Lionel Messi – Tribute To The Legend – FC Barcelona

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End of an Era | 2000-2020

Lionel Messi – Tribute To The Barcelona Legend – Farewell Video

731 Matches | 634 Goals | 256 Assists | 34 Trophies | Catalan King

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  1. People admire him watch him and enjoy and praise his play…..I watch and scan his style of playing, every move every skill every body feint he does each and every dribbles he made, I scan it to the highest of detailing and learn from him, he's my teacher my inspiration…..I try to copy his style of play and fortunately, feel his style of play as natural style for me too. I'm blessed to have YouTube in my era so I can replay hundreds of times and learn…..he is my goat 🐐🐐

  2. God wanted to play football, so He came as Messi!!!
    All I can see here is GREATNESS! PERFECTION!! BEAUTY!!! CLASS!!!!
    As long as football lives, so will Messi name live forever

  3. Messi is a rare result of what happens when you bet all your chips in a little underdeveloped boy from a poor city in south america

  4. How to understand that, this incredible talent could never be known if Barcelona didn't believe in him, decide to invest in health. Take it like an example to invest in yourself to become become better than you've never been. Congratulations Messi for your successful career

  5. I'm never tired of watching the clips from any of his games. I will be very sorry when he hungs his boots and stop playing the beautiful game of soccer

  6. When Ronaldinho says this kid is going to be the best player to ever play you cannot deny it simply amazing I’m so honoured to watch his first ever game and him absolutely destroy teams with ease !

  7. He’s a beast when he wears the Barcelona Jersey. And icon when we wears Argentina jersey and its because as an iconic beast, he’s always wanted to play for just 2 teams>> Barca and Argentina. Greatest privilege to have witness his greatness. There will never be another Messi. The only true 🐐🇦🇷in football history

  8. The greatest footballer ever seen in the history of the game.
    God bless Messi and his family.
    More wins and exploits as he prepares for his retirement.

  9. I am 70 years old and a grandmother and have never really bn a big football fan, but Messi has changed all that for me when I watch him playing it's like an artist creating a perfect picture he is just the best ever.

  10. I will probably retire watching football once this man decides to retire , I think he will leave a void so empty in this beautiful sport that it will be hard to find someone like him again.

    So sad to know messi era is coming to an end very soon, but happy I was able to witness the best player of all time. Truly the Only one GOAT, don’t come and tell me about the guy that plays in Saudi Arabia because he is not in the same sentence as this little guy.

  11. Eu fiquei frustrado com Messi, ele não jogou Bola senhoras e senhores, Messi nunca treinou digassidipassagi. Só jogou em um time na Europa, Barcelona. As pessoas iam falar que ele tem pacto com o Capeta, você não via a bola no Pé dele quando ele queria jogar Bola. Pelo que eu entendi, Messi quer ser Boleiro, ele quer falar e estar envolvido com Futebol, jogar Bola ele não jogou.

  12. Greatest ever no doubt Messi…….but what immortals can do…..when even a single painting of a soul , gives goosebumps to all sports fartanity and ordinary masses on earth…….oh! Confused….someone calling from Nappels! …….year happens to be 86' …..stíll; infinity❤❤❤only immortal understand 😮😮

  13. Leonel Anders Messi cucitini….pemain terbaik sepanjang masa…. Messi berada di kelas berbeda …
    Messi ngga bisa dibandingkan ataupun disandingkan dengan pemain yang pernah ada….
    Data n fakta tersaji di visual YouTube….durasi terpanjang n paling sering muncul dari berbagai sisi….baik teknis maupun non teknis….baik saat di lapangan maupun di luar lapangan….
    Messi tauladan bagi generasi berikutnya…. hehehe….

  14. No juice wrld, messi is on verge of retirement, ronaldo hits 40, neymar joins al hilal, this decade is the shitiest….. i miss prime messi in barca with neymar and suarez…

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