🚨 MESSI’S MLS DEBUT 🚨 Inter Miami vs. New York Red Bulls | MLS Highlights | ESPN FC

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Check out these highlights from Lionel Messi’s MLS debut for Inter Miami in their 2-0 win over New York Red Bulls.
Muchas gracias por ver el vdeo!
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  1. At what point are people gonna realize that the MLS is trash? Messi is too good for these players. It’s the exact reason you can put him on a last place team and they can win a trophy. Messi needs to be in Europe somewhere, this is the lamest competition he has ever faced.

  2. That was insane, no clue how he actually saw that pass from first person while under pressure when we couldn’t even see the pass option in third person. Goes to show how good he actually is.

  3. I don't think people realize that Messi is literally the coach of this team. Never in their life did these other players besides Alba and Busquetts think they would have this kind of ball knowledge. Messi is elevating the team and their playing level

  4. "One of the best goals you will ever ever see" .. Messi is goat, but the commentator clearly hasn't watched many games in top 5 european leagues and the champions league. It's absurd statement.

  5. A mí lo que me encanta del gol de Messi no es precisamente que fuera Messi el que anotó, sino que fue una jugada bastante compleja y coordinada, quedó espectacular.

    Pase adelantado, pase aéreo que quedó atlético, regate de Messi, pase infiltrado, excelente centro en el límite y luego Messi coronando la jugada. Todos los involucrados se lucieron.

  6. Quite sad corporate America took a international star just to have a fanboy for everyone to obsess over to boost ratings for their league. MLS will now be the same as the NBA with the Lebron James obsession, everyone looks at him as a "king of the sport and there will be no one else like him!" even though sports leagues are filled with skilled players doing the same plays, former athletes with great performance and young rising athletes.

  7. Kudos for MLS, allowing highlights on YT !!
    Messi is pure magic. Jordi is like a fish returning into water.
    I loved the game, but let's be honest. The level of the game allows these guys for joy play, they can take more chances as in Europe. Yes, we do the kind of mistakes they do there, but not under that pressure. Again, enjoyable.

  8. The difference between Messi and other GOAT contenders is stuff like this. The way he dragged the ball back to create angle…. It's art. He should be given an assist credit for this, too.

  9. best Messi went down to better Messi, last year was good… age 37, retired in US… we are happy… next year probably no longer play… no matter what he is legend… last world cup was unforgetable…

  10. That was a beautiful goal from Messi and Inter Miami. It really was. How did even the great Leo Messi find that pass?

    The control. The vision. Absolutely brilliant!

    I mean this guy is quite incredible.

  11. So happy for Cremaschi!

    What I'd give to be playing with Messi at the precious age of 18!!! Looks almost like Ronaldinho to Leo back in '05.

  12. Why do you keep reporting that Miami is at home, when they are playing away?
    Miami 2 – 0 RBNY !
    The score was 0 – 2
    2 – 0…….
    No knowledge but jumping on the bandwagon!

  13. I literally dont understand how he was wven able to angle the ball like that with his foot and with that precise amount of power, in between like 5 defenders no less. Unreal.

  14. Watching this in .25 speed reminded me why I always say, great soccer is like chess. The combination leading to the goal was brilliant, but I focused on the defenders and, to me, they did nothing wrong with this one. Their line was decent, it's just Alba managed to beat it, The defending of Messi was also good. They had 2 people on him, who quickly positioned themselves in front of him, not allowing him a shot, and a third defender was coming in from behind to pressure. The pass from Messi is just undefendable because it had the right speed, angle and surprise to allow Cremaschi to get to the ball. And this is where the chess part comes in. Messi's thinking 3 steps ahead gave him the opportunity to score. While everything up to the Messi pass was move and counter move, that pass left the defenders in a predicament. Should they commit to the goal line or should they stay around the penalty area where most of the passes have been returned lately (and as we've seen in Barca). If they commit, the penalty area is wide open and a clear opportunity for goal. if they don't, the space behind them is wide open as we saw. It's like protect your king or take their queen, but in both cases you get checkmated in 2 moves. I think both defenders did the right thing of staying in the middle between the goal and the penalty so to at least give themselves a chance to defend either one.

  15. Finally! America gets to taste European sporting culture…and I’m not talking about what he fires on field. I’m talking about conducting yourself as a magnanimous role model instead of obnoxiously mouthing off about how great you are and twerking on field after.

    You can see his European teammates, Alba and Busquets are the same, but it’s starting to rub off on their American teammates too.

    When you’re great but you act with dignity, and respect, it makes you even greater. Why don’t American sports stars get that?

  16. I'm right??
    IN 11 games, he wasn't score only vs Cincinnati…. But he still provided 2 magical assists (especially the second one).
    His multivalance is just incredible!!!

  17. Can we please…. make this really simple!!! I apreaciate if you bring the Premier League comentators in MLS just because of Messi!! WWE commentators in foootball sound really bad!!!!! And yeah, football! Not soccer!!!!!!

  18. People who watch this man play and say this is because it’s MLS clearly don’t know he made moves and passes to assist himself like that in la Liga on a regular basis

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