Watch the best moments from Inter Miami’s Lionel Messi vs. the New York Red Bulls

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Messi Rewind presented by adidas has all the sights and sounds from Inter Miami 2-0 victory over the New York Red Bulls.

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100 comentario en “Watch the best moments from Inter Miami’s Lionel Messi vs. the New York Red Bulls”
  1. This guy plays chess on a football field ..a 36 year old Messi is good enough to teach all the football aspirants in the world what best passing,playmaking,freekicks,dribble, and most importantly team play is with humility ..making everyone better .. Hence the GOAT

  2. MLS and Inter miami have to be careful, just focussing on Messi is going to cause resentment, especially as he has two amazing player friends who came from Barcelona too who support him and set him up and score in their own right yet they get cut out of the highlights. Use the halo effect of Messi, not the suffocation effect.

  3. Why on earth kamal miller need to jump on top of everyone does he knows he’s heavy and give burden to them they didn’t aware of giga meat gravity later that impact will causes pain and fatigue. Learn how to celebrate without jeopardizing your teammates.

  4. When Messi came to take the free kick I saw he was huffing and puffing. Total lack of energy. He just didn’t have it. He needs a lot of rest. He has been busy since he arrived with enormous pressure. Give him a break. He is human after all.

  5. Sadly everyone overlooking alba pass😂😂😂 but i understand alba was pretty much luck,hailmary while messi was creative and much respect to the player to read it not got hypnotized like everyone else

  6. I'm glad I had the opportunity to watch play the best player in the history of this sport and most probably the best football player that will ever be.

  7. Immediately he passed the ball across, he "attacked the goal." Thats why Pep Guardiola told his City players that "Messi is an animal; he smells the goal.'

  8. I don't watch any match unless Messi is playing, in fact without Messi football has no beauty. It is only when l watch messi then l can see the beauty of football🇦🇷🇦🇷🐐🐐👆👆

  9. But I have watched that pass more than 50 times today but I can still not understand why Lionel Andres Messi would give that type of pass under such an intense heat of passion! But how did he manage to see his teammate at that end…it raises a lot of questions…that Pass is godly and god-like! Hehehe…it must be specially documented or archived for future generations to see!❤❤❤❤ But which kind of pass is that? That Leo's pass totally rendered all the defenders absolutely useless and they all became dummies! Hmm…

  10. The brilliance of that through-ball cannot be overstated. By making it, Messi plays himself onside for the run past the defensive line's block and return pass.

  11. Messi fans are really enjoying these days 😊 while Ronaldo fans are suffering jealous n undergoing depression 😅. My Advice make Messi ur idol n enjoy with millions of his fans all over the world 😊

  12. It's clear that the New York RB defenders let Lionel Messi score. It's strange to be the subject of discussion and need not be debated anymore.

  13. inter miami my new favorite team with my favorite players its impossible not to root for all of them especially living in FL lol what a time to be alive

  14. Messi had Americans really invested in the MLS… that’s so freaking awesome!! I can’t wait to watch him live whenever Miami plays against Galaxy.

  15. If you're from the opposing team, it seems you don't know who to guard anymore. Campana is lethal on the front, Martinez is like a tank during the counter. Now that Taylor is playing right back, it's a double artillery support together with Alba on the left. Busquets is like a drone looking in to the whole game from above and communicates movement, Cremaschi is an assasin lurking in the dark and ready to kill anytime. Diego Gomez is a high moral pawn who could capture a queen….it's a puzzle to the opponent especially defenders…and don't forget the General who fights side by side with them and inspires them all.

  16. Some say that the Saudi football league is currently one of the most competitive and best leagues in the world! But they are completely wrong and they are deceiving themselves, because in fact, in the Saudi league, the competition is between four strong teams and the rest of the teams that only exercise for health 😂
    The difference between the Saudi football league and MLS is that the Saudi football league is completely state-owned, but the MLS is a productive league in terms of revenue and market. The question is that if one day government resources are removed from the Saudi football league, this league can stand on its own feet like MLS or even J League? 😏

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