooo poor so as the opponent..

  4. This time it was necessary to keep Messi in his seat, it was not right. Messi's problem was not so much. If Messi is on the field, there are 3 people next to him, then others get the opportunity to score, the coach's fault is that Messi needs to be kept for 45 minutes.

  5. With MESSI in the pitch, Miami has a more chances coz He's able to create passes for another, dribbling to score..

    MIAMI with MESSI, TYLOR, MARTINEZ, and CAMPANA the ball is quiet good enough to win coz the ball maker and assister is there…


  6. Inter miami is nonsense without messi …..their defense is totally off…i dont know what these guys doing in training….is time for the club to invest in some more quality players ….that would make them unstopable

  7. Inter Miami needs to buy talented players cause having messi, sergio and jordi isnt enough. Even if both Jordi and messi isn't playing. Sergio will have a hard time long passing and creating chances where teammates can't even deliver. Inter Miami should get Suarez and another good defender.

  8. How was messi injury, is it that much painful for just one match.he is smart and he looks fresh,,,messi must play the match….😢I'm not happy with him. 😔😔…. It's because of messi Inter Miami lose the Cup😭😭

  9. Into Miami after watching the game last night are so bad at passing and keeping them off they are awful. They lost that game because they kept giving the ball to them. Beat them selves.

  10. Même si messi était là les résultats serais même chose ils on perdu c'est tous ne dites pas comme pessi n'a pas joué c'est pour ça non c'est faut ils on perdu 😂😂😂😂😂😛😛😛😛😛

  11. Messi is having a buyers remorse feeling and is getting back into not wanting to to play a real champ and someone that is getting as much as he is getting would have played that game but is not in him anymore he has accomplished what he wanted but people around him want more from him

  12. Inter is a work in progress. Only Messi could have changed a team so fast, of course Busquets and Alba helped also. Tata got some things wrong in this game. Houston deserved to win. Where are all the "games are fixed for Miami" clowns?

  13. Its predictable that Without Messi, Inter Miami will lose with our Nepalese National (B) team too.😂😂
    When there is no Messi and Alba, David Ruiz should be played in the attacking mid..He was replaced in 70 mins..so sad..

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