Lionel Messi leaves Herculez Gomez SPEECHLESS馃く ‘I’m running out of things to say!’ | ESPN FC

Lionel Messi leaves Herculez Gomez SPEECHLESS ‘I’m running out of things to say!’ | ESPN FC Compra online las mejores Camisetas de Ftbol del 2022 en oferta de Espaa camisetas de futbol Egipto! La mejor atencin al cliente y la mejor calidad! CONTACTA POR WHATSAPP AHORA!

The ESPN FC panel of Herculez Gomez, Ale Moreno, Steve Nicol and Nedum Onuoha react to Lionel Messi & Inter Miami’s 3-3 (5-4 on pens.) win over FC Cincinnati to advance to the U.S. Open Cup Final.

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100 comentario en “Lionel Messi leaves Herculez Gomez SPEECHLESS馃く ‘I’m running out of things to say!’ | ESPN FC”
  1. Sos un pobre ignorante y AMARGOO!!! No entendes nada. Hacete ver por un profesional que te saque el odio que tenes adentro t贸xico. No se como alguien as铆 puede estar en un programa que se hace llamar serio.

  2. I mean, I understand where you鈥檙e coming from with the 鈥減ride鈥 and 鈥渞espect鈥 for your club and all. I get the angle. And yeah you should have that. But I also completely understand the players wanting to have something to commemorate their time playing against the greatest of all time.

    A once in a lifetime opportunity. Someone they have undoubtedly seen since before they played professionally.

    Who is anyone to criticize them for wanting a photo or whatever. Get over yourselves lol.

  3. To that Hispanic "journalist" inciting to hate, violence and revenge: The players left everything they had on the field, we fan can't tell. They did the job and more, they lose, that happens, but going, after work, to ask the greatest player if the game for an autograph, it's SPORTSMANSHIP. And that's the way it should be, respect for each other, as professional players they are. Especially Knowing they might not have the chance to be with Messi anymore. Stop spreading hate.

  4. I, like many on this chat, never ever watched a MLS game, ever, till Messi came, so to that venezuelan kid, stop spreading hate, after the game ended, it's good to see the players showing respect for each other and nothing wrong to ask the Greatest fir an autograph. Respect and sportsmanship, I hope we never lose it and its not for the faint of heart like this Venezuelan guy.

  5. You can鈥檛 hate on players for asking for selfies and autograph from Messi and that鈥檚 not the reason y they lost , they played their all but Messi happened.

  6. When Cincinnati lost the penalty, they already lost. There is nothing more they could鈥檝e done. Getting photo and signed jersey from Messi made the night isn鈥檛 the total loss.

  7. You two main buffoons are miserable jealous pri..cks. You guys think that its all about winning and competition? Is it tv ratings and being unflexible with your rants? What is you guys problem? You got beat by the best player in history. Suck it up

  8. The reason you all are clown and just barking in small studio …..they just jealous of messi…why this people not asking me for autograph ….this clown evert time need to introduce themselves …while messi known by 7 billion people ….
    Advice espn …use burnol it will helps you

  9. These guys have jealousy within them. There is nothing wrong with taking selfies or autographs with Messi. He is a phenomenon. The game is over. Nothing is gonna change the result so it's ok to take selfies with the GOAT! I hate that Ale is insinuating that Cincinnati lost because they didn't mark Messi. That's totally untrue. Messi is a genius and those 2 assists were incredible. He won the game for Inter simply because he always finds a way. Stop saying it's because they didn't mark him!!

  10. We ausies give credit where it鈥檚 due.
    During the game our players fought their hearts out.
    And after the match they shake hands and get an autograph what exactly is wrong with that.
    It is sport after all.

  11. Its funny how they take 10 min to praise messi and what hes doing in the MLS yet when ronaldo does the same in Saudi they take 4 minutes to clown him discredit him and say it's a circus yet the league is more competitive than the MLS. Just biased and pathetic. Not to mention ronaldo at 36 was the top scorer in the serial a and close to being a top scorer in the Prem at 37 in the shittest man utd team in years

  12. You give your all on the pitch and plan whatever for the end of the match. They did… They competed and lost. They don't have to lose the opportunity of taking pictures with the guy too… I don't agree that planning to have photographs or autographs before the match shows they were not willing to compete. It's the game and it is what it is… You can plan for those things and still compete which they did… They lost in extra-time. Give them some credit

  13. You can't blast players for asking selfies.. I am sure if was Ale at the age of 22 or 23 was to face messi.. Ale you yourself would be floored.. sitting there and giving your opinions about other players is easy..

