Inter Miami’s playoff hopes in jeopardy without Lionel Messi + PSG’s Messi snub | ESPN FC

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The ESPN FC review highlights from Inter Miami’s 4-0 victory over Toronto on Wednesday night before discussing the ramifications of Lionel Messi’s early departure from the match due to muscle soreness and how his absence will impact the team’s playoff hopes. Then, Frank Leboeuf speaks on PSG snubbing Lionel Messi after he won the World Cup with Argentina.

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  1. Tagliafico received recognition from Lyon before the game in their stadium. Of course, they wouldn't celebrate it, but they welcomed him home and honoured him as champion of the world.

  2. the guy tries to justify the lack of respect towards messi as an athlete by his countrymen by comparing the 2 years messi had with PSG which btw for some reason we all know was unhappy, with the legacy of maradona in napoli saying "its the same". do yourself a favor and do some research before you say anything that silly ever again. maradona was a hero to napolitanos, they worshiped him they build civilian made statues the size of your arrogance and your ignorance combined, napolitanos were viewed by the rest of italy as lowlifes, dirty and filthy and they were constantly humiliated, and maradona for all his years there, gave them something to be proud of, he put them in the map with 4 titles that napoli had no right to win.
    imagine comparing messi's 2 years in PSG with maradona's 7 years in napoli. only french people can be so arrogant, im glad you lost, and i hope you lose again in 3 years.

  3. Messi wants to be a victim so bad . Yea maybe tagliafico got applaud from the Lyon fan, but him at Lyon is not like Messi at psg. Tagliafico has been there captain at times, he’s been there a long time and has been playing for the shirt. Messi had been to psg 2 season and didn’t really perform. Idk why he expects cheers when he’s getting payed millions and not performing.

  4. They need to upgrade his firmware or operating system. These clones are made fast and cheap lol… just messing. Messi is a baller and his body needs proper rest. I know these players just go and go but they also know the MUST take care of themselves!!!

  5. Frank’s laugh at 5:51 comes off so insecure. Doesn’t matter if it’s a French dressing room. The guy literally pulled an all time performance the least they can do is acknowledge it. They literally won the last one, not that it matters

  6. French are sore losers , A club should honor or show love for their players. World baseball classic Angels and all of MLB fans called Othani a GOAT for carrying japan to beat the US in the finals. Classic classless french losers.

  7. He was clearly injured in the Ecuador match. He asked to be subbed off right before the end, and Scaloni later said he only subbed him off because Messi asked for it.
    It's unfortunate that they decided to risk him for the Toronto match. It would have been the ideal match to rest him (and Alba, depending on what his issue is). I really hope he can recover before the Cup final. It would be a massive shame for him to miss out on that.

  8. MLB fans showered Otanhi as a GOAT for beating the US team while carrying japan in the world baseball classic. Also to compare Trout his teammate loved playing vs and was genenuine happy for his teammates success. Now that's compared that to PSG and racist Ninja Turtle.

  9. I believe it’s game plan so the rest of the MLS teams feel confident. Just how like how Messi in the World Cup kept bending down touching his knee drawing attention to him. Making them think he’s injured. It’s a good mind game 😉

  10. Fatigue is not the same as "I'm tired" jeez.. Tata is referring to the accumulated muscle fatigue on the hamstring that Messi was diagnosed with after Argentina's game with Ecuador. It's a structural problem in the muscle that can cause a strain or rupture if not fully recovered. Messi has a scar there from a tear he suffered in 2013 and he felt a pull at that Argentina game. When Tata says is not something more than fatigue it's because his recovery plan is basically resting for now and playing in a limited minutes. Are sports commentators really that ignorant or they just blurt out that stuff for the sake of social media engagement?

  11. It’s not fair! That French is bitter to the bone! Hahaha

    It’s shows how frank and the French people esp psg is unprofessional. NO SPORTSMANSHIP at all! This is how you see and find what kind of people you are working for if it comes to this situation!

  12. Bringing first ever trophy to Inter Miami is already good for His first season. And the US Open Cup finals still on. I feel it's okay, to arrive at mid-season and not make it to play offs.

  13. Sergio is doing a great job of controlling the flow of the game and taking a lot of pressure off of other players by being available and distributing the ball at the right time. He is the main reason for Int. Miami's success in games when Messi is not available.

  14. That Frank guy is still butthurt. He asked 'why should PSG honor Messi?'. Well, PSG should've honored Messi because he won the world cup. These stupid salty Frenchies are still crying about the final loss.

  15. I'm sorry, but what did Frank mean by "why is he complaining?". Where did he COMPLAIN?! Nowhere did Messi say he EXPECTED cheers and confetti. In fact, he said it was understandable. He was asked a question and he answered honestly. I don't know why y'all have to make everything a controversy. What I interpreted Messi's statement as was: "It kind of hurt not to be recognised, but hey, I understand the situation and it's okay."

