Messi chose Inter Miami not Barcelona #shorts #messi #football

Messi chose Inter Miami not Barcelona #shorts #messi #football Los amantes del ftbol y de la camisetas de futbol Saint-tienne una cita imprescindible este fin de semana en Vigo. «The Football Market» llega a la ciudad con la mayor muestra de prendas de clubes de toda Espaa.

America is about to roll out the red carpet for Lionel Messi

#fcbarcelona #mls #soccer

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100 comentario en “Messi chose Inter Miami not Barcelona #shorts #messi #football”
  1. when Ronaldo joined in al nassser he face many controversy
    now when messi joined in inter miami
    no one say anything bad
    everyone just white washing

  2. If messi joined barcelona, the manager would kick out playersand end their career, and miami wilk give 1b so he joined not just for money, for family

  3. I think NYCFC would have been a better choice because the best fans, are of the same races similar and same to of Messi, and they are just like the ones in Camp Nou, but I can understand why he chose Miami

  4. I dont know if this
    real maybe this is a theory:
    So messi want to got barca but barca cannot afford messi so messi go to miami for having fun in us and play while waiting a news from barca to buy him😅

  5. I respect him, bc he already had a house in Miami , and won all the 🏆 trophies
    That Guy deserves a break he even denied AL hilal and Barça bc hes already been there around his journey , anyways goodluck Mr president Messi we shall call him SiR mEsSi 🫵

  6. Barça must learn that they can't have everything go their way, if anything they can hire messi as a assistant coach after he retires or some other similar role

  7. He dedicate his prime to Barcelona and Barcelona treat him with no respect after all Messi did for the organization, now Messi say no and went to MLS where there respect and love him the real GOAT and Barcelona let him go and since Barcelona had done nothing without Messi, go Messi we the Puerto Rican are with you the real 🐐

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