  14. I think you have forgotten that 90% of those players were inspired by messi to play professional soccer, and he's the only reason the rest of the world is following these games; Messi plays for the MLS not just intermiami.

  15. As a European and German watcher, I do not hope that the US develops a real love to soccer because I think if soccer gets big in the US, it will be hard to stop them from being very successful in the long run 馃お So, I hope US people stick to the traditional US niche sport of baseball and football 馃槀

  16. Competitive pride??? Ma gosh. The match was freaking over. They gave it a real go, fool. He is football god!!!! I will get a picture. I will carry him to my home town.

  17. whats wrong getting autograph with messi, its sign of sportmanship and hes the goat, a living legend…alot of football players respect be able to play with him is a dream cometrue to them.

  18. the man knows how to spread hatred…so disgusting!
    getting autograph/photograph with world's greatest player is okay. The cincinnati players already played their best.Accepting loose and respecting your opponent players should be appreciated

  19. The woman is annoying, she just fields questions and seems to have no original thoughts on the topics. At least Rebecca Lowe actually had an opinion.
    And the guy lambasting players for wanting an autograph needs to calm down. Isn't the whole point supposed to be that it's about more than just winning? And this is probably the first time any of those guys have been in the same space as Messi. Would it have been better if they crowded him after beating him?

  20. I agree with Steve Nicol. Cincinnati didn't leave Messi any space. Two spare moments in 90 minutes is a very positive outcome from a tactical standpoint, and also, those moments weren't near the area. It was Messi giving long crosses. That's not what you fear Messi to do. Messi was clever and changed his playbook, and precisely that means Cincinnati defended him well. They forced him to find a different thing to do.

  21. Even Chielline and Bonucci fight over Messi shirt during the game. Doesn't mean they didn't commit to Juventus. In fact they won. Messi give the shirt after the game also doesn't mean he didn't commit to Barcelona. They all know. Fans will be fans. Doesn't matter what their position or side. Even in world war enemy will treat Messi well if they are his fans.

  22. I am don't understand how the commentators can be so wound up about players lining up to have selfies with Messi and getting autographs. This has been the case with all opponents after all games. Whether, they've Messis's team has won or lost. We saw this very actions from teams that has lost to Argentina, at the world cup. As for the signing of the autograph, and the player sure has thought about it before the game. To get an autograph for posterity, having had the opportunity to play against Messi and Inter Miami. And not in the way the commentators are making out to be.

  23. How dumb of Ale talking about self respect when someone wants a selfie with Messi. It鈥檚 a memory and a lifetime opportunity. Where are you going to see Messi again ?

  24. Okay I'm just about to give up on these so called ESPN "experts" they have spent years putting Messi down.
    Now the have a go at the losing team for taking photos and autographs from Messi.
    Did we not see Argentina knock out Australia in the WC quarter final and after all the Aussie players lining up to take photos with Messi. How much more is important was that game than this yet we heard nothing about that.
    When will this bunch of studio clowns realise that we are looking at the greatest footballer to ever play the game we love?
    Can Shaka and the rest of these idiots not put their hatred aside and appreciate what we are blessed to witness?
    Thankfully players and fans can see how special this player is.

  25. I told you so ESPN FC. Now do you believe in Lionel Messi? Has he made a believer out of you yet ESPN?Sorry to disappoint you, but Messi mania will continue, no one or team will derail this beautiful looking high speed train heading straight for the MLS cup. I'm still flabbergasted by how much bawling skills Gonzalez and Taylor had. I still don't understand why they hid their bawling skills from fans for son long. Thank god Messi magic was able to bring it out for all to see.