  16. Most Major Individual Awards won Multiple Times by Player.

    7 Ballon D'or
    6 Golden Boot
    5 Playmaker Awards
    4 Onze Do'r
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  17. He has more followers in every country he plays more then d national team n offcourse they would have recognised that n welcomed him like a hero. Except for France. Coz they r the most most jealous country in Football

  18. Nah man I strongly believe if Messi was at Barca and he played the world cup Final against Spain Barcelona fans would've never booed him. It's just the nature of PSG, they're just a shameless club

  19. Frank is another french idiot who clearly hates messi after that wc finals. So a small brained as**oles. Yes messi was at the wrong club. Had it been barcelona, they would have had him parade the whole barcelona city with that wc.

  20. You British have to have that litle moment to crash the full success .4 NIL right?
    Envy is that thing that will never leave you see the truth objectively and your professions that is very necessary
    Unless of course you get paid for it right ?

  21. It’s understandable the club didn’t give Messi a victory arch following his return to PSG from his WC triumph at France’s expense. But that’s a slippery slope of a justification because then it’s at least a tacit admission that sportsmanship is unimportant in football.

    However your look at it, Messi won both the WC and PSG lost the moral high ground.

  22. lol ok Messi literally says that he understands why he wasn't recognized at psg for WC win, he is not complaining. and if you watch the interview, the interviewer was trying hard to make Messi lash out at psg treatment but he kept it super professional as always.

  23. Seeing Frank roused is everything you need to know how bitter they are still are… so sad!

    Seeing Frank roused is everything you need to know how bitter they are still are… so sad!

    I am still waiting for his and Craig's reactions when he wins Balon D'or in France over their homeboys haha

  24. Miami mostly play against the teams ahead of them at the bottom of the table. Even without Messi they can win those games. We need to get him healthy if we make the playoffs.

  25. I love Messi but he shouldn't be complaining about not getting recognition at PSG for winning the World Cup. He really expected his opponents, who he beat in the finals, to give him a hero's welcome? PSG is a French club at the end of the day. Why would he expect anything different.

  26. Sometimes i wonder if these ESPN folks are illiterate, where in that interview did Messi complain or cry about it. He literally said in the very statement that they put on the screen that he understood why he didnt get an honor. I swear any chance these clowns get to blast Messi they take it. Y'all need to stop be so bitter.

  27. Frank lebouf is Frank or in other words biased towards France and Chelsea. It wouldn't matter much even if Messi scored a wonder goal or had the game of his life, Frank would still defend France and thats just the way he has been. Bias!!!!!!

  28. I can understand why France hate Messi. He snatched the WC out of their hands…. but at the same time hate generates hate so F France for hating the GOAT. I'm an Indian and if French people are furious with messi for winning the WC fair and square then screw them.

  29. messi's honestly a savage deep inside though and he just doesn't show it too much because he's quiet in public. he used to trash talk through his insta every so often but I guess old age has told him to just enjoy his own life and family more. it does seem like he still likes to keep grudges tho

  30. USA League is the worst in the world =Messi played badly in France PSG =Adidas pays defenders and goalkeepers old players =Seniors =Adidas makes billions off Messi =Messi still Bolland D.Or for Robert Lewandowski 😄😄😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😆😆😅🤣🤣😅😆😆😁😁😉☺️☺️😝🤑🤑🤑😝😝😝😝😉😁😁😁😆😆😆😆😆😆😆

  31. Okay Frank, let me get this straight. Real Madrid fans can applaud Ronaldinho the Barcelona player for one performance, but PSG cannot acknowledge one of their own players after winning the world cup.?? And you think this is normal??

    Thanks so much for continuing to reinforce the stereotype that the French are arrogant a-holes 🙂

    Coincidentally, the term douche has a French origin….

  32. So why did an Argentina player get a proper celebration at Lyon. Frank is bitter and how sad and pathetic are these French fans that you can’t handle that

  33. What a bunch of silly commenters. I'll read you a title from a news site, Jan 23', it reads: "Welcome to Tagliafico in France: applause in the Lyon locker room and a shirt so as not to forget the World Cup". And continues with "As has happened for ALL the champions who have returned to their clubs, the FRENCH team has prepared a special welcome for them: “One photo, four World Champions. Welcome home @nico_taglia ”tweeted the Lyon account."

    So Frank, love your laugh (not). Of course, you say? of course my hairy b**ls

  34. He was celebrated, though in a minimal manner, there are photos on the Web. I prefer Messi's talent to CR7's efficiency, but I always considered the person as "a bit phoney, a bit hypocrite"

    As I get to know him better, I started considering him as a mix of a pitiful Cry Baby, an aging Prima Dona, a pathetic Sore Loser, a vulgar Drama Queen.

    Messi, grow up and move on

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