  26. Alejandro (minute 7:40) about the autograph,
    you are 100% wrong , and that is very unsportmanship

    Yes even, if you prepared the marker, before the game, that does not mean that you will not give 100% of you in the game, to beat Messi & Miami,
    What would you say if Cinncinati won the game , and They prepared the autograph , was that ok for you ?
    you are very wrong about that,

    they play against the best of all time,

    and it is ok to have autograph of your opponent , cause that is very sportive attitude , probably you dont know of,


  27. Do these people realize that these players have watched Messi growing up as kids. They might never have the opportunity again if they're sold, traded etc or if Messi leaves to get that from him.
    They clearly were super focused and professional in the game seeing how he was tackled etc. They lost to moments of legend.

    Also, Messi and Bouquet are visibly fatigued from playing so many games in short periods. Remember its only the winners that play that many games cause its a kockout competition particularly from the Kings league.

  28. Ale says he doesn't care about the player, but I call BS on that. When you face greatness, there's no amount of competitiveness that will stop you from appreciating it, especially after being humbled by it. These "pundits" talk mostly out of their rear ends.

  29. Stupid , arrogant , jealousy , childish, irrational , dull & dumb analysts .You want to create hate amongst players . Those that went for autographs are the real men who appreciate & acknowledge the best even after losing the match& thats humanity there is nothing wrong at all about that . After Messi sacrificed to be in America to uplift the entire Football history in America you still don鈥檛 respect such a humble gesture

  30. Shame on you hooligans in promoting disrespect or disapproving respect and sport fare play and professionalism. After all it is an sport not a war !

  31. The majority of the comments here are so childish and short-sighted, it's embarrassing. Most of them are written by kids and by people who don't understand the sport, as well as ridiculous Messi extremists. I have always preferred Messi over Ronaldo in terms of the stereotypical football debate and I happen to think that Messi is the greatest footballer we've ever seen, and he seems like a good person too, but regardless, these Messi internet fanatics behave like cult members and celebrity worshippers, and talk so much nonsense its unbelievable.

  32. Ridiculous comment! The game is over! Life goes on. It is not death in the family: they are playing a GAME. Sulking or crying changes nothing. Let the players go on with their life! There is only one GOAT! Let them enjoy part of their success as players; a selfie or signature. What an opportunity! Enjoy!

  33. I can agree as much as I enjoy Messi score, MLS has to keep up with him. They're not supposed to be run by a 36yrs old. Make him score 20-25 goals, let him gather as much assists as he can but at this pace he might reach 40goals and that is an embarassment to a league, a chill 36yrs old little dude dominates them. Football careers mostly ends before or at 35 yrs of age.

  34. I promise you鈥n 20 years when those players have signed MESSI jerseys and a great story to tell, they won鈥檛 be ashamed of asking for his autograph. Instead, the guy who had too much pride to ask the GOAT for an autograph will actually be the dumb one

  35. You can give your best and still appreciate a guy like Messi, the greatest of his time and, in my opinion, all time. And I have more reasons than everybody here to not like the guy. Sorry ESPN guys that I have to call you out on this one.

  36. What's the big deal? In sports, boxing, tennis, golf, any game, win or lose, you shake hands, a hug here and there, and sometimes, out of great respect, an autograph or two, one for a friend. Be a sport, guys, didn't your mum and dad told you to do so馃槄.

  37. about the taking pictures, IMO, it's Leo Messi and taking the picture doesn't change the results of the game or future games. Listen I understand being competitive but this logic doesn't make sense to me. It's Messi, it's no regular soccer player. This type of player comes once every 20+ years

  38. These pundit fools are hypocrites! if they would've shared a pitch with Messi, they'd be salivating like little girls at a backstreet boys concert… shame on them for pretending otherwise!

  39. Clear stupidity from these guys. That's Lionel Messi. The GOAT 馃悙 Learn to respect,. As always just trying cheap tricks to get attention, nothing else. Everyone player has their own lives, it's their wish they want to take a pic or autograph.

  40. I'm a L. A . F. C fan , but when my team is illuminated I always go for Messi . Imagine if he would have joined L. A. F. C? I still can't forget the biggest win we won 馃弳馃嚘馃嚪 against France 馃弳馃嚘馃嚪

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